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Winter SwitchWitch My Answers

Posted by SultryWolf, 06 December 2008 · 274 views

Culled from the thread, as of 02 Jan
Languages besides English? How fluent are you?
The language I know best after English is Pharaonic Egyptian Ė canít really say ďspeakĒ because the inflections of the ancient language are, at this point, a best-guess. I had two years of German in college and like to say that meine Grammatik ist gut, aber meine Worterverzeichnis ist Scheiss. Two years of French in high school, which Iíve mostly forgotten. Iíve picked at Arabic and Romanian. Iíd like to study Gaelic, any flavor, but I get the feeling thatís another one thatís tough in self-study. My Old and Middle English are fair, but rusty. Anything about language or linguisitcs gets me excited!
Do you like mythical/fantastical creatures? Which ones?
Iím fond of many: dragons are a big one, centaurs (any half-beast, really), grotesques and gargoyles, werewolves if they count.
Travel guides (like Fodors and Zagat)? For which destinations?
Wow, I love travel guides but canít think of a particular destination to ask for.
Musicals seen (Broadway or otherwise)? Favorites? Why?
Iíve seen, letís see . . . A Chorus Line, Annie, The Lion King, Phantom of the Opera, Sunset Boulevard, SpamALot, Wicked. Iím sure Iím forgetting some.
I donít have a particular passionate favorite. Love splashy productions, but I also love inexpensive or experimental productions, and student productions, too.
Iíve always loved live theater, and Hubby does too, so we go fairly often Ė not always musicals, of course Ė and mean to go even more often then end up missing stuff, darned short runs.
Disney fan?
Hubby and I went to Disneyland every year for a while, on whateverís the last day before people go back to school/work after New Yearís Day Ė thatís statistically the lowest attendance day, so thereís no fighting crowds. Add a threat of rain, and youíre pretty much guaranteed a deserted park! We always have fun, but weíre not obsessed like some folks. Went to Disney World/Epcot once many years ago Ė pre-MGM Ė and that was fun, too. We particularly liked the Animal place, and Pleasure Island.
Usually enjoy the animated films, but, again, not obsessed. Love animated film in general.
Room sprays?
Ah! Iím always interested in room sprays. Only have Cathouse and itís wonderful. Iím not particularly itching for any of the inquisition ones, but would enjoy them if they found their way into my hands.
Magazines, money no object?
Love the magazine format Ė anything in any of my interests (dogs, history, science, nature - !) make fun and inexpensive gifts.
Valerie Anands/Fiona Buckley?
Never heard of her. Always eager to try a recommended author.
Who is your favorite villain of all-time?
There are so many great ones. Rickmanís Sheriff of Nottingham comes to mind (as I see it has for others as well!); for sheer villainy, thereís Rasputin in the Bluth Anastasia.

10 Dec
Favorite animals? Least favorite? I have to say, animals are a big deal to me and I love and respect them all. This list is of the particular favorites! Canids (all of them, but especially dogs and wolves), corvids (all of them, but especially ravens and crows), spiders, Asian elephants, sea turtles, birds of all kinds (not a huge rock dove - "city pigeon" - fan, though), horses, donkeys, goats. Also, see my blog for the list of my Totems. Least favorite: fleas. I just can't come up with any positives there.
How do you feel about Heifer International? Or do you have other favorite charities not mentioned in your application? I love the mission of Heifer International. My other charities are mentioned on my questionnaire.
Tassel/jingle belt? Not a shimmyer, nor much of a belt-wearer.
Three places to visit or re-visit? Re-visit Egypt and England, Visit Turkey.
Literary erotica? Sure.
Chocolate? Not my favorite. I'll eat it, of course. White tends to be too sugary-sweet, but anything from milk to dark to high-cacao is all right. Chocolate that supports rainforest conservation or sustainable living is nice.
What really makes chocolate good is if there's stuff in it! Like nuts or fruits or both! I even liked the chocolate-covered garlic; I really like flavor combinations.

