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Switch Witch Answers: Summer 09

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What kinds of crafts does everyone either enjoy making or enjoy getting? Do you have a certain type of handmade item that you love to collect? Socks, boxes, jewelry, dolls etc? I love making soap, lip balm, sugar or salt scrubs, bath bombs or fizzy bath salts, knitted items (preferably worsted weight), etc. Sadly I don't have a workshop right now for the homemade bathy goods and I am knitting very slowly. *sigh*


I love baking too, but don't have a kitchen large enough to actually work in. Soooo I love to receive homemade cookies or zucchini/pumpkin bread type things!! om nom nom.


Boxes - I actually have a box collection thing going (mostly cedar/jewelry boxes) but most of them wouldn't fit the precious. So yes please!


Clearly, vegans are not into soaps with honey or milk, etc. But, if you're NOT a vegan how would you feel about soaps made with emu oil? Squicked out/concerned about animal cruelty, or willing to try them? (The woman I buy them from uses the whole emu. She sells the meat, sells the feathers, and uses the oil to make soap.) I also make my own soap so I have some that is getting up on two years old that I need to use. And I have a ton of soap from doing "decant" circles (Villainess, Arcana, etc.), as well as a metric load from Lush. I need no more soap. Please. I hate using really old soap, and having a two year back log means that it will be really old by the time I get to it. Unless you are sending me liquid hand soap, in which case, please send boxes and boxes because the boyflame goes through that sh*t like there is no tomorrow. (I use the bar soap.) But other than that, no, I am not squicked out by Emu oil.


Are there any of the BPTP bath oils you adore (particularly ones that you cannot get anymore). What about the room sprays? I really wanted to try the Valentine's Day oils, especially Incendia, but my bank account was too borked at that time. But really just a small 1oz sample is the best. I have pretty much all of the other bath oils except Frenum and Invidia. I adore the Snow White and Lupanar room sprays. I would love to try the prototype room sprays, but just goblin squirts up to 1oz are good, I certainly don't need a whole 4oz bottle. I have sniffed all of the GC room sprays and have squirts of the ones I like.


How would you feel about an ultra-girlie shawl or wrap in summer-weight (lace)? I love shawls and wraps. I started making an Ishbel with Malabrigo Sock (want to do both the scarflette and wrap size) but I am too busy making things for other people so stuff for myself never gets done.


what would you think of hand-dyed items? Something like the blue/purple/black in a silk scarf -- zomg.


How do you feel about hand-knit socks? I have never owned a pair of socks that were hand knit for me. And if it didn't take so long, I would totally knit myself a pair. So if someone knitted me some -- omg. What a goddess.


is there anything from the US you'd love that you can't get where you live now?

I would like to try these fabled Tim Tams. Nothing else comes to mind.


How many potential witchees have an iPod, or download MP3s? I have the 80gb ipod video that was new just before the iTouch came out. (it's crammed full.) and I have an iphone. So both of course have videos and music on them. I used to work for HMV (His Master's Voice), so I have a TON of cd's and vinyl... I have at least 500 gigs of music on just this computer and then I have an external hard drive. And I'm not done ripping everything yet. Short answer: I can probably provide other people with lots of music. I don't need any myself.


Ok, for all you shower people, would you like BPAL scented soap? Or how about BPAL scented massage bars or solid scrub bars? As I've already said, I make soap. I don't need any more soap unless it is liquid hand soap. And then I would want to hoard it and not let the boy use it if it were BPAL scented (THE PRECIOUS!!) Something that would be interesting is BPAL scented liquid laundry soap... I have recipes for that, maybe I'll try to make some.... I have four or five massage bars from Lush that just end up going bad since it's like pulling teeth to get the boy to massage my back. But something that I *would* like would be scented glitter hair or body bars.


Do you collect dolls or miniatures? What kind? Do you like to get new clothes or items for them? I used to collect Breyer horses. They had saddles and bridles. Does that count? (they are all packed up out in the shed with most of my belongings.)


