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Banana Cream Pie Atmosphere Spray

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If you want to live in a scrumptious bakery kitchen, this is the atmosphere spray that will deliver it!

I sprayed this and was instantly transported to an old coffee shop of my childhood, where luscious pies reposed in old-style pie safes of dark wood with screened fronts---where they baked the pies in the back, every day, so you always had a scent of pie in the air. And of course, one of their specialties was banana cream pie. No chilly pie there, no it was often body-warm and topped with fresh whipped cream right before serving. It's still my gold standard of banana cream pie, and this atmosphere spray captures it perfectly!

The banana is really noticeable when you first spray this. Really banana, like baked bananas, and there is definitely a creamy undertone. And behind it all is the scent of warm graham crackers. The Trading Post has really nailed the scent of freshly-made banana cream pie. My husband came into the bedroom, where I had spritzed it, and thought there must be real baked goods present.

Over the next couple hours, the banana starts to drop out, but the creamy note remains, along with the strong scent of graham crackers. It definitely has a bakery smell, and is very yummy. And talk about lasting power! The next day, you could still smell baked goods! It wasn't distinctly anything at that point, but definitely the smell of a good bakery, full of sweet treats, vaguely lingering. Dear Husband was disappointed that I hadn't been baking, again. But isn't having your home smelling like a bakery the next best thing?

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