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Hey Jealousy

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I loved you once, and perhaps love so burning

Has not been quite extinguished from my soul,

But let it cause you no more fret or mourning -

I do not wish to trouble you at all.

I loved you once, so shyly and so hopelessly,

At times in fear, at times in jealous hells...

I loved you once, so truly and so tenderly

As God let you be loved by someone else.

- Alexander Pushkin


How... exquisite... is this?

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Ah... I took Russian in college and I remember reading this and translating it. It's one of those poems that is plaintive and beautiful in any language. When I saw it in your entry, I was transported back to the library where I was sitting when I first read it, because it was truly one of those "oh wow..." moments.

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I almost can't bear to read it- like it's wriggling around in my soul now.


I've been contemplating a foreign language to take next year, and I'd decided on Japanese, but now I'm waffling over Russian, again. I'd take German, but my school doesn't offer it. Isn't that strange? Russian, Mandarin, Japanese... but no German. Sad! My mother, who took 6 years of German, thinks it'd be a mistake for me to take it: "You'll never use it! It's useless!" But I think it's gorgeous, and I think it has to do with my link to my mom. I grew up knowing German phrases thanks to her. Anyway! That's enough of a hijack. And it's more positive than my angsting over this beautiful poem.

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Ah Pushkin! My favorite passive-aggressive poet! I swooned over him in high school because I thought that was exactly how the perfect love should feel. Painful. :eek:


I want to (re)learn Cantonese, but the only Chinese classes most places offer is the more practical (and not nearly as colorful) Mandarin. Bah.

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