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    Novel Ideas for Secret Amusements

    Polished tortoiseshell, ivory, and mahogany gleaming with amber cream. The notes in this one sold me instantly, it sounded expensive and definitely poked at my curiosity with notes like Tortoiseshell and Ivory. Fresh from the mail today, it does not disappoint! Its stunning and beautiful and definitely has that expensive polished mahogany ballroom vibe. It's more "feminine" than I had anticipated which was a pleasant surprise. There's a lovely creamy sweetness bursting from it that I would attribute to both a beautiful Amber Cream note and what I'm guessing to be the Ivory. The Ivory immediately reminds me of Signiour Dildo, this may be Narcissus? It has a sweet light floral quality that sings over a rich polished wood base. It's so goooood. Signiour Dildo's older richer finer aristocratic cousin at a Ball. Heaven.
  2. Christoffel Pierson Polished mahogany, copal resin, Java sandalwood, teakwood, and Sumatran patchouli. Mmmmmmm... This might be the one... The one I've been searching for. Do not let the name fool you, this is the scent of a grown man. Smooth, dark, devastatingly beautiful. High Lord of the Night Court? This is his skin. I love me a gloriously androgynous perfume, and this one is dangerous. A slinky pool of darkest silk on inky polished floors. Well blended, with that silky smooth patch leading, or is it the deep polished woods giving the patchouli such a dark silky gleam? I couldn't say. But it's good. The throw is pretty small on me, but that makes it all the more devilish. A scent to make my hetero fiance question why the 'masculine' scent he's huffing on my wrist is pulling him closer for more. A scent to cause confusion from every straight girl within arms length, "I smell hot guy."... ITS ME, but I am no man. A unisex power scent for all the Darklings.
  3. MourningVeil

    The Virgin and the Unicorn

    This blend reads as pale, dewy, and sparkling. Both in the bottle and on skin a pale green misted moss leads the way, followed second by white pear, sparkling, tart, and very virgin, too unripe to eat. I agree with Casablanca, this pear positively glistens, and lends to an overall feel of a beautifully chic and ethereal perfume. If rose is there, it is of the palest white, an unbloomed bud in the backdrop, contributing to the white veil of this scent alongside a soft, sheer incense. The vanilla eludes me, and never in its wear-time (several hours on me, with low medium throw) do detect it, but I enjoy this scent much the same, and can see myself reaching for it often for those elegant, innocent days, especially come next Spring. *edited for spelling error, ehhhhh