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Yesterday was fine

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My presentation went well! And I missed one problem on my math exam, because I made a stupid mistake. -1 squared is not -1. So obviously I'm not going to come out with -6 in the end! Bleh. But it's a really good score and I'm happy with it. Happy enough that I'm considering pre-calculus instead of history. (I think precalc is all full now, though.)


Let's see. So, yeah. I had a good presentation. Oh! But the reason I came here to write an update? I found my pilates dvd that I stuck with!! And my husband ordered it for me! Hooray! It's called The Method Pilates: Target Specifics. That one for the arms is really, really good. I'm going to do a segment hopefully every day. My first goal is twice a week, though. I just can't wait to get it! Eventually I'll cycle it with the other pilates dvd I have, and maybe get some more.


In other news: I've discovered FlyLady, and she is helping me gradually establish a routine to eventually declutter. Her tone is annoying sometimes, but I generally like her, and her ideas really work for me. I'm totally that person she's talking about. I'm currently doing the 31 days of baby steps and I'm on day 5. (My husband is using Convergence spending money to bribe me to stick to it, and considering how gradual it is, it's a nice motivation.)


Now somebody needs to talk me into cutting down to skim milk. This is a huge deal. I drink loads of milk, and grew up drinking whole milk. Sooo, I don't know.


I also need to start making quick and easy snacks, before a craving hits. Hard boiled eggs are so easy to make and stick in the fridge, and I love them. What are some other snacks that are healthy and good to eat? I have SUCH an addiction to sugar that not a lot will get rid of those cravings, but I'm trying. Any help would be much appreciated!

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Fruit! I sometimes pre-peel orange wedges and package them up to bring to work.


I have a huge sweet tooth. Come to think of it, I also have a huge salty tooth. So pre-packing snacks is vital to my having a functional work day. Or else I am totally panicky from snackiness.


Congrats on getting through another roller-coaster week, and good luck with the gradual de-cluttering (I need to check that site out too!).

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Good job on the presentation, Miss Smartypants!


I remember that Fly Lady and if I recall she had some good ideas, but I can't ever stick with anything. So I just make The Man do all my cleaning now. Seriously. He is so skeeved by my cleaning methods that he figures if he wants it done right, he will do it himself. HA! My plan worked!


When I am being good I pack myself small healthy snacks too: a little baggy with a few raw almonds and some dried apricots and dates, one of those fat free greek yogurts with fresh blueberries, some celery stuffed with low-fat cream cheese & olive spread, little "sandwiches" made with high fiber wasa bread and natural peanut butter, or just a big ol crunchy fuji apple.


That sounds like I pack all of those at once, which I totally don't :hug:

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Almonds, pistachios, peanuts are all good snacks.


Celery and peanut butter (natural, no Jiffy kind of stuff) is also a great snack, as is string cheese.


If you want sweet go for sugar free jello snack cups.

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I am really allergic to almonds, but I love pistachios and peanuts- however, I love the salty planter's peanuts with that spicy baked seasoning- it's the original stuff, but it's sooo good. Just not so good for me.


I think I'll work my way down on the sugar scale- I'm going with some frozen yogurt and reduced sugar/fat ice cream, eventually moving to sugar free ice cream... I'm slow. :hug: And seriously addicted. Nutella and apples are working out well for me, too. I know Nutella isn't really good for me, but... small steps!

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