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I have quite a bit of experience with divination, and have found it to be particularly accurate for me. I use cards, stones, or huacas (sacred objects).

Archetypes determined by the method described in Caroline Myssís Sacred Contracts; assigned to houses through divination; animals determined through divination.

House 1: Ego & Personality
Archetype: Shapeshifter
Animal: Swan

House 2: Life Values
Archetype: Messiah
Animal: Wolf

House 3: Self-expression
Archetype: Monk
Animal: Dog

House 4: Home
Archetype: Victim
Animal: Hummingbird

House 5: Creativity & Good Fortune
Archetype: Hermit
Animal: Salmon

House 6: Occupation & Health
Archetype: Prostitute
Animal : Owl

House 7: Marriage & Relationships
Archetype: Saboteur
Animal: Turkey

House 8: Other Peopleís Resources
Archetype: Student
Animal: Raven

House 9: Spirituality
Archetype: Nature Child
Animal: Turtle

House 10: Highest Potential
Archetype: Knight
Animal: Elk

House 11: Relationship to the World
Archetype: Judge
Animal: Prairie Dog

House 12: The Unconscious
Archetype: Scientist
Animal: Jaguar

Animal Totems (David Carson method)
Determined through divination, borne out in meditation and life experience.

East: guide to oneís greates spiritualchallenge and guardian to oneís path to illumiatnation.
Otter (Woman Medicine)

South: protector of the child within; reminder of when to be humble and when to trust; balancer of innocence in oneís personality.
Turtle (Mother Earth)

West: leader to oneís personal truth and inner answers and guide to oneís path to oneís goals.
Butterfly (Transformation)

North: giver of wise counsel; reminder of when to speak and when to listen; reminder to be grateful for everyday blessings.
Raven (Magic)

Above: teacher in how to honor the Great Star Nation; reminder that one came from the stars and to the stars will return; guardian of the dreamtime.
Horse (Power)

Below: teacher about the Inner Earth and how to stay grounded and on the Path.
Skunk (Reputation)

Within: teacher of finding oneís heartís joy and being faithful to oneís personal truths; protetor of oneís sacred space.
Wolf (Teacher)

Right Side: protector of oneís male side; center of oneís courage and warrior spirit.
Crow (Law)

Left Side: protector of oneís female side
Dog (Loyalty)

There are, of course, other Power Animals and Omen Animals in my life! Spider, Hawk, and Phoebe come to mind.

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