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Strawberry Moon Review

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I got my Strawberry Moon yesterday, yay! This is my first review, a teeny bit revised.


In the bottle: smells like juicy strawberry gum, except without the artificiality, and I can smell a green, slightly creamy tang...must be the grass and dandelion.


Wet: Juicy strawberries and green stems with a creamy undercurrent, probably the vanilla-infused sugar.


Initial drydown: A trace of strawberry sweetness remains, but the creamy, milky notes are dominant, with some floral and a little astringent green coming through. The dandelion sap, I think, gives the scent a faint acrid tinge. I had hoped for more strawberry but it's still appealing. It's like sitting in a field of grass and flowers on a warm, early summer day, holding a bowl of strawberries completely drowned in cream and sugar in your lap--can't see any red in the bowl at all. Not very much throw, but I dab rather than slather.


45 minutes later: Oh lovely, the strawberry is coming out again; it's not so drowned in the creamy grassy floral sweetness anymore.


4 hours later: Lingering strawberry and vanilla sugar with a touch of green very close to the skin.


Verdict: If you are looking for something that screams strawberry, you may be disappointed. The initial drydown is interesting, but I don't care for the slightly acrid note or the disappearance of the berry. Ah, but once the strawberry comes back, it's just delicious--strawberry evenly balanced with floral, sugary sweetness and green underneath. I need to go eat strawberries in cream and sugar now.

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