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Disney Trip Report - Friday - 9/28/07

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We got up very early on Friday morning, ran a couple of errands (Todd had to go to the bank and we got breakfast at McDonald's), and were on our way.


The journey itself was rather uneventful - it's very easy to get to Disney from NC. It's nearly a straight shot.


Unfortunely we hit Orlando just at rush hour, so it took us longer than it should have to get to our resort. I amused myself by taking pictures of the disney billboards.




Finally we made it through the traffic and we entered Walt Disney World property!




We managed to find our resort, Caribbean Beach Resort, and found the place to check in. The line to check in was kinda long but moved quickly. When we got up to the counter, I was very excited, so I told the lady who waited on us that we were on our honeymoon. She gave us pins that said 'Just Married' (which isn't exactly true, but we guessed that it was close enough :) ). I was a little surprised when Todd put his on right away. I, of course, did too :)


We got our 'Keys to the World' which was our room key, our park tickets and how we paid for the dining plan, and our room number, so we headed to the room.




Our section of the resort was Jamaica - which I was pretty geeked about because I had read that it was one of the best 'islands' to be in. We found our room with ease, and we unpacked and vegged out for a bit.


Here's some room and resort pictures!














After we got unpacked we headed to the building that had the food court, gift shop, and the sit down restaurant, Shutters. It was called 'Old Port Royale'. I didn't make reservations for this night because I wasn't sure how we'd feel after that 9 hour drive. We asked if we could get into Shutters without a reservation, and they said we could, but it would be a 45 minute wait. We decided to wait and it gave us time to browse the gift shop.


Once we got seated, our server noticed our pins and said congratulations - we got a ton of people saying this throughout the week. Mostly cast members, but some regular guests too.


We got sparkling wine for free, because we were on our honeymoon, which was neat (though it made me a little tipsy). We were on the dining plan, which gave us 1 counter service (like fast food), 1 sit down meal, and one snack each day. With the sit down meal, we got an appetizer, an entrée, a dessert and a drink (non alcoholic). That is a lot of food!


Our dinner was very good - we both had prime rib, and we were so stuffed we had to take our cheesecake back to the room (we did have a mini fridge so it didn't go bad).


We went back to the room, vegged out, and went to sleep fairly early.


Next time - Magic Kingdom and Ohana!

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