My fiance sent me an early dvd rip of Coraline that he was given (pretty sure it's not been released yet, but I sometimes have a hard time keeping up) and I was wondering if anyone would like a copy of it? Coraline FTW! If it's good quality, then hell yes.


If you were to make a seasonal mix CD for this summer, what would you name it? I am sooo unimaginative / creative. I guess it would depend on who I made it for (I don't make cd's for myself...) If it were for my boyfriend, it would be something like "Big Rog's Backyard Amphitheatre Outdoor Summer Concert Extravangazapalooza" or something dorky. All of his cd's start with "Big Rog's", natch, and our little Costco gazebo was killed by the odd Seattle snow... so he decided to BUILD a new gazebo. It is seriously large enough to use as a concert stage. It looks like we should have concert lighting up in the roof trusses. He is hoping to have it finished by the 4th of July (we always have a huge party here) and he wants to get a laser light show dealie for it. *facepalm* Halp.


Would anyone like bath bombs or bath melts scented with one of their favorite Bpal scents? sure. Someone PIF'd me with some Queen Crossbones (Arcana) bath bombs and they are... um. THE BOMB! ha.


Would you like homemade cinnamon buns or sticky buns?

homemade from scratch, yes! mmmm.


Is there anyone here that likes Hello Kitty or any other Sanrio Characters? I do like Hello Pitbull but I don't think Hello Pitbull is Sanrio licensed... I don't know if Sanrio does bats or goth kitties?


Do you play any online games, like World of Warcraft? If so, what server do you play on, what's your character's name, etc.? I still play Ultima Online after 10+ years. I play on Pacific. My main character is somewhat well known and is.. (prepare to be shocked...) Twilight Eyes. I run the guild "House Iceweasel" (wzl) and we are the Alliance leader of a group. Allies are "Legends of Pacific" (LOP), "Old School Thieves" (Os.), and "The Grizly Hand of Death" (GHOD). I'm currently a beta tester for the new expansion, "The Stygian Abyss". I used to make my living selling online gold/items for this game until eBay decided that only THEIR game (Second Life) could have virtual items sold on their auction system, so then I had to go find a real job. What? Me? Bitter? Obviously I don't play as much now as I did when it was my job so I'm down to three accounts from ~ten. Four if you count my son's account.


Is there a program you might have missed or show you love which is gone from the airwaves which might be found (or burned) for you by a Witch? Would love to have all of Red Dwarf. (I think I have seasons 1-4 on DVD.) Also would like True Blood season 1. And maybe The Prisoner.


Would you like any recycle/upcycle supplies for your crafting?



Are there any single notes (likely non bpal) that anyone is dying to have/try? Hmm. I would like to try Stargazer Lily and Red Musk. I wouldn't say no to any single notes so I could see what the lab's version smells like. I am curious about things like opopponax, linden blossom, mallow, cream or sweet milk, fig, copal, different kinds of sugars (brown sugar, sugar cane, etc.), musks (black, blue, red, honey, grey, purple, chinese, egyptian, kasmiri, amber, africian, etc.), amber (ambergris, black, brown, egyptian, golden, grey, nepalese, peruvian, red, rose, smoky, tunisian, white, sudanese, etc.), sandalwoods (arabian, asian, black, yellow, green, egyptian, golden, indian, oriental, red, white, etc.), patchoulis (black, blue, africian, egyptian, golden, haitian, indian, indonesian black or red, africian, red, white, etc.)


And what would you witchees think of a net flick or the likes gift subscriptions? A month of Netflicks vs a DvD? I have a hard time finding anything to put in my queue with those kind of subscriptions. If there is a new release that I must have, I rent it from the $1 machine.


Would it bother you if you are not the first person to receive the same gift? Imagine a Witch who always sends her favourite book, for example. Not at all.


