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Boxcar Bertha

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I choo choo choose you!


Snarky has been up to her eyeballs in work. Lots of time-sucking, mind-melting office monkey duties that leave her with little time to do things like post coherent blog entries and string more than three related concepts into a happily trundling train of thought.


So here are the boxcars that are rattling around at the moment:


* The Mister has decided on a Major Career Change.


He made an attempt to return to his old soul-sucking, life-draining, anxiety-attack-making job for two days last week and has not been back since. Snarky is absolutely OK with this (beyond OK, more like :lol: -leading and just about to start a stadium-wide wave) and has already seen how much better he has been for having turned this corner on his own.


The Snarks are getting The Mister signed up for massage therapy school this afternoon. To be honest, Snarky does not consider The Mister the most adept masseuse. But he is an excellent customer service guy and a very quick study. His research into successful careers for his Myers-Briggs personality type (INFP) all point to some sort of one-on-one therapy (be it psychological or body work-related) and so... this is the direction they will be taking.


They attended an orientation at one of the local LMT institutions and got to take a class (with actual partial nudity and the touching of bodies!) and even with the clinical setting, circulating teacher, and random other nekkid and touchy people in the room... it was a really positive, instructive, and decision-making experience.


She hasn't seen such a shine in The Mister's eye since they first started casting their gazes Westward, wondering if they could make a life in the Pacific Northwest.


* Snarky has started to work out, again. This time she's focusing more on her (languishing) yoga practice. Today she feels five miles long, as if her arms could encompass whole attitudes of thought rather than just her gradually de-cluttering desk.


* Oh, and Snarky started knitting again. She is sort of doing a tangential KAL with the BPAL knitters (with whom she has regrettably lost track) and has been cranking on the Rona Lace Shawl from Knitpicks (using the suggested KP Alpaca Cloud in a Midnight, which is maybe not the best color choice given her current extremely poor lighting conditions at home). There have been numerous errata already in just the first 50 rows. This is apparently the week for Snarky to be OK with normally crazy-making things, though, because she is absolutely OK with this. She isn't even putting in any lifelines as she galumphs along on this shawl.


* Textured Vegetable Protein is amazing stuff. The Snarks will never be vegetarians, but the consumption of meat has gone way, way down on their dietary habits -- enough so that they will probably make it a luxury item (which will allow them to focus more on local, organic, "humane" (or at least as humane as possible while still being, you know, meat) options).


There were probably more boxcars to add to this train, but lunch is calling (The Mister's Magical Sweet Potato Quesadillas). Snarky hopes all of your trains are also enjoying the downhill side of this week.

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Ooooh! A massuese! I personally give wretched massages, I think The Man walks away hurting more than BEFORE I worked on him, if I attempt one. I can't think of a more rewarding occupation, than knowing that with the power of your touch you helped to heal someone...and what better antidote for a sterile, depressing soul-sucking corporate job, where no one is touched by what you do?


That is so, so awesome. Best of luck to The Mister!

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Snarky does not know what you are talking about as she can totally sprinkle sunshine, love and understanding throughout the office with the power of her mighty spreadsheets. Totally. ;)


That is the biggest reason for The Mister's career change choice. He is completely a teacher/healer type (Snarky is a Champion, so she was being very literal about the :joy:-leadering) and this would be a great way for him to fulfill that need.

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