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BPAL Madness!
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Want List!

Feel free to show me your swap list! I tend to wander in and out of BPAL fandom for months at a stretch, so I'm not always up to date on releases, and there are plenty of things I haven't known I've needed until they've been pointed out to me; that being said, I have been around awhile, so please do not be offended if I decline. Things with lime that are not Mr. Nancy or Serpents With... as well as things reminiscent of Nosferatu are generally well-received.   I will not swap for things in unusual containers. I have received too many rollerballs/dram vials/etc. that have been diluted or otherwise not as expected.     Bottles I'm Looking For (I will probably say yes to partials) 5/10mls 51 Geek.Goth Ginger Skulls Halloween: New Orleans* (please!) Hunter Moon 07 Manhattan New Orleans Night's Bridge Occupy Wall Street Playing With A Loaded Gun Scurvy (either one) Tiki Princess* The Lovers*   Decants To Fill My Bottles Snowblind 08 Strawberry Moon 09   Limited Editions I Would Like To Sample (starred scents are particularly coveted; I'll likely be willing to swap for bottles of them) Athahoor* Arise, Lift Up Thine Eyes And See Aurelia A Wonderful Light Banned in Boston* Banshee Beat Blue Snowballs* Buck Moon But Men Loved Darkness Rather Than Light Chewing Little Bits of String* The Chilling Cellar* Comforting Plush Companion* Creature Feature Cthulu In Love Days And Nights In Vaults And Charnel Houses Destructive Vagina of the Fox Spirit Dia Echo Egg Moon Elaphospyris Elegy No. 1 S. 196 Elixir V: Moxie Epibulia Faunalia Frost At Midnight The Fruit of Paradise 2013 Furo Gothabilly The Governess* Gun Moll Hesiod’s Phoenix Ivanushka Josie Kiss Among Discarded Tissues Lawn Gnome* Left His Nurse While In A Crowd* Lick It Discreetly Lips Full of Lust and Laughter Love's Philosophy Lovers In A Ricefield Lycaon Manus Dei Marotte Minotaur Monsieur Petitbled's Frivolous Wheeled Footwear Narkissos Overprotective Possessed Talking Doll* Phasmophobia Placophobia Pink Phoenix Plastic Pink Flamgino The Premature Burial Purple Snowballs Quincey Morris Red Rose Rivet.Goth Romanti.goth The Sailing Stones of Death Valley Season of the Inundation Secret Lovers and Sleeping Husband September Midnight She Crushes for Dead Men Deadly Wine Sleipneir The Sound of Insects* Spinning Metallic Multicolored Pinwheel Stinky Traipsing Through the Crop Circles* Treasure Ship Coming In U Velvet Cthulu Velvet Unicorn Very Slightly Haunted Dollhouse* The Volstead Act White Rose The Worm Shall Revive Thee with Kisses Yellow Snowballs   General Catalog Imps I Would Like To Try (starred scents are particularly coveted; imps, decants, and sniffies all welcome!)   Bewitching Brews Delirium Scherezade     Diabolus Hell's Belle Troll   Excolo Odin Thaleia     Gris Grimly Detestable Putrescence   Ars Moriendi   Marchen Prunella The Little Wooden Doll The White Rider The Black Rider The Red Rider The Witch's Repast     Ars Amatoria Ave Maria Gratia Plena Carnal Jezebel Les Bijoux Prurience   Mad Tea Party Bread-and-Butterfly High Strung Daisies How Doth The Little Crocodile* Mouse's Long and Sad Tale* Queen Alice Twinkle, Twinkle Little Bat   Wanderlust Dublin Neo-tokyo   Sin & Salvation     Steamworks No. 93 Engine Obsidian Widow   Pharmacopoeia Stimulating Sassafras Strengthener   A Picnic in Arkham Shub   Rappacini's Garden Death Cap Destroying Angel Ya-Te-Vo   Carnaval Diabolique Midnight on the Midway Banded Sea Snake Isaac, the Living Skeleton Theodosius, the Legerdemain* The Chapel* The Grindhouse Ashlultum The Torture Queen The Maltese Cross of Sanctus Germanus   The Carousel Mr. Ibis Spider   Good Omens War   Stardust Fairy Market Victoria       Notes Of DOOOOOOM Red musk Skin musk Vetiver Caramel



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