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So, I've got a question. It's for anyone, but especially all you knitting-inclined folks. How uncool would it be for you to receive an item knitted by a novice knitter, such as myself, as a gift in a swap or something? And, seriously, don't be nice. :)

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I'll be totally honest: tough the thought does count, but if you are sending something to a non-knitter, don't expect them to appreciate the gift quite as much as you'd like.


Knitted stuff for babies gets a free pass, though, 'cause baby stuff, even knitted by an absolute novice, is the bees knees. (Seriously, booties can be extremely easy to knit... you don't even have to learn to purl to do some bootie patterns).

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I don't know...I think the thought itself is extremely awesome, and were it something like a scarf or a dishcloth I would be like ...wow! Cool! Go Novice Knitter! But if it's a pair of, oh I dunno, heel-less socks or a sweater with three sleeves or something I might be thinking "hmmm, now what am I supposed to do with THIS?"


I don't know if that was the answer you were looking for, but I hope that gives you some direction...

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Thanks! Yeah, that's mostly where I was heading- except I'm not pondering sending something to a non-knitter, which may alter your answers a little bit. :eek: I won't send socks with no heels. Socks are all mine! And I think it'll be quite some time before I can knit a sweater, thank you very much. I'd love to be able to just do a scarf, at this point, but I don't want it to be all lame. Anyway, thank you guys.

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