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It's late, and I'm tired, so I know that's mostly why my emotions are all over the place.


I suck at this dieting thing, even though I love salad and fresh fruit and wheat bread... I'm just not doing well with it. I need to add exercise, but I'd have to clear out the front room to really do that, plus I don't have the energy to divert in that direction at this point.


I found some old floppy disks that had files and photographs on it from years ago, and there were several of the man I don't think I've ever fully recovered from. I love my husband, and I am completely his, but because there was something so raw about the relationship I had with this other guy, my heart still aches a little at the thought of everything that happened.


I wouldn't be with my husband if it hadn't happened like that, though.


Anyway, I've been feeling nostalgic for all these old things/experiences lately, and I realized that nothing ever stays the same. The saying "You can never go home again"? Really applies to me right now. Not physical homes, but online communities.


I miss Charlie.


Anyway. I'm going to go play mind-numbing games until I can sleep.


Stupid Verizon. I'll update about them later.

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Yeah, I kinda suck at it too. Ask me who had Doritos for dinner last night - go on, ask me!




I have to just keep telling myself "tomorrow is another day"...

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