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BPAL Madness!
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Fletchkat’s BPAL blog

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My BPAL Collection

These are the scents I currently own. Still working on testing all of them.   *=frimped from the Lab §=PIF from torischroeder9 (thanks Tori!) #=PIF from everanything (thanks Ever!)   GC Imps:   Aizen-Myoo  Bengal Blood Kiss Calico Jack * Chimera * Come to Me §
Cordelia §
Cthulhu § Death On A Pale Horse * Dee # Delight Dorian Dragon’s Blood
Envy § Grief § Grog *
Harlot §
Intrigue § Kabuki * La Belle Au Bois Dormant La Petite Mort Les Fleurs du Mal * Lust
Lyonesse § Maiden Morgause * Morocco
New Orleans § Night-Gaunt * O Ogygia # RPG Series Artificer RPG Series Assassin RPG Series Bard RPG Series Berzerker RPG Series Chaotic RPG Series Cleric RPG Series Druid RPG Series Dwarf RPG Series Elf RPG Series Fighter RPG Series Good RPG Series Half-Elf RPG Series Lawful RPG Series Mage RPG Series Monk RPG Series Neutral RPG Series Orc § RPG Series Paladin RPG Series Psionicist RPG Series Ranger RPG Series Rogue RPG Series Sorcerer RPG Series Thieves’ Rosin RPG Series Vial Of Holy Water Snake Oil Somnus Spellbound Sudha Segara * The Coiled Serpent *
The Night-Raven § The Obsidian Widow * Twilight Vasilissa Wolf’s Heart Zephyr
Xiuhtecuhtli   LE Imps and Decants:
Dragon’s Eye Resurrected In Dubiis Libertas * In Necessariis Unitas * In Omnibus Caritas * The Candy Butcher (2015) # Visions of Autumn V (2014) #   LE Bottles:   Chaos Theory VI Eris’ Tilt-A-Whirl (#158) #



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