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13 nights.. Answers 2016 edition (also left my 2015 answers here :) )

2016 edition:   Anything here: http://paintboxsoapworks.com/ look like something you'd like to try (assuming that you're not already ordering it)?
Yes, I'd love to try things from the Face & skin care or bath treats.   Do you like stuff related to Dia de los Muertos (Day of the Dead)?
Yes! Though we don't celebrate it here, I love that style.   Handknit items:
As for clothing/accessories: no, sorry. I like the look, but I won't wear anything knitted, because it's too hot for me. Except for hats/beanies or fingerless gloves/armwarmers, I like those.
Home accessories: yes   Are there any fandoms or specific collectible genres you would appreciate things of/for(ex: you collect shot glasses, or the ninth Doctor is your bae)?
Anything Kingfisher (the bird) related items would be awesome! And I started collecting Gecko's as a wall decoration.   Do you have a favorite Fall/Halloween symbol?
Black cats!   First, talk to me about soaps- do you like them, and what kinds of scents/lather/varieties do you like?
I won't use any soap bars, sorry.   Second, tell me about teas! Favorites? Anything you'd like to try?
None. I don't drink it much.   Lastly, I go to Renn Faire- is there anything from there you might like?
I'm not familiar with those fairs. But it sounds interesting as I like fantasy-themed items.   What Weenie of year's past are you seeking from the lab?
Samhain, All Souls, Liebeszauber, Candied Apple.   Shawls?
I like those cotton fabric square scarves. Never knitted, those are too hot for me.   Gift Order?
I'd prefer them numbered, but if my witch prefers not, that's fine, too. Whatever you think is best!   Tell me about LUSH- do you like them? If so, what are some of your favorite things from there? Particularly fond scents or products? Stuff you can't stand?
I love Lush. A little too much haha I own a lot of it. That's why sending me Lush wouldn't be the best idea.   Items from Japan?
oh yes, I love Japanese (or other Asian) stuff! I love kawaii items or other Asian style items. Also candy or snacks, as long as it's vegetarian.   Anything you have your eye on at BPTP?
Absolutely, some Lilith's. but I'll buy that myself I think. I also like the bitches love unicorn girl tee (xl).   Pumpkin Spice or No Pumpkin Spice?
I love it! Both the taste and the smell.   Milk, white, and/or Dark Chocolate?
All! But never combined with fruits or alcoholics.   Do you like Yankee Candle? Anything you want from there?
Love it, both candles and wax tarts. But I have too much of it. I LOVE their US halloween items, esp. the black cats from last years. We can't get that here, here in Europe they have another halloween collection.   Bath & Body Works?
Love to try! Never did, 'cause they don't ship international. The showergels and 2 in one body wash/bubble bath are the most appealing. There are many I'd like to try, but esp. Cucumber melon, Salted caramel pumpkin and other pumpkin scents caught my attention.   Sock Dreams?
Comfy socks are always nice! I also like some of their armwarmers, like the tie dye or the ones with the moon or moon/trees.   I'd like to make some baked goods, would you like some? And if you have any food allergies what can I use as substitute?
If you're 300% sure it will survive the shipping: yes. I'm open to anything, as long as it's vegetarian.   Anything special you want from the Target dollar spot?
I have no idea what they have. So no, nothing special. But I'm open to it!   What is your stance on Glitter?
That's a no in clothing, clothing accessories or jewelry but a yes in other things like make up or make up bags etc.   Also, if you have a Goodreads or other online reading log, does it include a wishlist?
I'm not that much of a reader.   Whittard?
I'm not a tea lover, sorry. But I saw they have peanutbutter flavored hot chocolate??! That sounds very good.   Dearest Pumpkin - how much are you wedded to wishlists, say I have some read once books which I think you might like based on what you've read in the past, but there is nothing of the sort on your current Goodreads "to read" list?
I don't think this is a question for me. I'm not a reader and don't have a Goodreads wishlist.   How do you feel about reading series out of order?
I don't read that much but when I do, I'd like to read series in order.   Would you be interested in a Halloween themed short story anthology?
Not really, sorry.   Is there a limit to the number of books you'd like to receive?
Please no books at all, I don't read that much so there's a fair chance the book will end up unreaded.  
Have you read Movies in 15 Minutes by our very own Cleolinda? Would you like to?
No sorry.   What kind of phone do you have? I need to know....
Iphone 6s   Babadook?
No   Those who are amenable to yarnie things--ok, two questions: Any undesirable fibers (wool allergy, vegan so no critter hair at all, etc.)? and how do you feel about cowls/infinity scarves?
