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Forum Administrator Lineup

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As many of you already know, Shriekingviolet is on hiatus from the forum, and is likely to be for some time before things will settle down. She is regularly checking in with Quantum Spice while she is away, but for now she is unable to receive PMs or emails from the forum.


Going forward, I will be the Admin team's point person for forum customer service. PMs regarding point redemption, name changes, and other general administrative issues should be sent to me from now on. I am based in Europe most of the year, so please be patient with regard to response times; my 'hours of operation' generally do not line up with the North American business day!


Quantum Spice is still around and handling all of our behind-the-scenes tech stuff, but (as many of you also know) the workload involving that same 'tech stuff' has increased hugely lately, so we are trying to take some of the pressure off of her so she can have an actual life outside of the forums. :P Of course, if something comes up that requires either SV or QS's opinion/action, I will pass it along to them to deal with ASAP.



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