Pets: What do you have, and do they need/want anything? Right now I have two dogs. Jake Blues and Miss Lela. They are pretty spoiled... so "need"? Probably not. Want? They always want squeaky toys but those have to be either kevlar or a really tough rubber. (I'm at work so I don't have the brand in front of me that I buy.) They also like the small size of the Planet Dog "Orbee" balls. Miss Lela has major allergies so she only gets grainless food/treats.


Based on Prior Carnivale act prototypes...which one are you truly excited about? Sadly nothing leaps to mind.


Twilight fans, would you be interested in any products from this Etsy seller? If so, add the items you like to your Etsy favorites and make sure your wishlist is posted somewhere for your witch. I'm sure everyone is tired of hearing about me whine that Twilight stole my name and blah blah blah. As much as I loathe and hate that SM named the first book "Twilight", I did read the series and see the movie. But I'm not a huge fan girl. It does tickle me to have "my" name on items once in a while, though. Short answer: meh.


Are you in need of decanting supplies, wand caps, or other scent-related paraphernalia? I usually buy my vials by the flat (2000) but the last place I purchased them from was horrible (Madina?) and half of the vials had warped tops and leaked. So yes, I could use more vials. I can always use more wand caps and pipettes too. And I wouldn't mind having some purple rollerballs.


Does your feline like catnip? I don't have a feline.


Salt soap bars (soap made with a large quantity of salt, like salt-scrub-in-a-bar)? This is different enough from soap that I wouldn't mind receiving some. :(


How would you feel about homemade jelly/jam from home-grown berries? As long as there is no corn syrup, sure. I like most kinds of jam (prefer jam over jelly) and also adore apple or pumpkin butter.


Homemade dill pickles? Made from cukes, beans, snap peas, baby zucchini? I prefer cucumber dill pickles, but trying beans and snap peas would be interesting as well. We usually do cukes with dill, garlic, hot peppers, and grape leaves. The grape leaves are supposed to make the cukes crunchier or something. I didn't get to do any last year and my sister in law doesn't do them until October, so there would be squeeing and om nom noming.


would my future witchee like to receive steampunk style jewelry? I prefer silver only type jewelry. I think I have a few steampunk pieces on my etsy wishlist (rose bracelet, skull locket, hippocampus pendant) etc. but it is difficult to find silver only steampunk jewelry. weep.


Tea. How do you feel about it? I work for a coffee/tea company, so I drink a lot of tea. I prefer black teas although I have some fabulous tangerine green and coconut green. There are a few herbal teas that I'm in love with, such as the Aveda tea and a similar tea from the Tea Cup called "Sweet Dreams". Love Pumpkin Spice black tea. Lately I've been on a Russian Caravan kick, so would love to try those from your local tea place. (RC is usually a smoky black tea.) I don't especially like Chamomile or a lot of herbal infusions (Passion from Tazo and the others I listed are exceptions.) Don't especially like Rooibos. Not particularly fond of green unless it is flavored. I love Jasmine tea, though. And lately I've been having a lot of "Chocolate" flavored tea that is scrumptious. Would love to try some Chocolate chai. Strong black tea that I can add milk and honey to is my staple, really. And I drink a lot of really strong black iced tea. I can go for either unsweetened or sweet (if made with real sugar.)


what is your favorite anime, or if you don't like that what is your favorite animated series? Ummm probably Ranma 1/2. I'm not really into anime. I have some old stuff. Vampire Hunter D, Totoro, Nausicaa, Demon Hunter Yohko, Princess Miyu, Spirited Away, etc. Favorite animated series... probably Earthworm Jim and The Tick.