09 Dec
Honey? Love it, any kind! Iíd especially be interested in unusual or craft honeys.
What cartoons did you grow up watching? Any animated shows you still watch? I canít think of anything particular from when I was small Ė Warner Brothers, I guess. Iíll always love animated stuff. From adulthood, Animaniacs and Freakazoid were favorites and I havenít gotten any of the DVDs yet (not that Iíd expect my Witch to get me something so expensive, but if an inexpensive used copy was found Ö ) Love The Simpsons, Family Guy, South Park. Am I forgetting anything? Probably.
Who are your forum friends, person or people your witch can contact for ideas? Gypsy Rose Red and SueDonym know me pretty well. My past Witches Dark Alice and Suileach may have ideas, too!
Chia Pet? Never had one. People mock them, but Iíd be willing to give one a try.
Houseplants/containers? I donít really have good spots inside for plants. The patio is tricky, too, because it gets strong sun in the morning (intensified by the concrete surface), then is shaded all day. Shade plants tend to go ďAaaahhh!Ē from the sun, and partial shade plants donít get enough. We are kind of planning to put a sculpture or rock garden out there.
Baskets/Jars/Other Interesting Containers? Love containers!! Any size, shape, or style would be welcomed with love, filled or empty.
Shoe size/style? Slippers? Size ranges from 9 to 10. I like athleticy shoes, especially Keens and Tevas. Love cork-bed shoes, like Naets (and Birkenstocks, too Ė but they only have the one closed-toe style, and I must wear closed toe and heel at work). I actually have a Zappos list, but I donít maintain it regularly, just when Iím shopping for something particular. My feeties do get chilled when Iím lounging around the house (well, in Winter anyway!) Ė I usually just wear socks, but slippers work too!
BPAL boxes/imp cases? I can always use new bottle or imp storage (must destash one of these days!)
Handmade calligraphy Would be great! Something like this would be nice to hang on the wall.
Fanfic, short or long? Sure. I prefer adventure to romance, though. A pairing Ė any pairing, slash or het, could be thrown in, but not as the meat :) of the story. Harry Potter, Whedonverse, Marvel Universe Ö Iíll try to think of more.
Weirdest and/or most practical thing not buying right now? Cool question, but nothing comes to mind. I keep talking myself out of a GPS unit, then spending that same amount on some other, less useful electronic device.

Culled from the thread, prior to 09 Dec
Love Warm Winter Wearables!
I've never actually tried mittensbut think I prefer gloves. And my hands are fairly large, so cute girly gloves are often too tight.
I've recently become obsessed with arm warmers because they've proved to be a good way to help moderate my temperature - I'm often too warm if I put on a sweater when it's my hands that are cold, for example. Also great for reading in bed when my arms have to be out of the cozy covers. Thing is, I've got seven pairs now, so probably don't really need more *mini-pout* . Not that I'd reject a new pair should my Witch feel compelled! Addition since original answer! I am now thinking that I want a ďbasicĒ pair - such as these - to wear at agility class. It can get pretty cold (20s) but layering is important to avoid overheating when weíre running.
Scarves, scarflets, cowls, hats ... love 'em all, any style!
Cookies: I actually prefer cookies without chocolate. All kinds of nuts and berries are great. Oh, but no coconut as I don't like the texture. I'll bet cashew butter cookies would be wonderful.
Homemade t-shirts: awesome! The more done up the better!
Unusual ornaments, ornaments for holidays other than Christmas: Wonderful! I would love.
Cat hair: Not a huge problem. Hubby is quite allergic, but has been less affected since he went on arthritis meds. A few hairs here and there should be quite all right. Please do not send entire cats.
Handknit socks: Sure! Absolutely any style or variety, keeping to the colors in my questionnaire would be optimal. Ladies nine or ten.
DnD Roleplay stuff: Not a roleplayer.
Hair accessories: As emphasized in my questionnaire, I love them - all types! I always wear my hair back so like to have a variety of decorations.
Hand beaded jewellery: Absolutely.
Tim Tams: I was another who didn't know what these were - for some reason I thought they were pasties.
Thanks to Sorry I Can't Scroll Back Right Now To Get Your Name for describing them. They don't sound like my kind of thing, especially if "fluff" = marshmallow, which has gelatin which I won't eat.
Away from home for a significant period: Nope!
Greatest sadness There's nothing major I'm dealing with, thank goodness. Relationship and loved ones are all well. I get stressed pretty easily, though - between social anxiety and sensory dysfunction, I need a lot of down time, and if I don't get it, Ugh! - so if I need cheering up, that's what it will be from.
Puzzle books Love them - crosswords, any word game puzzles; but not the math or number ones.
Like to cook? Hate it - but mostly it's figuring out what to make that doesn't take a million pots and pans and $$ of ingredients that I don't have on hand (how many times I've bought a whole box of cornstarch, for example, for one dang teaspoon). SO, I wouldn't be averse to some tips or recipes from my Witch to help with those issues. Things that keep or freeze well would be good, too. My dietary deets are in my questionnaire.
Winter Holiday? ] We celebrate Christmas in my family. Maybe someday I'll riff on what the holiday means to me . . .
Other Forums Frequented? Actually, no.

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