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BPAL Madness!
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Battlestar Galactica-"The Son Also Rises"

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I'm posting this here even though I'll be posting in the thread too becuase I'm sure no one wants to read/hear what I'm sure sounds like a broken record by now: Why why why is Cally still on this show?! :heart: She really pissed me off with her "We don't get second chances-::looks at Sharon::-or third chances" comment. Congratulations, that was really subtle. What are you, six? :heart:


I loved the bonus scene where Sharon creeps up on her. Awesome.


Also-Someone saved the cats (or at least a cat) after the attacks! Yay! :P


That's pretty much all for now. I'll post the rest of my thoughts in the BSG thread tomorrow when I'm less sleepy.

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I am so with you on the Callie hating! Also: I am secretly (well not so secretly, actually) praying that Starbuck is somehow alive, somewhere.

I should check the thread to see what the theories are!

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I want Starbuck to come back too. I miss her already. I think someone mentioned that she had her hand on the eject lever before the "incident", so that gives me hope at least!

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