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Snowy Mountains and Kingfisher

05 February 2012 - 08:25 PM

Crisp ozone-tinged snow, muguet, white moss, sandalwood musk, white amber, honeysuckle, and white pear.

Alrighty, so: I will admit that a large part of me getting a bottle of this untested/unreviewed was that I adored the art. I do love all of the notes listed, but I had no idea what I actually wanted this to smell like. This review is mainly of my second test, done after roughly a week of bottle-settling.

Wet this is ozone, and a lot of it. But, the florals, and amber make it sweeter and warmer. The sandalwood makes it a little spicy/musky. It's fresh smelling, but not in-your-face bright.

After a bit of drying, the ozone fades a lot, although it is still present. It adds a "fizzy" quality to the blend. The scent is definitely cool, but it's not frosty in the way that I associate with "snow" scents. More like a brisk wind than a snow storm. I can smell the sweetness and floral aspect, but the musk and the amber keep it from being too ephemeral. It has a depth. I don't think any note really stands out once it's dry.

I've tried this a couple times now and my general impression is a very fresh, feminine scent with a hint of sophisticated sexiness. On my skin, it gets warmer/skin-musky after a while. In my hair, it has a very green tinge, like fresh-cut stems. It lasts about average, which is more than I can say for most ozone-scents. If you're afraid of the florals: I don't find them to be a huge component, but they are present. If you like the lab's ozone perfumes and are looking for an unusual take on that - or even one with more lasting power - I really suggest this blend. As far as it being a spring scent, it's very evocative of the beginning of spring when the ground isn't quite thawed yet, but the plants are starting to revive. Because of the sandalwood and amber, I think this will age into something really regal and sexy.

I wouldn't have sought this scent out on my own based on its notes, but I am very glad to have it. One of the reasons I love the Lab is that their descriptions/imagery for their perfumes get me to try things I never would have otherwise. 4/5 in for my tastes, and 5/5 for being exactly what it should be.

(Update: Feb 2015: Still adore this. One of my go-to scents when I wanna smell sweet, but not like a little girl. Probably like it even more now than I did then, heh.)

Old Moon

22 December 2011 - 01:08 AM

The scent of things drifting just on the edge of memory, hiding in shadowed corners. Old, yellowing books, dust-covered toys pushed to the back of the attic, windows obscured by thick, thorny vines, letters discarded, and photographs of people long-forgotten.

It's exactly what I hoped it would be: the delicious smell of antiques and used-book stores.

In the bottle it was sassy and herbal with a musky base. Wet it was musky dust, which faded into a delicious dry, dusty, herbal musk within five-ten minutes. It started to remind me so much of The Phantom Wooer that I had to dab a bit from my imp onto an inconspicuous part of my upper arm to compare. Old Moon is less sweet, floral, and liquid than Phantom Wooer, but I am convinced that their dust note are both the same and amping on me nicely. Heh, never thought I'd use liquid to describe Phantom Wooer, but there is something to Old Moon that is much drier. As Old Moon dries, it becomes less musky, drier, and sweeter. There is a hint of Vanilla that fully realizes around the hour mark and continues to grow stronger. The blend remains old books, dust, and that bit of vanilla from here out. I'd say the wear length is long as it's still here three hours later after a sweaty cleaning frenzy, and scents die on me fast. The throw is variable. I feel like it lost strength immediately after application, then steadily built up sillage for the next couple hours. It is pretty decent but not overpowering at the moment, and doesn't seem to be losing steam.

(Edited to add: I finally figured out what other scent this reminds me of, aside from Phantom Wooer! Kubla Khan, randomly enough. No clue what note is setting off this feeling of similarity, but I love it.)

Exactly what I wanted, with the unexpected perks of longevity and perfect throw? Me thinks this is a 5/5.

The Cold Hour of Dawn

11 December 2011 - 08:29 AM

But in the corner, at the cold hour of dawn, sat the poor girl, with rosy cheeks and with a smiling mouth, leaning against the wall–frozen to death on the last evening of the old year.

Esprit de eucalyptus, blue musk, davana, frosty iris, and tagetes.

A beautiful soft floral that lasts for hours. Bright florals and powder burst forth when freshly wet, a combination of the iris, tagetes, and blue musk at the fore. The scent barely changes as it dries, remaining neither warm or cold. The only change I detected was a softening and sweetening of the scent. It lasted forever on me, considering it seems like a light floral scent, and my skin absorbs perfume like a sponge. It lasted from about 930 to 4, and that's with me putting my robe on and off, thus rubbing it off my arms. The throw is decent as well, I could smell it wafting about me as I moved. It seemed feminine and clean. Definitely has a powder aspect, so if you're not into that, you may be disappointed. Although, I was expecting eucalyptus and I couldn't detect it, so that could be good or bad depending on who you are.

There was almost nothing icy or minty about this scent on me. I can definitely see something bright but cold about this, like seeing the bright dawn on a chilly day. It smells a bit like being out in the cold, but not in the way "winter" scents classically do. The following is going to sound incomprehensible: the way your nose closes a bit when it's chilly and makes everything smell rounder.

Over all, I adored this scent. I'm going to see how it smells in a month when it's settled, and hopefully I'll feel the same. 5/5, at the moment, though.

Edited to add: Every time I wear this, I fall a little more in love. The first few times I put it on, I couldn't smell much that was eucalyptus-y. Now, it starts with a little chilly minty/eucalyptus kick combined with that beautiful soft floral goodness. Still, mint haters need not be afraid, it's not overpowering.