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BPAL Madness!
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June Gloom

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I have been rather BPAL and forum obsessed lately. My second review, and my second blog post today XDIn the bottle: Rain and flowers and a touch of citrusy soap.Wet: A feminine, sweet floral with aquatic notes, and I agree with fairnymph--it's not citrus rind but the milder white pith. Can't place the specific flowers in it.Initial drydown: Not sure what the flowers are in here, but the floral reminds me a bit of Lancome Tresor, except less headache-inducing and muted by watery aquatics. The citrus has gone into hiding, but some greenery has emerged. A little musk? Maybe bitter herbs? Moderate to strong throw, much stronger than Strawberry Moon, which I tried for the first time yesterday.45 minutes later: Same strong floral, mixed with rain and something musky green. Not sure it really smells like Tresor, since I haven't smelled it in years, but it has a similarly feminine, sensuous ambience. Has a warm feeling despite the aquatics--this would be the June Gloom-ness. Something I'd wear as an evening perfume rather than an everyday scent. Except, darn it, it's giving me a headache--I'm just not good with strong florals.3 hours later: Wet flowers, a slightly bitter green undertone, no detectable citrus.Verdict: A nice BPAL take on a traditional feminine floral, but I've come to realize while I like this kind of perfume on paper, in reality it gives me a headache. I'll give it another shot in a couple weeks to make sure today's headache wasn't a fluke, but looks like it's just not for me.Next up, putting together a wishlist!

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