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Posted by SultryWolf, 23 December 2013 · 327 views

Apologies for the wall o' text - maybe I'll make it more reader friendly someday; but for now, see also my ScentBase

Ranking system: 1 don't like; 2 like; 3 love

Ranked 3

#20 Love Oil, Abhiskara, Aeval, Ahathoor, Annabel Lee, Anne Bonny, Antonio the Carny Talker, Anubis, Arkham (original LE), Arkham Revisited, Arkham (GC version), The Ar...

Art Swap #4 Questions List

Posted by SultryWolf, in Circular Swaps 06 February 2012 · 278 views

As of 06 Feb:
What is your favorite fairy tale, persona, or motif? What imagery does the story/person/thing evoke for you? Do you like or hate how it was handled by a movie or show? How about illustrations and pictures on the subject? Any you are particularly in love with?
How are you with ethically sourced (read: found in the woods on the ground, on the...

Huacas, Part II

Posted by SultryWolf, in Mystic 07 September 2010 · 178 views
Silk scarf:
Used as a base cloth for power circle arrangements, often in group journeying. Having one's huacas at hand during journeying offers protection as well as focusing power and capturing new energies gained during the journey.

Spiny Dogfish Spine, what I often call my most priz...

LJ Concordance for Weenie2010 SwitchWitch!

Posted by SultryWolf, in SwitchWitch 07 September 2010 · 305 views
Forumname::LJ Name::Twitter Name

I'm pretty much never on Twitter, but friends me if you like!



"I generally only add people who update regularly and substantively."

Please comment or mes...

WeenieSW2010 Questions Answers!

Posted by SultryWolf, in SwitchWitch 07 September 2010 · 387 views
As of 23 September
Garlic? Yeah, I love the stuff. Had garlic wine (like a light white with a garlic finish) and chocolate-covered garlic (wonderful contrast!) at Gilroy ... on my honeymoon almost 22 years ago!
As long as there's enough for both of us, so that Hubs isn't horrified by my stenchy proximity (it's never bothered me in h...

A Bit of an FIL Rant

Posted by SultryWolf, in Rants 16 June 2010 · 254 views
A bit more detail arising from a 16June2010 post in GUSP , which began
I'll link the email here, if I can find it; I tend to delete stuff from him unopened, unless it has Cute Dog in subject line. That strategy even failed me once. :wub2:

FIL's politics are those of the far-right extremist*, while S. is liberal. (I'm fairly moderate, sin...

Villainess Smack! Ideas

Posted by SultryWolf, 21 October 2009 · 207 views
Pomegranate Fig + Incense + Coconut Milk
- got. Lovely, but not perfect; incense too sweet - try Red Woods?

Vanilla Bean + Red Woods
- got. Marvelous!

Vanilla Bean + Red Woods + Honey Nut

Sugared Roses + Lei Flowers
- didn't get before Lei Flowers was discontinued. ah, well.

Sugared Roses + Coconut Milk
- got. Wonderful!

Prayer Box

Posted by SultryWolf, in Mystic 26 September 2009 · 345 views
Prayer box:
The box itself is carved with Inuit traditional whale designs. I got it in Alaska but it was made in Canada. A prayer box is used for continuous transmission of positive energies. A slip of paper with a name is put into the box with the two engraved quartz stones. I've go...

Huacas, Part I

Posted by SultryWolf, in Mystic 26 September 2009 · 126 views
Huacas is the term for one's collection of sacred objects in the shamanic tradition of Ecuador. They are used in journeying (meditation), for intent rituals, or for divination. They live together in a bag to absorb eachother's power and so that their power needs to be recharged less often.
Because I mention my huacas every once in a while on t...

NA Wishlist

Posted by SultryWolf, in Lists 03 September 2009 · 247 views
lists, NA
Current through Apr2009
Wanted (FEx)
Nokturne: Carnelian
Nokturne: Ember
Amber 23
Amber 46
Nokturne: Amethyst
Nokturne: Crimson
Nokturne: Crystal
Nokturne: Diamond
Shadow of Anubis
The Underworld

Wanted (LE)
Blue Lotus Ankh
Eye of Horus
GOLD: Crook and Flail
Heart of Anubis
The Guardian
The Netherworlds
Vampire Phar...

eLiner Notes for SultryWolf’s “Essence of You” CD

Posted by SultryWolf, 07 February 2009 · 146 views
Track 1: Yakety Sax (a.k.a. The Benny Hill Chase Theme) Artist: Boots Randolph
This track represents my goofy side, which is fairly prominent. I often hear the theme running through my head as I'm doing one thing or another. Embrace fun!

Track 2: Take Me Down To The Infirmary Artist: Cracker
I cite Cracker as my favorite band (though Murder...

Winter SwitchWitch My Answers

Posted by SultryWolf, 06 December 2008 · 267 views
Culled from the thread, as of 02 Jan
Languages besides English? How fluent are you?
The language I know best after English is Pharaonic Egyptian – can’t really say “speak” because the inflections of the ancient language are, at this point, a best-guess. I had two years of German in college and like to say that meine Grammatik ist gut, aber meine Worter...

'Weenie08 SW Random Q Answers

Posted by SultryWolf, 05 September 2008 · 253 views
Hey, I’m just gonna skip any questions which I don’t find relevant (meaning they’d give no useful info to a Witch one way or the other) and anything that I feel was adequately covered elsewhere. Do feel free to ask if I’ve left out something that you would like to know!

Happy to get stuff from etailers I haven’t mentioned (assuming that it otherwise...

What BPAL I Have!

Posted by SultryWolf, in Lists 16 August 2008 · 444 views
lists, BPAL
Replaced by new entry Dec 2013; keeping this one for hyperlinks to reviews. Please also seemy ScentBase Profile

Click a bolded name to see my review
Ranking system: 1 don't like; 2 like; 3 love
*denotes bottle
sn denotes sniffie only

#20 Love Oil, 13(Oct 2006) (*LE;3)

Abhisarika (LE;3) Absinthe (1), Aelopile, Aeval, Agape, The Agony of Long...

My BPAL Maybes

Posted by SultryWolf, in Lists 16 August 2008 · 315 views
BPAL, lists
These scents are “Maybes”. I’m intrigued by them, haven’t ruled them out, but for one reason or another, they haven’t made it onto the Must-Try list.
I've combined GC and LE/discontinued; hope that's not too confusing.
Updated June 2010!

Area 51
The Aurora Spaceship Takes A Dive, Menacing Ionospheric Research Instrument, The Montauk Project...

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