No itchy yarns please. And no cowls or infinity scarves. I never wear yarnie scarves because I find them too hot.   Motherhood update:
only a few actually. But I'll probably buy them myself.   So who likes incense? and is there a preferred scent? and cones or sticks? Would you like a burner for it?
When I smell it on the streets whilst being on holiday in Asia, I like it. But burning incense in my home makes me sick So no, sorry.       2015 edition:   Gaming nerd? Abosolutely not   If you have any Chaos Theory bottles on your wishlists, would you mind getting bottles on several days of this swap? Nothing on my wishlist, bought all I wanted from CT   If you listed wearables - what sizes? I listed that.   Are your forearms skinny or bulky? Erm.. Regular I think   How do you feel about yarn/wearables? Only hats or armwarmers. No yarn scarves.   What kind of items would you like to get that are not available in your country? Peanutbutter cups! They're available here but are very pricy. And I saw those Starbucks instant powder mixes for coffees. I LOVE pumpkin spice latte. If my witch happens to live in London or visits London anytime soon: I'd LOVE to get my hands on LUSH Lord of Misrule showercreme. Only available at LUSH Oxford street/London.   How do you feel about home baked cookies? Is there anything that should be left out (nuts, milk, eggs, gluten, etc)? Sounds nice
I'm a vegetarian. Eggs or dairy is o.k but no gelatine.   How do you feel about receiving pens? If you like them, do you have a prefered stroke size (ie: do you prefer a thick or fine stroke)? Any preferred colors (assume the sky is the limit here)? I like pens. Stoke doesnt matter.   If you are a tea lover, are there any companies or vendors that you would particularly like to try (etsy, teavana, republic, stash, adagio, etc)? Don't like tea, sorry.   What are your favorite tv shows, movies, topics of geekery, famous persons, specific objects (like tarot or harpsichords), memes, cultures etc. that you would like to receive items themed around? I'm not really into TV or movies. I like hindu or buddha related items.   Are you a soap only, shower gel only, or an either works person? If you like soap, are you particular about type? (all natural, no glycerine, created on a full moon using the blood of virgins, etc) Showergel only, no soap.   If you listed you like books: what kind of books? What are your favorites? Do you also like the "English classics"? Are there any books or writers that you really don't like? I'm not really into books.   What are your favorite musicians, favorite singers or bands? Anything or anyone you really don't like? I listed this in my questionnaire.   Is there an item that you would like but you never seem to buy for yourself as other things often take preference (darn those bills)? Nothing I could think of.   Dearest swappee, have you seen the launch of this year's Yankee Candle Boney Bunch line as well as other Halloween items from there? Are there any you'd particularly like to get? The adorbs tart warmer? The taper candle holder, perhaps?
I love Yankee Candle and think I like all of the halloween scents I prefer wax tarts.
Don't really like most of their accessories. Except for the "Sophia" cat yar or votiveholders. Those are awesome! Also like 2014 black cats.   If you've said you like coffee: Do you prefer whole beans or ground? Do you like flavored coffees?
Prefer whole beans.   Korean snackies? If so do you prefer sweet/savory or both?
Like everything Asian actually As long as it's vegetarian.   Do you prefer light lotions or thick butters and do you like scented or unscented?
Like both of them and like them scented.   Do you like small crossbody bags? No   Birthday during the swap? No birthday for me.   Pistacchio flavoured snacks? I love pistacchio's!   Do you collect anything? BPAL, showergel, esp. Lush and Treacle Moon (but be carefull, I already own most of their collection)   What are some of your favorite things about fall/Halloween, or what do you look forward to?
Not much really. We don't celebrate Halloween over here. And I prefer the warmth of summer. I DO like burning scented candles and wax tarts. I never do that in summertime so there IS something I like about fall haha.   do you bake or cook & if so (or even if not!) would you want Halloween-themed kitchen stuff or sprinkles or similar? I'd like to bake and cook but I'm not really into halloween-themed kitchen stuff. Unless it's things like cake decorations, I guess halloween themed cake would be nice   In books, movies, art, etc., are there any common horror themes (demonic possession, clowns, serial killers, spooky/evil children, zombies, insect infestations, mutilation, etc.) that you really don't want to see? The only thing I really don't like are insects and spiders. In art these would be fine but no horrormovies about this, brr.   Question: Wishbones, and designs with them ? Yay or nay?
Nay   Are there any general catalog/easily found/not crazy expensive BPAL bottles you'd love to get your hands on? Yes! I'm still a bit new to BPAL so still a lot to wish for:
The Lion
Eat Me
Mouses long and sad tale
There's more on my Pinboard.   For bath and body products: do you have a bathtub or shower? Both.   Dear Swappee: is there anything you might have forgotten to put on your survey?
