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BPAL Madness!

All Hallows Chaos: Pumpkin Spice Hair Gloss

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Variety is the very spice of life, That gives it all its flavor.


― William Cowper, 1785

Forget about the War on Christmas the years most contentious seasonal battle is actually waged over this inescapable melange of palate-massaging flavors. Weve got the formula down pat, and invite you to join us in a mad-science experiment: Just how far can we bend it before it breaks?

When I sniffed in the bottle, I thought "ehhh, probably a no". But after letting it settle a few and spraying it in my hair, I'm in love. Pumpkin spice of course, but subdued by what I think is a pine/spruce note, gingerbread and champaca. Heady and perfect for the season! Crazy how random mashings of notes can turn out so gorgeous. I would never have purchased a scent with all those note together, but would be missing out by not!
Definitely going to "spin again" and order another!

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#9 decant

My impression is of a lightly spiced apple cider. No overpowering spices here! Nice, work appropriate.


#10 decant

Red roses, front & centre. Strong, deep, slightly fruity, regal - wear to make a statement. Any spices are overwhelmed by the rose. Probably not work friendly, but glorious if roses are your thing! 


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#12 decant

Sweet cinnamon (not red hots), honey, bit of pastry & a hint of lemon. Reminds me of baklava though there's no nut note. Mmm!

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