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  1. isabella


    dollar store dryer sheets in "fresh air" or "clean linen"...I hate to say that i couldnt wait to get it off and away from me...it gave me quite a headache.
  2. isabella

    Monster Bait: Tokyo Stomp

    LMAO...my kid asked me if i ate all of her Thin Mints!!!!!!
  3. isabella


    wow this is ALL black pepper in the imp.....its so spicy i almost sneeze and my eyes water.... on, its very strong at first and i can now smell the ginger and something like incense. eventually it calms down to a spicy incense but OH BOY was that a ride.
  4. isabella

    Milk Moon 2005

    holy hell this is all cream and honey...its so sweet and almost cloying...but its goooood. It is totally a mother/child scent...itd be LOVELY as a wash or bubble bath...maybe even shampoo.....
  5. isabella

    Mme. Moriarty, Misfortune Teller (2006)

    mmmmm i LOVE this. its deep, rich, picy sensual... I cant WAIT to wear this to the Gypsy encampment...im doing Tarot readings there.....mmmmmm.
  6. isabella

    Arachnina, The Spider Girl (2006)

    oy gods...a headache inducing strong, cheap handsoap. but i wait it out.... now...its a faint, cheap handsoap. me thinks lilies and i are not the best of partners....
  7. isabella

    Blood Countess

    At first, this was all dark dark red wine on me...like Id spilled a glass of it upon myself. It was so dark, and so rich that my mouth watered involuntarily, even though I rarely drink wine. Now, after a bit...its still very red and juicy...but I can get the berry'/fruit thing now. Im kinda glad it calmed down a bit...i dont wanna smell like a sloppy lush lol. Its very pretty and I love it...just have to get through the first 5 minutes.
  8. isabella

    Faiza, the Black Mamba (2006)

    I put Faiza upon my wrist about 20 minutes ago. About 30 seconds after doing so, my heart almost stopped. I actually began to panic a bit, and realized it was something in the notes that was throwing me into a PTSD downward spiral. So, I grabbed my blanket and tried to rub my own skin off to get the scent off of me.... then, as suddenly as it happened...the scent that triggered such a tortured response fro me was gone...in its place was a soft, vaguely spicy, vaguely vanilla-y, light floral. It also seems to have the same sugared resiny note that I like in Snake oil, Dorian and Smut. Its actually really pretty. So...I dunno if im gonna keep this, even though I have another imp of it coming in another swap....I think ill give it another try later, now that I know what kind of reaction I may have.
  9. isabella


    maybe im just wierd....but the only thing i got was flat Dr. Pepper. Warm flat Dr. Pepper.....it clung real close to my skin, and didnt have much throw. swap pile, methinks.
  10. isabella


    this reminds me of an empty church but the candles and incense are still burning
  11. isabella


    Beautiful! Lust is very feminine, long lasting and reminds me a little of Siren
  12. isabella


    aquatic minty bubblegum astringent...?
  13. isabella


    its dark earth but kinda sweetly astringent cuz of the juniper
  14. isabella


    spiced earth and deep dark roses...oh this is lovely
  15. isabella


    very dusty and dry...too dry.
  16. isabella


    ooooo this is like sitting outside in late spring after the sun has gone...its beautiful and reminds me of home.
  17. isabella


    boquets and bouquets of flowers....strong flowres....overpoweringly so.
  18. isabella


    white floweres and astringent. like a facial wash i used once.
  19. isabella


    holy violet batman! thats all....just violets....strong violets.
  20. isabella

    Jazz Funeral

    lol this smells the cemetery on a nice warm, humid veterans day.
  21. isabella


    dark smoky floral in the imp....on my skin its very light. very pretty
  22. isabella


    mmm i love the amber in this.....its sweet yet dark. makes ppl turn heads for sure
  23. isabella


    ths, strangely enuff, smelled like candied oranges dropped int he dirt. its intersting....wish i could et some more of the notes.
  24. isabella

    What BPAL would this fictional character wear?

    Have character and scene scents or scents based on the songs themselves. Just a thought....
  25. isabella

    Penny Dreadful

    this reminds me of Nosferatu, but instead of wine and roses, it has some kind of drug store perfume spilled on it. its nice but not me.