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BPAL Madness!
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Alistair miles

Formula 312

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This one’s for the boys. An attraction oil for men geared towards stoking lust, magnetizing money, and bolstering good fortune.

Wow I used this for a bit of fun with the so and dang does it work. Plus I got a new job. But back to the sexy times whoa did we have enthusiasm for hours. Dang! I only used it in a quick and simple sensuality ritual but whoa.

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I may add to this review at a later date, but I've been using Formula 312 for months now and am VERY glad I tried it. I now have two bottles - the second was worth buying because I knew I didn't want to run out. :)


Scent Review:


The scent reminds me of spicy old-fashioned root beer, especially when first applied, and I wear it for the scent as much as anything else. I like smelling it and often layer F 312 over other TALs that don't smell as wonderful and unique. It's different and stands out, and two different bisexual guys have reacted well to it.




Formula 312 is handy for a variety of different practical and ritual uses. I've worn it with Blinding Glory of Love on numerous occasions and have been very satisfied with what occurred and how I felt the oil helped me. BGOL and F 312 are my go-to confidence booster TALs - I apply them when I want to put my best foot forward in a social situation and bring out my natural charisma. I don't flirt, but I like to feel confident and attractive in a healthy way. F 312 is great for that and anointing myself with BGOL and F 312, and especially F 312, is now an important part of getting ready for any outing that is important to me.


Note: I may update this review when I have used F 312 in more candle rituals. I've only done a few candle rituals with this oil (and usually with several other TALs), and don't feel I've used it enough in ritual to comment on that yet.

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