What are your favorite animals? Or, what animals resonate strongly with you? Well, there are the obligatory gothy animals that I would love anyway: Bats, Ravens, etc. are LOVE. I have always had a strong bond with horses (especially Arabians, Friesians, and Andalusians. And being monochromatic, I prefer blue/steel grey and black horsies), ferrets (silvers make me squee), rats (blue hooded rats make me squee), and of course my bully breed dogs (blue dogs, again, make me squee). (But if anyone were to get me any kind of bully breed art, I prefer full ears. I do NOT like cropped ears on Bullies or anything that glorifies fighting.) And I've always wanted to play with dolphins or whales too. Am I weird that it isn't just the animal, but it's the COLOR that really attracts me as well as the shape? I mean, I have loved all of my ferrets, rescue rats, horses, rescue dogs, etc. regardless of color, and all the creatures I love make my head turn when I see one -- but certain colors give me whiplash. Personality has a lot to do with it too of course. If we going to get into fantasy animals, I like winged bully dogs, winged rats (FLIEDERMAUS!), thestrals, unicorns, hippocampus, etc. :) You will see all of these represented in some way on my etsy favorites. :)


Posters: I also have zero room for posters of any kind. All of my framed (and unframed) artwork is boxed up and out in a shed. They haven't seen the light of day for probably 10 years now. *weep* And I have about 50 of those HUGE posters that take up a whole wall. And since I used to work for HMV (music store), I have a ton of band related posters and swag.


Chips: I don't really eat potato chips. I am sensitive to MSG and a lot of "flavored" chips have it. (as well as most soup, boxed dinners, etc. I shop a lot at Whole Foods and some local co-ops, as well as cook from scratch often.)


Are there any kinds of books you collect? Arthurian! Otherwise I'm mostly Fantasy, Cyberpunk, Sci-Fi. I have a lot of books on roses and herb gardens, building knot gardens and topiaries, rock walls, ponds, etc. as well. And cookbooks. And knitting books. Feel free to peruse my LibraryThing catalog (although it only contains a mere fraction of what I have since most of my stuff is packed in boxes out in the shed(s).)


Are you obsessed with honey? If so, is there a particular kind you like best? Spun honey, flavored honeys, certain types of honey.... etc. zomg, I love honey. I buy local honey in the 5 gallon buckets and I STILL RUN OUT. Srsly. I would love to try all sorts of your local honey. I love light, dark, medium.... I don't think I have tried sage or avocado. *puppy dog eyes* I am not so much into creamed honey, although I will purchase it if it is the only medium available in a flavor I want.


Do you like villians that are funny because they are meant to be, or are you like me and love the villian that just can't seem to get his evil schemes to work? I like Villians because they get the hottest clothes and hairstyles. Usually.


Woods? I love trees. I like woody incense (sandalwood!) I'm not sure that I have a favorite tree. I usually try to grow Ginkgo trees but they perish. I have a large Empress of China (or is it Chinese Empress) that I adore because it has hanging purple flower clusters. Flowering dogwoods are nice. Aspens are lovely. I especially like trees with black/dark purple leaves. Oh, wait, used in wood art?? I prefer black, white, and purple. I have some pirate-y wooden mugs that incorporate those colors of woods but I'm guessing they are stained... I picked up some 'wood art' in Italy that is amazing -- a large framed horse totally made out of different colors of inlaid wood (my mom is holding onto that for me.) And of course jewelry boxes. I don't really like "Brown" or "tan" or "beige".


Any part of art history/ style of art that you can't get enough of? (eg: Baroque, ancient Egyptian, Victorian, steam punk, modern?) I love Egyptian and Roman or Greek type things. I have some little table top fountains that have Egyptian motifs and I love plaster/resin sconces/wall sculptures that are Roman/Grecian. I still have about 10 framed Patrick Nagel prints from the early '80s. ha. I would sell them all if I could get anything for them -- the only one I would keep is "Montana" (the one with the horse.) That was the only one I wanted in the first place and everyone just figured I liked Nagel and KEPT BUYING ME PRINTS. I would like a print of a piece of art featuring a girl blowing bubbles on a roof next to two gargoyles, and one of the gargoyles is leaping off after the bubbles. I can't remember the artist name off the top of my head. (But again, I have no place to put it.)


