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BPAL Madness!
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More answers!


Do you like honey? Will you like to try creamy honey with black sesame or with cinnamon powder?

Well i like honey so much i make mead. not prone to using infused or creamed honey though. i prefer the gloppy stuff.


What cartoons did you grow up watching? Any animated shows you still watch?

I grew up watching animaniacs, freakazoid, Pinky and the Brain, Gargoyles, Ninja Turtles, school house rock, i vaguely remember voltron, speed racer, and i think mario brothers. I still watch freakazoid (itunes has it for download) animaniacs (my roomie has 4 of the 5 seasons on DVD) school-house rock (my sis owns the DVD) and occasionaly i'll spot one of the others being played at a friend's house.


Who are your forum friends, person or people your witch can contact for ideas?

i think the only person on the forum who has met me RL is gwyd.


Are you planning on buying anything off your BPAL wishlist during the round?

heck no. i'm in negative cash flow for the month as is.

Which witches would want Bpal boxes? Or imp cases?

well an imp case would be nice so i dont consistantly annoy my husband by stashing them where he can get ill from them. (very sensitive nose)


Houseplants and/or things to put them in: thoughts?

My cat would love you forever if you sent cat-grass.

Do you read graphic novels/comics? Which ones?

not as much as i used to. But the shelf has JtHM, the firefly comic, maison ikkoku, CCS, MKR, and Utena. I also have some of the excalibur comics from the 80's, almost forgot my warrior nun aurelia collection :D


how about everyone else-what jewelry do you wear everyday-or do you change jewelry all the time?

I prefer to not change my jewelry at all. i wear my wedding ring, a set of stud earrings, and a set of small hoop earings.

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