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    Category: Sin & Salvation SIN: Thoroughly corrupted: amber, sandalwood, black patchouli and cinnamon. Wet and from the bottle: This is definately a dry sandalwood scent! On skin 1 hour later: The strong sandalwood has softened around the edges to a spicy warm sandalwood scent with just a hint of powder (possibly the amber?) On skin 3 hours later: Love it love it love it, the entire scent has morphed into a beautiful warm but dry scent where I can't entirely pick out the notes individually. On skin 5 hours later: just a trace of a delicious aroma is left, I need to reapply. This is a beautiful sexy adult scent. It is very very dry, not a trace of sweetness to it, and I like it like that! It could be unisex, but it is definitely feminine enough for me (although I am not a floral girl). It is a sophisticated scent that demands that you wear your makeup and heels. For some reason, browsing the reviews, I got it into my head that BPAL only did sweet scents, but I was wrong. This is as dry a sandalwood based scent as I have ever smelled and it is just beautifully done. If you like sandalwood, I highly recommend this scent.
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    Devilishly playful: white peach, amber, golden musk and patchouli. Wet: This is the scent of peaches in the height of summer, when you bite into a peach and juice dribbles down your chin. Dry: Still sweet, but now the amber, patchouli and musk are coming through. Its a very nice dry-down in my opinion. Thoughts: This was too sweet for my tastes, although if you like fruit and sweet scents this is very nicely done. I will continue to wear my imp's ear when I am in the mood for something sweet and summery, but I doubt I will by a bottle.
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    Feminine sexuality in its rawest form. Palmarosa, red sandalwood, attar of rose, patchouli. Initial impression: very rosy and perfumy Drydown thoughts: I like it, the incensy patchouli and sandalwood come out and the rose calms down. I don't know what palmarosa smells like so I cant say if I can smell it or not, but this is a very nice really well blended and balanced drydown. I will definately continue to wear this one. Also, I layered this one with Haunted the other day and it was also quite lovely.
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    LAUDANUM: The essence of the most debauched hunger encapsulated into a perfume. Desire beyond love, anguish beyond sanity. Nutmeg, sassafras, black poppy and myrrh. Wet- this smelled vaguely medicinal, sort of a herby-sweet medicinal smell, not offensive, but not terribly enticing. O.k., it smells like you would expect something named laudanum to smell like. Dry 1 hr later- I think I smell somewhat like a spice cookie. Not a bad thing as I love spice cookies, but I'm not a big foody scent fan. Dry 3 hrs later- This I like, the scent has morphed yet again, now I smell yummy spices, warmth, sweetness and floral. Its intoxicatingly good! Its really hard to pick apart the scent as it now seems to be a part of me. This is really an interesting scent. I can see where the name came from. Its medicinal, good for you, luring you in with an innocent sweetness. What could possibly be bad about something that smells like cookies? Then the scent turns into something else entirely and drugs you with a delicious, beautiful scent entirely unlike what you thought you were going to get. The drydown is, to my nose, addictive.
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    Dry white sandalwood wrapped in thin woods, soft grasses and the lightest white flowers layered over cajeput and the warm, deep scent of embalming herbs. In the bottle this smelled light, soft, and warm. I just barely detected an herbal floral scent wafting around on top of something woody. Wearing I initially smelled the sandalwood and some green herby scent quite strongly, but it calmed down after about 10-20 minutes into a very calm, quiet scent. On me, the drydown is very cohesive in that I can no longer pull out the individual elements. The floral and herbal and green (grass I guess) scents are soft and light rounding out the warm woody base. I find this to be very calming, centering, and quiet scent. It feels like the season is right now, transitioning into spring, but not having reached the full explosion of the colors of spring. I like it and expect I will wear it often during these start of spring days. If I can come up with a more descriptive review I will edit, but my initial impression is that this is a meditative and light scent.
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    Serpent's Kiss

    Seething with passion, yet utterly cold-blooded. Dragon's blood, vetivert and spice. In the imp's ear: smells bitter and sharply herbal almost like juniper. Wearing: Hmm, I am not particularly fond of herbal smells, it must be the vetivert (I have no idea what this is or what it smells like). Despite my preferences, I can see where the name came from, this smells green and slithery with somthing sort of warm sweet/spicy behind it (like a kiss ). Beyond that, its tough to describe this, I smell like a warmed herb that once crushed has a sweet spicy flavor. Not my cuppa tea, but I am sure others will adore it.
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    A measure of randomness and chaos; the perfect distillate of decay, death, and dissolution. Blood red patchouli saturated with black poppy, civet and a hint of rose. In the imp's ear: this smelled gingery spicy with an herbal or earthy kick. Wet: I smell the rose and poppy strongly, but the patchouli kicks in pretty quickly. Dry: This is a really unusual scent. When I initially sniff my wrist there is something in it that makes me nervous. That kind of heart beating quickly nervous when you are overwhelmed by the sheer amount of stuff you have to do or when you need to make order from pure chaos. From a distance the civet seems to be really strong, beyond strong, I keep wondering if I forgot my deodarant today. This is weird in that usually civet is just a slightly stronger musk smell on me. I don't know if its just because its my time of month (sorry if TMI), or if this civet is just strong enough to beat me upside my head with! Up close when I sniff my wrist the poppy is stronger than the rose with the patchouli acting as a base. I don't understand why I am not in love with this. I love each of its elements, and usually they work quite well with my chemistry. I love the name, in fact Mr. Sirensong's pet name for me is Entropy, because his life was well ordered until I entered the picture, and now everywhere I go and everything I do seems to entail a legacy of chaos (although that might also have something to do with my 3 y.o. kid!) Overall, I still love the rose/poppy/patchouli combo, but the civet is making me a little reticent to leave the house with this scent on. I am actually going to rub a washcloth over my wrist to try to tone it down before I go out. I am going to have to try this again later in the month and see if it still has that dirty sweaty thing to it or if it was just my chemistry right now. This is different and if you can wear civet, try an imp's ear of this, it could be quite haunting, or it could be just sorta dirty.
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    This is a gorgeous summer scent. Its a crisp, clear watery clean scent. It starts out green leaves and lightly scented daffodils, and then melds into a clean watery scent. Its refreshing and light and perfect for when the temperatures soar and you don't want to wear something heavy and resiny. I also highly recommend this one for when you are sensitive to scent, I'm pregnant and its not too much or too strong for me to wear, and most things are now-a-days.
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    Preview of the June 1st Update