Is there anything you've been wanting to learn that your witch might be able to help you with? ooh. chainmail type jewelry and wire wrapping stones/gems (or making spirals) to make pendants, rings, necklaces, etc.


Obsessions: BPAL (duh), yarn, my dogs, gargoyles, neodymium glass, reading, tea, my boyfriend. I like sleep a lot too. And chocolate. And caramels. And chocolate covered caramels, especially sea salted. :)


Are there any historical figures you are particularly interested in - say, that you'd enjoy reading about, or movies, etc.? I've always been interested in The Matter of Britain/Arthurian genre and have collected a sizable library of books referencing such, although quite a lot of it is fiction/fantasy.


Did I miss a question about beer? Beer - um.. not my favorite. I vastly prefer girly drink drunk. If I *have* to drink beer, it is usually either a stout (Guiness is ok or McMenamins Terminator Stout) or I found one ale that I like (McMenamins Ruby). I don't exactly go out sampling so I could probably find more but I don't really drink very often. I also like birch beer, if that counts.


anyone reading an amazing book right now? I just finished Raymond Feist's "Rides a Dread Legion" and it was better than expected. (I try to get as many advance reading copies as I can through LibraryThing and this was one of them.) Now I just need to write a review... Now I have moved on to the third book in the Kushiel series. (Chosen? You'd think I could remember but they all kind of blend together.) I still have a few books that I'm in the middle of reading on my iphone kindle or wattpad apps. The third book in the Temeraire series (Black Powder War) and some others.



Are you interested in Tarot or Tarot art? I have a bunch of Tarot art favorited on Etsy. So I guess that is a yes. But it is more this artist that I like rather than it is Tarot related, if that makes sense. I used to be interested in Tarot, but I'm more interested in letting other people do the readings and me watching. I have a deck somewhere. I have been reading about card games played with Tarot decks and I'm interested in learning those! But they mentioned in a fairy tale book I was reading, so could be totally fictional. I forgot about it until just now.


What would you think of soap samples/shampoo bar samples? (I believe the latter can be used as soap if you are not shampoo bar inclined). Or other sample sized bath/beauty products, for that matter? I would love to try some non-sls shampoo or shower gel samples! Enable away! The economy thanks you! (but I don't need bar soap. REALLY.)


What about burnables as in candles, tarts and/or incense? I would like tarts!! I have some Alternative Breeding on my non-bpal wishlist, and some Villainess. And I'm up for whatever other brands you like since I'm blissfully unaware of most of them. Incense I LOVE but my boyfriend is allergic to smokey-ness so I never burn it. I should dig it out of storage and start burning it outside in the morning when he is gone. Candles, I LOVE. I have a ton of things to make candles but no workshop at the moment so ixnay on the andlemakingcay. And although I have a huge steamer trunk full of votives and tealights, and another huge trunk full of votives, tealights, dinner candles, and pillar candles, and I have a STACK (or two) of 3-wick candles (both tall and short) against the wall, I mean really -- can you have enough candles? And I have some jar and bowl candles too. Did I mention that I used to not only have my own business making candles (on hold at the moment), but I was also a Chandler at Sweet Spirit Candles? And before that I sold candles for PartyLight.


What are your favorite materials? Or material things? Some people like jewelry, some like woods, some plants... I'm not really big into jewelry, I will admit. I love plants but we are in a basement. I am not sure what my favorite materials or material things are, but I will tell you that it is NOT a telephone. I hate telephones right now.


do you like old, old, OLD books? I'm talking the kind of books you see on the shelves at your grandparents house. Spines cracked, a few loose pages here and there.. I personally love the history of them. I love really old books! I have quite a few old leather bound books. I look for old Felix Salten books whenever I'm in an antique store. Or other interesting children's books or poetry. Or whatnot. Old old old books with awesome line art illustrations are especially fun because... public domain! (assuming not republished.) That means we can make rubber stamps or something with the art sometimes. (Yes, one my close friends owns a rubber stamp company, "Rubber Trouble".) And look! A gargoyle stamp on sale! :) She sells them unmounted so prices are very reasonable. Just in case people like rubber stamps. Sorry, diverged there a bit. I tend to do that.


