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  1. I love love love the spreadsheet - thank you, hackess!


    I have a truly dumb question, though. Is there anything about it that would make Google Docs barf? I'm not normally a total computer moron, but despite my efforts and those of every geek in my house, I can't get my copy of the spreadsheet to go up on Google Docs. As far as I can tell, it doesn't violate any of the Google Docs requirements for spreadsheets, but I could have missed something, I guess. Has anyone successfully stuck their copy of it up there? I'd like to be able to work on it from wherever.


    Thanks muchly.

  2. I wore Purple Phoenix on Christmas, because I'd just gotten it in the mail on the 23rd. Unfortunately, I could barely smell it, in or out of the bottle. It seems nice enough, when I catch a whiff.


    New Year's will be either Snow Moon or Tulzscha, and will be spent atop a snowy mountain with the Rock Star. :P