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Not So Married Part Two

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Everyone at work thinks I'm a newlywed, because I didn't feel the need to tell them that we got married twice (first time was September 9, 2005 for insurance reasons, the 2nd time was September 30, 2006, which I consider our 'real' wedding date).


Apparently since I'm a newlywed, I don't know what it's like to be married, and shouldn't talk about my husband.


Several times in the last few weeks when I've brought up Todd in some form or fashion, my boss will add "But she's just a newlywed"


This happened yesterday at book club - we had read "Let's Roll" - which is the story of Todd and Lisa Beamer. Todd Beamer was one of the 9-11 heros who was on the plane that crashed on in the field.


At some point during the discussion, I mentioned that it was hard for me to read the part of the book that took place during and after 9-11, because my husband's name is Todd.


To which my boss said "But she's just a newlywed", to which the other people in the book club just said "Ah" and gave knowing looks.




Just because I'm a newlywed I can't not want my husband to die... apparently I can't talk about my husband or marriage until I'm not a newlywed!! I'm sure after October rolls around, it's going to turn into "But she's only been married a year"




Oh, my boss also did insult my marriage. We were at lunch one day not long ago, and we were talking about laundry, when I said that our laundry hadn't merged yet (I feel no need to do Todd's laundry, and I'm sure he feels no need to do mine), and she said "Well, since you don't do your laundry together and you have seperate money, it's like you are not even married."


Again, WTF!!!


So, annoying!!

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I'd have a few choice words for her as well. :wub2:


Is anyone else a newlywed that you work with? If so does she make the same comments to them as well?

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I'd have a few choice words for her as well. :wub2:


Is anyone else a newlywed that you work with? If so does she make the same comments to them as well?


I don't think anyone else is a newlywed.


Thing is, she is only a few years older than me, but has been married for 13 years. She got married right out of high school, and she complains a lot about her husband.


I think part of the snarky-ness on her part is jealousy - I'm her age, but newly married, and have my whole life in front of me. While she does too at bit, but she has two kids, and has less freedom than Todd & I do at the moment.


I can deal for the most part, and I don't want to make waves, because most of the time she is nice, and I really love my job.

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