Nothing I could think of.   Are there any particular fandoms that you follow?
Take That. Including camping outside venues to get front row   Do you own a wax/oil burner? (If no, would you like one?)
I have a waxburner   Would you like loose, fancy tea?
Only chai. I'm not really into other tea.   Incense, y/n?
Nope.   Please briefly describe (color, style, preferred type of beads) or provide a picture of (if it is suitable), the type of necklace (if any) you would be interested in getting. If you do not like necklaces, what kinds of jewelry (if any) would you want to wear?
Described my jewellery taste in my questionnaire. Will add some pictures on my pinboard.   What about hot chocolate/malt drinks?
Love chocolate!   If you said that you are interested in books (or DVDs or any relatively big standalone sort of item), would you be okay with having multiples of such items spread over a couple of days, or would you prefer 13 distinct themish packages?
Not really into books or movies   How into the day themeing mentioned in the first post are you? All themed? A few maybe if they are fun? Not at all?
Maybe just a few for fun?   Speaking of DVDs - are you interested in receiving movies and if so, what sort?
Not really into movies, sorry.   Back to the books - if you said you would like books, would you prefer I send you, say, my favorite Halloween anthology or something else spooky/scary, or something off your wishlist/want-to-read on goodreads?
Sorry, not that much into books.   Process question: Do you want to know who is sending to you right away, or would you prefer to be surprised on the last day, to the extent possible? Likewise, do you have a preference for specifically numbered packages or for reach in and grab according to your fancy?
Whatever my witch wants   Would you be interested in solid perfume? What about lip balm?
No solid perfume. Lip balm is always fine! (Though I have enough of them really..)   There was a lot of mention of not wearing costumes/not being allowed to at workplaces. Would you be interested in goth style or Halloween-themed(pumpkins, ghosts,etc.) normal clothes to wear instead, and what would be suitable?
No halloween-themed clothing, wouldn't wear them.   I'm going to Rose City Comic Con during the shopping window. Any exhibitors/vendors/comics/etc. you're particularly interested in? OMG THEY ARE GOING TO HAVE A GOONIES "NEVER SAY DIE" T-SHIRT! I AM TOTALLY GETTING THAT! Ahem. Yes. I mean... There are things! Are any of them particularly appealing to you and/or your inner twelve-year-old (mine is calling dibs on the Goonies stuff)?
No   Day of the dead/ Dia de los Muertos stuff?
Yes! I didn't know what it was at first, but I checked out the DOTD items on Worldmarket and I love it! Esp. the skulls and cat skulls.   Does anything from this shop catch your eye?
Yes, all of it I think   Dear Pumpkin: Do you have aversions to any animals or insects?
I hate spiders, wasps and other bugs.   How do you feel about canned foods like jams and things along those liNES?
Don't really like things like jam, don't like sweets on my bread. What I DO like is Dulce de Leche! They don't sell it here.   Do you have a favourite colour scheme?
Anwered in my questionnaire.   How do you feel about stickers (and stationery in general)?
Always like it when I see it in the shops but I'm never using it.   How do we feel about fibercrafting (knit, crochet, etc.)? wearables? crafted critters? If you would like a scarf or something similar, would you like it to be themed, like fall colors, or have a skull or other halloweenie motif/border?
I like hats, but no motifs. No yarn scarves, too itchy for me! Crafted critters are nice!   What makes you feel pampered?
Taking a bath, visit the sauna/spa, have a massage.   We've covered what critters you don't like, but what about the critters that you DO like? What are your favorite animals/creatures, real or imagined?
Love all animals. Have an obsession for Kingfishers. Other favorites are cats, tigers, elephants, polar bears, birds, dragons, unicorns.   Canadian stuff: Sure!   Paintbox Soapworks: Never tried any of it, everything seems nice!   Is there is any TAZO tea you have a hankering for? Zen, Awake, Passion, China Green Tips, Vanilla Roibois, Calm, Refresh? (tea bags in a tin)
Didn't know the brand. Googled it and it seems nice! I don't like reagular (hot) tea but I do like chai latte and iced tea. All flavours look nice to me, exept for the 'true black'. I'd prefer flavoured.   How about any Teavana tea? (loose tea)
Only the iced teas or chai, if they have that.   How about Starbucks coffee beans? If so, ground (and for what kind of filter) or whole bean?
Love Starbucks. Prefer whole beans but both would be fine.   How about Starbucks coffee via (italian, columbia, anniversary, vanilla latte?) or Iced coffee via (caramel or regular?) Fruit flavored via (berry hisbiscus, cool lime, strawberry lemonade?) Pumpkin Spice Latte ? The fruit flavored vias are good.