    Mmm! I can't wait, oh dear, I have 24 imps I must try. Oooh my pocketbook is screaming!
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    Blackrayne and Black Phoenix Collide: SOAPS

    My vote is for : O & Old Morocco & Dragon's Heart
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    In the imp this is a big red floral, but applied to me its a light summer floral. Its definately floral but its not a big lush red scent on, its more of a sparkly bright floral.
  12. Can I add Old Morrocco, Vixen & Dragon's Heart?
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    This is good stuff! Its a refreshing lemon-floral with a patchouli base that is complex yet light. I like it a lot and will continue to wear it while the weather is getting warmer and warmer. My only complaint is that it fades rather quickly compared to the other oils I wear, however, reapplying is not such a chore when it smells so nice.
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    This is warm honey being dripped on a naked body by someone you love or at least lust after. It reminds me of that scene in 9 and 1/2 weeks where that guy blindfolds Kim Basinger's character and feeds her food and drips honey on her mouth and tongue. Its sexy, its intimate. Can you tell that I like it?
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    Since I seem to need to reiterate it...

    I guess the good news is you are getting tons of orders, and as for the wait, well so we wait. Its well worth the wait, even for more than a month. No problemo here.
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    Site update in progress. Good & bad news.

    Yay for the site update and Yay for the new oils. None of the "bad news" is really bad, I for one have no problem with the price increases, as long as we can continue ordering and you can continue creating new oils I am a very happy gal.
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    Hmm..... From the imp's ear I smell spearmint. Wet and on my wrists I smell spearmint. Once it dries down I smell ...... spearmint with something else. I don't get lavender from the scent, just spearmint and something that gives it a sweet juicy edge. This is not a good scent for me, but it is minty fresh!
  18. Hmm for me Vixen & Old Morrocco inspire very frisky reactions in Mr. Sirensong. My friends seem to universally like Sin.
  19. sirensongsouth

    Bat's Blood

    I have to admit I was really hesitant to try this one out. From the imp it smells really herbal/piney to me. It kinda scared me. After reading trystrid's review I gathered up the nerve to wear it. As soon as it hit my skin the herby piney thing went away and was replaced by a sweet sugary smell, as soon as that dried down I actually did get a sweet floral scent. It probably was violets because that is the only floral that seems to gain in strength from the time I apply it. It started nice and mellow and grew to a big roaring floral sweet violet. So much so that mr. sirensong came in from gardening and asked me why I sprayed some room spray in the house. I don't have and don't use room sprays! I explained I was testing out a new scent and asked what he thought. He said "Its not you." I agree. For some reason, violets and me just don't agree. It would be lovely though if florals are your thing.
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    When I put this on all I smell is ripe juicy sweet plums. After about a half an hour it tones down into a ripe plummy, grapy, fruity scent with a slight winey background. After a little more time I can finally smell the amaretto coming out. Its still sweet, but now its more well rounded and not so in your face fruity. I actually like this one. I am not a fruit or foody scent fan, but this is nice once it dries down. Its bright but not aggressive, quite nice.
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    Wet I was reminded of some european herbal flavored candy, can't think of what right now, but something I tried a while back. Dry, it was almondy before becoming a softly sweet-n-spicy kind of scent. Nice, and I am sure I will use up my imp, but I don't love it as much as some of the others.
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    Ok, feeling human again.

    Yay! I hope you keep feeling better and stronger and that the world has realligned to go your way.
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    Dragon's Heart

    This is amazing! It is warm and sinuous with real strength to it (strength like backbone not strength like overpowering). I cannot break it apart into its component parts. It makes you feel confident and strong. I love it. I usually tend towards spicy scents yet this has nothing in it that is spicy but it still strikes that warm and unusual nonflowery scent that I adore!
  24. My faves for hot night out would be Vixen, Debauchery, Sin, & Old Morocco.
  25. sirensongsouth


    Wow, we are all over the spectrum here with this scent. I am closer to Antimony's review. To me this was a soft floral with the orange blossom providing a greenish note/tinge to the scent. It was a watery green floral. Like being by a lily pond with an orange tree and some other floral stuff on its banks. Nice in a subtle innocent way. This stayed very close to my body and was quite light and innocuous on me. Nice, but I don't love it as I do some of the other new scents. This looks to be a try it first scent as other reviews differ dramatically.