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    The Queen's Salon

    Okay, so I'm terrible at picking out notes but I had to review this since it's such a lovely unexpected perfume. In the bottle: light, slightly fruity with a layer of spicey floral. Wet: more floral, less fruity, very elegant, not too strong or heavy, but the spiciness is still there. I feel like I should be wearing this to a fancy dinner party or a charity event. Drydown: the dreaded powder. It's not as powdery as some for me, and since pretty much everything turns to powder on me, it's better than most. All in all, it's not something I'll wear every day, but I most definitely will break it out when I want to feel elegant and fancy!
  2. I did a search of this topic but didn't find anything specific regarding Lush's Black Pearl bath bomb. Is there any Bpal scent that is either similar to this or would go well with it? I'm terrible at discerning specific scents so I can't pinpoint what ingredients are in it to look for similar ones.