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BPAL Madness!
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A Bpal Fanfic (kinda)

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I'm a bit of a writer and here is a new story I've been working on the last couple of days. It's based on a very vivid dream I had last week, and it does involve Bpal, so it's kinda like a fan fic, but not really since the story and world are mine (pretty much). I thought some of you might be interested in reading it. If you are, let me know and I'll post more once I have it written:


Ashley Frogert was a fairly normal young woman. She was a blonde, blue-eyed college graduate who worked at a good, but boring job as an admin. assistant at a big auto manufactor. Her life was a steady routine of work, home time, weekends with friends and then more work.


It was a beautiful day, as Ashley sat at a little outdoor cafe, soaking up sunshine and drinking sweet tea. She looked around, watching the bustle of people who were shopping in the small downtown area.


Her eyes were drawn to an oddity in the crowd. A man with black hair and piercing grey eyes started to move in the direction of the cafe. He looked so out of place because he wore a long black trenchcoat despite the heat out.


Ashley continued to watch him, as she sipped her tea and was quite startled when he stopped and sat at her table.


"Can I help you?" she asked, as a frown came to her lips.


He wasn't looking at her when he sat, but when she spoke his eyes turned on her. A shiver went up her spine when their eyes met.


"I'd just like to sit here for a moment, if you don't mind," he said softly.


She just gave a nod, finding his gaze made it hard for her to breath, let alone speak.


He looked away, surveying the crowded. After a moment, he nearly jumped to his feet, saying "Thank you for the use of your table, ma'am."


Without giving her a chance to reply, he darted away, melting into the crowd. Left alone, Ashley was surprised to realize her heart was racing.


"Who was he," she mumured to herself. She took a few moments to collect herself before she finished her tea, paid her bill and made her way back to work.


She sild into her chair, back at the office, and resumed the project she had been working on before lunch. After a few moment, she noticed her boss, Anne, walk up with a scowl on her face.


"Why did you take such a long lunch?" Anne asked, her voice sounding very angry.


Ashley looked perplexed. "It was the same length as always. An hour on the dot."


"It was longer than that. You need to pay more attention or your job could be in jeopardy!" Anne nearly shouted, then stormed off.


Ashley just blinked with a rather shocked look on her face. Anne never raised her voice to anyone and was usually very cheerful. And lunch breaks were never something that was exact, even on Ashley's first day she was told that she could take as long a lunch as she wanted, just to make it about an hour.


She just tried to shake it off and concentrate on her work. But as the afternoon went on, she became increasely more uncomfortable as all her co-workers seemed to be angry, like Anne was. And oddly enough they all seemed to be watching her every move.


At five, she slipped out of work and was more than a little freaked out to see a pair of large men following her. She hurried her pace, darting into a side street trying to lose them.


She stumbled a bit when she saw that she hadn't lost them, but they were gaining on her. She sped up to a full run, moving out of the alley and into the busy downtown street.


Ashley was running as fast as she could, but the men were now also running and still gaining on her. She was paying more attention to her pursuers than what was in front of her.


She was only a few blocks from the police station when she crashed into someone and tumbled to the ground.


"I'm so sorry," she said, scrambling to her feet, then she got a look at who she ran into. Her eyes widened as she saw it was the man from lunch.


He grabbed her by the arm and began to run. They ducked in and out of alleyways and busy streets until Ashley felt completely lost. After a while, they managed to lose the men who were after her.


"What is going on?" Ashley demanded, after she had caught her breath.


"I'm sorry, it isn't safe to talk here. There is a safehouse nearby," he replied, "I know you have no reason to trust me and I'm really sorry you've become involved."


"Involved in what?!" Ashley exlaimed, "And yes, I don't trust you! I'm not going anywhere with you!"


She turned to walk away but he grabbed her arm and pushed a few small vials into her hand. "I understand, but you won't be safe. If you throw one of those at them, it will slow them down," he said, then told her the address of the safehouse.


She pulled her arm from him and watched as he strode away. Once he was out of sight, she looked down at the vials he had given her. Each had a little paper lable with different names. The names were Vice, Bliss, Dorien and Grog. They also all had the name "Black Phoenix Alchemy Laboratory" on the back of the label.


She put them in her pocket, glanced around and started towards the direction they had come from. She was all turned around, but her plan was to find the police station.


It took her a while but she finally found a street she was familar with. She hurried in the direction of the police, feeling relived when the station was in sight.


As she walked into the station, she felt a shiver go up her back. She turned and saw the two men who were after her earlier.


All the police had angry looks on their faces. Chief Adams walked out of his office. "You gave my boys quite the chase, Miss Froegert. Now if you'll follow me we have much to discuss," he said, giving her a smile that made him look very sadistic.


"What do we need to talk about?" she replied, as she moved one hand very slowly into the pocket with the vials in it "I've never broken the law."


Adam's smile widened "You have something we want and we will have it."


Ashley pulled out the first vial she could put her fingers around. She threw it at the Police Chief's head who laughed until the vial fell to the floor, breaking.


Everyone in the room except Ashley began to act like they couldn't breath. Ashley felt confused since all she smelled was the lovely scent of freshly baked brownies. She didn't linger and ran out of the station feeling utterly bewildered and scared.


Since she had very few options, she turned the direction of the safehouse. The walk was a long one, nearly ten blocks, and a nervous one as well. She kept looking behind her and tried to keep her head down at the same time.


When she reached the address that she was given, she found herself in front of a small store she had never seen before.

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