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BPAL Madness!

Funerary Papyri

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Lilith was incredibly disappointed that she wasnt allowed to touch the Egyptian funerary texts at the British Museum.

Myrrh and papyrus reed with a smear of vanilla cream frosting.


In bottle: Sweet resin.  The vanilla cream is strong and sugary and surprisingly well suited to myrrh and papyrus.  I was not expecting it to be nearly this foody, but it really works.  Wet: The reediness of the papyrus comes out more on the skin and the myrrh warms on the skin, while the vanilla cream softens.  given a few minutes ad the resin wins dominence with the papyrus support.  The foody elements really do sweetens and soften, but step into the background to let the other elements shine.  Dry: Sexy resin.

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