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Moar ketchup.

Posted by Elliemental, 29 October 2012 · 135 views

Any small things you need? I'm always in need of little notpads/post its. Always in need of pens. I could really use a measuring spoon or measuring cup set!!! :)

Do you like knitwear?
I really, really do! Anything jewel-toned will make me super happy!

Nail polish, yay or nay? What colors if yay? I looove nailpolish! I've been gravitating towards darker fall/winter colors or metallic colors from the gold/bronze family. I would LOVE a super metallic gold!

Would you like hand dyed things, particularly scarves? What colors are you most interested in?
YESSSSSSSSSSSSS!!! :D And my favorite colors are deep cobalt blues and vibrant purples, blues, or greens. And also I like red. :P (I love color in general!)

If you like card games (ones that use things other than regular playing cards), what kinds do you want/need? I don't really have any. I am not adverse to this idea. ;) Just make sure the rules are included!

As most of you know, I am the forum dealer for wild rice, maple syrup and red sauce, would you like to receive any and or all of these in your package? Yes on everything! But especially rice. I'm a rice fiend. ;)

Is there anything you might like from Bath & Body Works? Candles, lotions, shower gels and the like? I was in love with Orange Sapphire and it got the axe so I went for Into the Wild which was seasonal. :P Can't really go wrong with them!

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