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  1. isabella


    spicy smoky incensy. its nice but not as nice as i thought.
  2. isabella


    spicy rose....a little too much patchouli in mine. almost reminded me of a spicy Zombi
  3. isabella

    La Bella Donna Della Mia Mente

    ohhhhh myyyy god! i love love love this.... its a deep rose/pomegranate with dusky autumn scents...its so beautifula nd i dont like rose usually!
  4. isabella

    Antique Lace

    i get no flowers, or old prefume....i get wonderful light, deep aged vanilla and linens...this is one of my favorites.
  5. isabella


    started off as a deep smoky vanilla musky patchouli scent, then washed out later to a lime coconut that rteminded me a bit of sunsceen...dark sunescreen, but still sunscreen.
  6. isabella


    chocolate in a hope chest!!!! it smells kinda warm and comforting. im not gonna get more, but ill keep this imp.
  7. isabella

    Sudha Segara

    i really thought i would love this since i love the milk & honey scents...but this seeme off on me. it kinda reminded me of a bowl of cold oatmeal with milk and butter on it thats been sitting ont he table all morning.
  8. isabella


    very springy floral. alot like walking in a very white garden.
  9. isabella


    lemon pledge..clean, but i dont like smelling like ive been cleaning
  10. isabella


    very rose.....very floral. like those lil rose molded hand soaps from france.
  11. isabella


    lemon scented liquid dish soap....or glass cleaner....
  12. isabella


    very lemon....then dries down to florals. its rather strong and the jasmine hates me
  13. isabella


    like an herb closet lol. it smells comforting to me.
  14. isabella

    Black Opal

    dusty gold vanilla....almost amberish to me. it very nice.
  15. isabella

    The Coiled Serpent

    patchouli incense....better in burner than on me
  16. isabella

    Blood Pearl

    smelled too much like sunscreen for me....
  17. isabella

    Dana O'Shee

    must...have...more... must...have...more... must...have...more...
  18. isabella


    ooo so earthy... reminds me of laying don in the cemetery and feeling the ground grow colder under me as the sun fades away... i like.
  19. isabella

    Belle Époque

    very light florally vanilla sandalwoody goodness....it is very pretty
  20. isabella


    powdery amber incense, pretty but not me.
  21. isabella


    started out very fruity and beautiful then turned into fruity flavored dryer sheet....off to swap.
  22. isabella


    um.... well, im gonna say it was the champagne note cuz it hates me as a rule. but it kinda reminded me of glass cleaner......
  23. isabella


    o god this is devine! smoked cranberries, spice and lovely sexiness.
  24. isabella

    Mata Hari

    spicy, rich mahogany, with coffee. it intereting buut developed a bitter burnt smell on me.
  25. isabella

    The Hesperides

    golden apples..not the icky sour apple kind. a light almost late summer scent. i love this.