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What My Nose Knows

Ars Draconis

Posted by whiterosepetals, 10 September 2007 · 101 views

I'm trying out two Ars Draconis scents this week -- Dance of Death today and Twilight tomorrow. The Ars Draconis line lets me indulge my morbid side a bit. Though, I really have to wonder what I'll say if anyone asks what I'm wearing today. I think I'll wimp out and just give the notes.

Chasing the Dragons

Posted by whiterosepetals, 04 September 2007 · 117 views

The Ars Draconis line has been full of surprises. The first one I tried was a frimp of Dragon's Musk back in June. I didn't think I'd like it since I'm picky about musk, but I love it. Dragon's Blood smells like plumeria, which I was not expecting. Dragon's Milk burned, and since I'm not sensitive to DB, honey, or vanilla,...


Posted by whiterosepetals, 31 August 2007 · 148 views

My 8-17 order should come today!

I ordered three imp packs because things were really stressful. That's a good reason, right?

The first imp pack is 6 Ars Draconis scents: Dragon's Blood, Dragon's Eye, Dragon's Milk, Dragon's Reverie, Dragon's Tears, and Ladon.

I've only tried one AD scent so far and that's Dragon...

More of What I Know Now That I Didn't Know in March

Posted by whiterosepetals, 29 August 2007 · 92 views

9. I shouldn't buy a GC bottle until I've finished the imp.

10. I should try a note before I dismiss it altogether. Just because some people hate _____, that doesn't necessarily mean that I will.

11. For any blend with more than three notes, my skin will usually eat half of them. Most likely the ones I'm really interested in.

12. Just...

Intro to my blog

Posted by whiterosepetals, 28 August 2007 · 110 views


I've been part of this forum since March so it's about time I had a BPAL blog.

I still consider myself a BPAL newbie -- I've only been wearing BPAL for 5 months. I've tried over 100 blends and I'm still exploring what works for me and what doesn't.

What I know now that I didn't know in March:

1. I need to stay away fro...

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