Recipes? I really don't have room to cook. Plus the boyflame is extremely picky. We do a lot of flat iron steak, salmon, chicken tacos, things that can be grilled... I cook roasts in a crockpot every once in a while, so really easy crockpot recipes are welcome. Maybe some more interesting recipes for fish or salmon (to grill) that don't take a lot of prep space/time. I have just enough prep space for a small cutting board and that is it. But if you have a favorite recipe to share, please do. I will make an extra effort to make it sometime, even if it has stuff in it that the boy doesn't like. (one of my favorite things is Cranberry Chicken but he won't eat it, so I make it at the parent's place when I visit there.)


If you could make your perfect scent (or at least most desired at the moment!) what would be in it? I had a blend of lavender, patchouli, and sandalwood lotion called "Sweet Earth" that I LOVED. I used to get it at a local farmers market. I've never been able to duplicate the scent.


My most perfect scent ever was the Vanilla single note from The Body Shop. They discontinued it and went with a vanilla blend perfume instead. I still have a teeny bit left from 1989 and I treasure it like gold. Of course it reminds me of the time that I had it as well (see Toronto 1988-1990) so that probably has something to do with it.


List things you DO NOT need any more of: BAR SOAP. Nail polish. Keychains. Coffee mugs. Hand lotion.


What are your favorite websites (besides this one, and the online shops you listed in your questionnaire)? The ones I keep open in my tabs are: hotmail, gmail, ravelry, facebook, ebay, flickr, livejournal, windermere (house hunting), amazon, unicreatures, dragon cave, bpal, bptp, scent addict, soap box, villainess, blooddrop, little knits, lime and violet, etc. I generally visit hulu if I'm bored at work and need some background sound while I knit. Sometimes I visit my pandora radio station but not often. I also use moviefone and dvdexpress.net a lot (for local movie watchings.) Once in a while I'll look at craigslist if I need something specific and want to check local availability/prices, or if I'm getting rid of something. See also freecycle. And I visit kaboodle and etsy once in a while if I'm bored or need to update wishlists. Sometimes I'll catch up on cute overload or I can haz cheezburger. And once in a while I read Neil Gaiman's journal. And I'll check on some other websites: slumberland.org, beaconhillblog.com, d23radio.com... I can't think of them all!


What do you like to snack on? Dried fruit (I still have a bunch of dried apples left from the fall harvest.) Nuts (almonds, pecans, cashews.) Cheese (I love gouda, different kinds of cheddars, sage derby, cotswald, parano... I like flavored goat or feta style cheeses to spread on crusty bread or rosemary crackers.) Olives (black, kalamata, and green garlic stuffed). Grapes, cherries, fuji or honey crisp apples, honey tangerines. I love salami and cured meats but not sulfites. (sigh) Cold cuts. flavored crostini (rosemary, garlic, black pepper and asiago.) Garlic or black bean hummus and little pitas. Carrots, celery with peanut butter, pea pods, grape tomatoes, other fresh veggies... (I prefer to snack instead of eating large meals.) A lot of times I'll come home and not have energy to do anything except some peach/mango salsa (With cream cheese added) and tortilla chips. Once in a while I have a piece of chocolate or a salted caramel. Once in a while I get the Terra veggie chips. Or I'll pick up some Veggie Booty.


Is there something that would offend you if you received it in your mail/gift/email)? (as in profanity, a bad words in an email/card/music ... or a card or something with a scantily dressed man/woman pictured on it, crude/immature humor tshirts, etc ...): I'd like to add that I have decided I am offended by some things after all. Dog fighting, animal cruelty, animal research, hate (anything racist, or aimed towards bi/gay/lesbian, fat jokes, etc.) Not especially interested in scantily dressed women (men are ok!) I don't mind profanity (I use it all the time.)


