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BPAL Madness!
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Freefalling = FRIGHTENING!

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I felt too much like a BPAL Whore today when I realized the newest post in my blog was just my "keeping track" post. :lol: SO, I figured I would make a new entry today, so that everyone would not be greeted by that if they decided to look into my little world a bit. LOL.


We were on vacation last week, and were able to totally lose our minds and go skydiving! Here are some crazy unflattering, yet hilarious pictures:






Midway is my "flavor of the day"... and I am still getting whiffs of it now (2pm) from having put it on at 7am. Gotta love that! Funny that I would love that scent anyway, when back in April (when I was bitten by that BPAL bug) I was totally turned off by every foody scent I sniffed.


YUMMY!!! I love smelling like a 10 year old with candy all over their fingers. :lol:

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