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BPAL Madness!
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Minion Offerings!

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Since this is my first Switch Witch, I ran through and started a master list of Minion Offerings.


If this is allowed I'm going to plunk it here. Hopefully it is readable. If I missed you, I apologize, just let me know.



-Carwoman – glass pendants/kilnwork/jewelry joystreet on etsy (SWITCHWITCH 10% OFF COUPON)

-Dixiehellcat – “ruckuses” little stuffed animal things hellcatblue on etsy (BPALSW coupon for 10%off)

-MeiLin – FREE Ebooks: "I Love Garlic" ebook package--actually 3 cookbooks in one package, "TNH Big Book of Crockpot Cookery" ebook package--3 cookbooks in one package

"Accounts: IHGK Stories" "Scryer's Gulch 1-10" "Scryer's Gulch 11-30"

The cookbooks are G, obviously; the rest are PG-13, though "Accounts" may be triggering for people with child sex abuse issues (it's not graphic, though).

HALF-OFF Ebooks: "Lovers and Beloveds: An Intimate History of the Greater Kingdom Book One" described here and here--with discount, $1.50 "The Gratification Engine: An IHGK Story" described here and here--with discount 50 cents "A Craft Fair Goldmine" with 3 extra ebooks filled with craft recipes and patterns described here--with discount $4

-Greenwoodtree – Astrological charts/interpretation (big discount, prices? Where to get?) (yes! I do need your witchees b-day, time (a.m. or p.m. and as close to actual time as possible), location of birth.) and makes fudge – hollysrainbow on etsy

-GirlInDenial – Small paintings – girlindenial on deviantart

-Nekogrrl – near cigarshop for pickup of boxes for decorating

-Clover01 – Hawaiin products, like macadamia nuts, teas, honeys, lush Hawaii only products

-Catseyes – Wire jewelry (SWITCHWITCH15 FOR 15% OFF) craftywillows on etsy and tim-tams

-Twilighteyes – bpal pickup from knows perfume in seattle, as well as legit starbucks

-Lioness – imps

-Skyelyric – handmade cards, calligraphy, baked goods

-OlfactoryMaven – Pickups from LUSH, Teavana, Sephora, Trader Joes, Yankee candle

-Werekitten – discount on bpal sales (hers)

-Syrenmyst – paints/decorates pretty boxes also jewelry on etsy cyrenmyst (SWBPAL for 15% off) syrenmyst.com/boxes for boxes.

-Tielan – Cards/cardmaking equipment or fabric pack for quilting or tim-tams

-Deceitfuldescender – Vegan baked goods ^_^ or regular if you wanted, but I’d have to go get the eggs, etc.

-Trisj is offering her first book free "Thieves At Heart". For more info, contact her.

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