What is the color scheme you use most when you decorate? I prefer greys/blacks for permanent fixtures and jewel tones (Burgundy, purple, blue, green) for highlights. So my desk is grey, couch is black, etc. Comforters are black or black & grey. Towels, candles, sheets, throw pillows, blankets, etc. in jewel tones.


Is there any infomercial product you're dying to try even though you know it probably sucks? Not especially, since I don't really watch tv or infomercials. But I did run across a huge display of infomercial things at Frys, and they have a WHOLE STORE fill of them at the "Supermall" in Auburn, Washington.


Do you wear makeup or nail polish? Need brushes, containers, storage, mani/pedi supplies? What colors and brands do you like? I wear makeup and I polish my toes but not fingernails. I have to "draw on" my eyebrows because my tattoos are getting too light. I have eyeliner tattooed on as well but it isn't thick enough for me, which kind of irritates me since I paid to get it done so that I wouldn't HAVE to put on eyeliner every day. I use prescriptives base and powder, mac or prescriptives mascara, and I have various eye shadows/pigments/powders/minerals/whatever in mac (from ralenth), urban decay, fresh minerals, and some other stuff that people gave me. I don't usually buy makeup myself and during the workweek I only wear foundation, eyeliner, eyebrows, and powder. I rarely do eyeshadow and am horrible at it. I was watching Priscilla, Queen of the desert the other night and totally wishing I had their eyeshadow skillz, yo. I don't need containers/brushes/storage/or mani-pedi stuff. I have a ton that is still in original packaging. I like black/grey/silver/purples.


Do you like shiney hanging porch decorations like windchimes or those things that spin and swirl in the wind? yes!! I love windchimes. And shiny things. And I like porch lights too (like christmas lights, except I keep them up all year.) I have two sets of windchimes, purple lights, hanging plant baskets, and some japanese lanterns hanging on my porch (which is our "front door" since we live in a daylight basement although it's in the back yard. It's under a huge deck so I have lots of room to hang things.)


Hair adornments? I like headbands to hold my hair back out of my face but that will let my bangs flop over or go behind my bangs. This is the first time in 20 years that I've had "long" hair (usually it's shaved on the sides/back) so I'm not really savvy on what to do with clips and such.


Which flavors are you interested to try from the http://www.chocolateresearchfacility.com/? Their website gives me anxiety.. dripping chocolate, ughhh! Also food imported from China scares me. So no thank you! (I know it is impossible to avoid using things imported from China but I do try to avoid it as much as I can, sorry.) However, the flavors that sounded interesting (for your curiousity's sake): Rose with rose petal, cardamom with almond, irish cream, jasmine, lavender, earl grey, rose hip, spiced tea.


If you want to buy me chocolate, please consider Cocoa Velvet. They're a small family business in Oregon and I know the people who own and run it. They handcraft everything themselves. I also like Dagoba (the chai bar only), Dolfin (specifically their jasmine, hot masala, and cardamom bars) and I have other chocolate wishes on my kaboodle wish list like Vosges. I am a bit of a chocolate snob. Sorry.


Favorite artists and favorite pieces of their work? I don't really have any favorite artists in which I really like ALL of their work. I have favorite pieces of course.


I like Van Gogh's "skull with burning cigarette" and (of course) Starry Night. And Starry Night over the Rhone. And Cafe Terrace on the Place du Forum, Arles, at Night .


I like "Gargoyles" by Michael Parkes. (And Athena. And Deva.)


I love photographs or other artwork of gargoyles, grotesques, crows, wrought iron, celtic crosses in graveyards, capitals, cloisters, etc. black and whites especially.


I have a lot of bully breed dog artwork favorited on etsy.