Starbucks K-cups or Verismo pods?
Love all that comes from Starbucks
But no cups or pods, I don't have one of those machines. I have a Nespresso machine and a whole bean machine (that can also handle ground coffee).
Pumpkin spice latte is my all time favorite! Unfortunately they only sell it for a very short period each year.   Coffee/tea travel mugs or ceramic home mugs?
Love mugs! Both for home or for travel. At my job we are only allowed to use travel mugs so that's welcome too!   Coffee maker (french press) or tea steeper?
Coffee!   Anything else from Starbucks/Teavana? Syrups, honey, whatever?
Maybe they sell (Starbucks) Pumpkin spice latte syrup somewhere?   How would you feel about a gently-used card game? For example, something I may have purchased several years ago and maybe played with my daughter *twice* before she became a moody teenager, and too cool for card and/or board games?
Sure.   Alcoholic beverages in your goodies-- yay or nay-- if yay, what kind?
Never tasted that but looks nice. So yay.   Name at least one thing that you really wouldn't like to receive in your package.
Black tea, booze   I have eyeshadow pigments which have been decanted from--as in the powder tapped out into another container,never used directly. (I don't use very much makeup, though I love it, so I keep shadow pigments clean so I can safely share.) Would a jar of pigment handled thus bother you or are you ok with cosmetic-type stuff that has not been directly touched?
I own too much eyeshadow pigments already. I do like it but due to the fact I already own too much, I'm afraid I wouldn't use it.   For those with fiber allergies, is it ok if you get, say, an ornament/amigur-whatsit yarn thing that has wool in the blend, as long as it's not something to be worn? Also, because I don't know, do people with wool allergies generally also have sensitivity to other fibers like alpaca?
No allergies here.   Does anyone especially like or want anything from cost plus/world market?
Don't know those shops.   Does anyone need any small kitchen items or utensils?
No.   Dearest Pumpkin- do you have a preference of edible/drinkable vs. non edible items in your package? Would you prefer your package heavier on one side or the other?
Like both.   Any guilty pleasures? TV show you're embarassed to admit you like? Musical group/preference that seems out-of-place for you?
I'm a huge fan of Take That :) Including camping outside venues to get front row.   And now, a new question: to sort of piggy-back onto the question about small kitchen items, do you like to bake or cook, and if yes, are there any special ingredients, spices, or decorations for baked goods (like sprinkles in seasonal shapes or those decorative picks you put on top of cupcakes, for instance) that you would like?
Pumpkin spice mix isn't available here so that would be nice. Like baking more then cooking. Baking decoration would be nice too.   Hey, Pumpkin! How do you feel about lounge pants/pajama pants?
Yes, please!   Do you have long, medium, or short hair? What kids of hair accessories do you like to use?
My hair's too short to use hair accessories.   If I were going to the mountains tomorrow, for the apple harvest, would you wanted some dehydrated apple rings???
Yes.   new question from me! how do you feel about music? would you like some? if so, what would you be interested in & in what format (do you still have somewhere to play CDs, or would a flash drive be better, etc)?
Still own a cd-player but digital music will be fine too. Mostly listen to music that's on my Iphone.   If you have an Etsy favorites list, are all of the things on the list things you'd be happy to get, or are some of them gift ideas for other people, or stuff that you've already bought and loved but don't need more of, or for any reason not something you'd want to get in this swap?
Don't have an Etsy list. DO have a Pinterest board though. All of the things there are thing's I'd like to get or just images to show my witch my style. None of the things on the pinboard are allready in my posession. There are also two pictures of my living room.   Are there any scents from the Lilith update you would like ? Any other you are looking for ?
I need to see the update first.   Do you like Hello Kitty? Yes!   Would you be interested in gently used BPAL tees going back several years and/or 80s/90s goth-industrial-generally morbid tees all in crew neck/Men's style, size M - L, all black or dark gray?
Wouldn't wear mens's shirts, sorry. Will like them, but they would end up as pajamas and I don't think they deserve that.   How do you feel about superheroes?
Not really interested.   How do you feel about Star Wars, especially extension universe comics?
Nope, not into these kind of things.   How extensively have you sampled the Lab's Weenie wares? Any past releases you are dying to get your hands on? Years you missed?
New to BPAL. Started to buy my first bottles about a year ago. No weenies in my posession yet Exept for Pumpkin Latte. I own a bottle already and love it!   Lounge Pants?
Sure!! Size EU44 or UK16   I made a pinboard with my wishlist and interests:



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