I have some treasured artwork done by my friends as well: http://slumberland.org/gallery.html, I have the originals for "Almost almost blue" and "stars 12/24" (and her page even notes that! ha. that makes me giggle.)


I have always wanted a raven beaded doll from Megan Noel (one of my local Seattle BBS friends.) She does some awesome coptic stitch and beaded journals. And I like some of her purple/blue stuff and raven drawings. And the http://www.megannoel.com/blackamuletpurse.jpg" rel="nofollow" target="_blank">black beaded amulet purse</a>!


I have some prints somewhere that I brought home from the Smithsonian, and some framed artwork that I brought home from Italy.


I also have a few pieces related to The Cure and Depeche Mode.


And as I've mentioned already, people have gifted me with a ton of Patrick Nagel prints but I would sell most of those in a heartbeat. I love the simplicity of them but my favorite is Montana and that is the one that I would keep.


I love a lot of classics, such as the Hunt of the Unicorn (often referred to as the Unicorn Tapestries.)


I love a lot of local art and sculpture that I see in the dealers room at Sci-Fi conventions. I have a piece I really love of a "were unicorn" -- she is a unicorn in on of the matted cells and a woman (with a small nub horn) in the other.


I collect a lot of wall sconces and grotesques/gargoyles but I don't know that I have a favorite artist that sculpts them. My favorite pieces are the Fledermaus and Guardian of Hopes and Dreams.


Do you like coconut (to eat)? Not especially by itself. I love it in chocolate or thai food or toasted coconut with ice cream...


Puddin' posts ebay sales of older stuff every now and then - what of the current lot are you dying for? Hellion mostly.


Do you tweet? I have a twitter account but I don't use it a lot.


What kind of mythology are you interested in? Celtic, Greek, Roman, Egyptian.


What's that one thing you keep meaning to get but keep forgetting or passing over? One thing? I have a list of BPAL GC's that I want but don't get because most of the time I only have money to get the LE's. (TKO, Mme. Moriarty, Pickled Imp, TAL: Bastet's Laughter, etc.)


With all this talk of chocolate, do you prefer milk or dark? Depends on what it is blended with. I like dark chocolate if it is blended or covering other things. I don't actually eat chocolate straight up nowadays anymore come to think of it... if I eat a bar it is usually a blend (chai, jasmine, masala, fruit, nuts, etc.)


What is your favorite classic fairy tale or children's story? I think I prefer the retold fairy tales. the "classics" were all stolen and changed from the originals and not for the better. Favorite children's story -- hmm. Maybe "God Bless the Gargoyles" (that isn't a classic, is it?) I have things like Winnie the Pooh, Alice in Wonderland, Island of the Blue Dolphins, A Cricket in Times Square, The Trumpet of the Swan, The Wind in the Willows, Little House on the Prairie series, Narnia series, The Hobbit and LOTR, Dr. Suess books, etc. that I made my son read about 10-15 years ago.


Do you have an electric stove, and would you like a bowl and tarts to use the residual heat (and for extra safety)? I do have an electric stove but I'm afraid the bowl would break because I would be stupid and put it on the burner while it was too hot. I would like a tart burner though.


What of the summer update (Egyptian, Lawn Ornaments, etc.) appeals most to you? I already have the Summer Garden Series (lawn gnome, pinwheel, flamingo.) I would like to try the Iteru bottles but haven't wanted to purchase yet because one is dirt and the other sounds aquatic. Haven't gotten the Feast for the Greatly Revered Ones yet, would like to try that one as well. But so far, Flamingo is my fav.


Are you freaking out over any of the discontinued scents, dear fellow Witches? Not really, but I would like to sniff Madrid and Succubus. And I kind of want a bottle of Severin. But I am resisting!! Sad, I love Mimosa (our friends have a mimosa tree and it is fabulous!) and that seems to be the note in common for all of the discontinuations except for Severin.

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