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  1. The scent of Ligeia reborn: black tea leaf fougere with black sandalwood, opalescent vanilla, osmanthus, 18-year aged Indonesian patchouli, and the suggestion of ancient incense smoke. This. Is. Magnificent. I will try my best to do it some justice. This is deep dark patchouli with the roundest, most gorgeous vanilla I've ever encountered. It's rich and thick like pudding, I could feel it in my mouth. I know that sounds odd, but I swear it's true. I don't know if it's the fougere or the osmanthus adding a type of floral sweetness to the mix but it's a lovely addition. I've read several reviews alluding to an overwhelming anise note. I don't get that really. It's more of an insinuation. I actually think it's from the blackness of the patchouli mixed with the sweeter elements. Very evocative of its inspiration. This perfume is simply a beautiful revelation. I'm in love. It is just that damned good.
  2. Jennifurious

    Dead Leaves, Frankincense, and Copal

    I like this a lot. A LOT. It smells golden, like the actual color gold. I get a goodly amount of leaves and they aren't cologne-y or nose tickling. They are dry, dry yellow leaves and the copal is like sunlight hitting them. I find copal to be so lovely and hard to describe. I was worried that the frankincense would dominate this blend (I think it is myrrh that actually runs amok on me since the two are like peas and carrots *Forrest Gump voice*) but it takes a backseat here and does this FABULOUS fir-like thing on the drydown. So for me this is like a walk in the woods on the last sunny day of Autumn. The crunch of leaves. A hint of something that could be faraway smoke but better. And pine needles underfoot. Very evocative of the season.
  3. Jennifurious

    Départ Pour Le Sabbat (Aufbruch Zum Hexensabbat)

    This is very much in the vein of Visions of Autumn III and even a softer Feed Me And Fill Me With Pleasure. Both of which are totally in my wheelhouse, so I am a happy girl! Wet it is soft honey, a very nice and tangy? goat's milk note and smoky oude. Oude can be a bit of a problematic note for me, I amp into a strong cedar-like smell. But as always, BPAL has its little tricks and in this case Oude + Red Patchouli = My Beloved Black Patchouli. Vanilla is always a background player for me, I'm sure it's there but just to add a different dimension to the sweetness of the honey. But this is snuggly and warm and yummy and different facets come out to play at different times. The goat's milk in particular makes some assertive and welcome appearances throughout wear time. Stays close, but in a good way.
  4. Jennifurious

    Venus Libitina

    First impression from bottle, was all "Ack! So much cherries!" And fresh on skin this was all rosewater with a bit of orris in the background. But a few weeks of rest have done this a world of good, everyone has a chance to come into their own. Still rosewater dominant, but the cherry no longer burns off instantly. They kind of mingle together. The orris and cream are a powdery, milky sweetness to swim around in (Thankfully, cream plays nicely with my chemistry. I could absolutely see this being problematic for some because it definitely becomes a present note....) The bourbon is smooth. So smooth. Someone knows their way around a liquor store and their spectacular taste in whiskey shows. There is a vaguely dessert like flirtation here, but this is not an overtly foodie scent. This reminds me of a period when I had Venusian Phoenix and Little Flora in my rotation. It reminiscent of those oils in different ways. A love child of sorts between the two. ME GUSTA.
  5. Jennifurious

    Incipient Madness

    I very much agree with the above review. Both of the bottles I picked from this update were STUNNERS. This is gorgeous. The honeyed currant is also the main attraction on me and it is lovely. At different times it is indeed a little dusty, from another era. The tobacco is more assertive on me than the musk and the patchouli is rather understated and smoothing but the whole is beautiful. Very womanly. Smells expensive. The currant plus all of the sexy goodies behind it actually reminded me of a more refined version of Diesel Fuel For Life, which is actually a commercial perfume I have the big love for. I think this will age into something magical also. Bravo!
  6. Jennifurious

    The Flowers Cleave Apart

    Honeyed jasmine, white neroli, red sandalwood, champaca, and raspberry wine. Holy crow. HOLY CROW. I LOVE THIS. Opens with a blast of the sweetest jasmine you can think of with just a breath of sweet wine to tickle the palate. I really expected the wine to be rather loud, but amazingly it isn't. The way it sneaks around the back is a nifty little trick and wish it hung around a bit longer. The jasmine takes the tiniest step back and allows the sandalwood and champaca to share the fringes of the spotlight, but it's still very much her show. This was definitely a high risk/high reward purchase for me and I know that this just won't be everyone's cup of tea. But if these notes appeal to you in any way, I would highly recommend giving this a test spin. It's simply as heady as it sounds and jasmine lovers everywhere should be quaking with excitement.
  7. Milk accord, tuberose, oakmoss, Asian pear, opoponax, and carrot seed. High pressure, not just because I'm the first to review but because this is such a complicated symphony of smells. From the bottle, this smells vegetal and medicinal. I wasn't sure what to expect from this and I'm not exactly feeling great about my purchase. On application, this is just shrieking, high, herbal weirdness (in fairness, it was literally delivered a half hour before wearing). I want it OFF. BUT THEN..... The pear comes into play. Not a juicy, sweet pear, more like the smell through the skin of the pear before you take the first bite. And the IDEA of milk. The opoponax then comes to the forefront as a sharp, myrrh-like incense. This smells expensive, like vintage Cartier. Everything quiets down and becomes smooth, sweet and resiny. It's gorgeous and I think it will age beautifully. So if you've ordered this don't freak out when you open the bottle and first put it on. Your patience will be richly rewarded. Lovely, unexpected, and I'm very happy to have added this to my bpal menagerie.
  8. Jennifurious

    Luna Sanguinem

    I agree that the difference between the fragrance in the bottle and on the skin is like day and smoky blood red night. In the bottle, this comes across as herbal, kind of mossy and, well, lunar. On skin....SMOKY. But in a completely pleasant and not overbearing way. This quiet tide of sweet and spicy florals starts to rise with carnation being the most prominent, followed by a hint of candy-like lotus and a soft kiss of rose. All of the tobacco and leather and dark vanilla just form this dark fuzzy background to the smoke and flowers. And finally, the red musk asserts itself (this is a note I happily amp and it is never overwhelming in this blend.) It starts as part of that dark background and vibrates its way to the forefront. This dries to a carnation, lotus, a hint of that smoke and the most well-behaved and lovely red musk. SO glad this called to me and I jumped right on it. I don't own ANYTHING quite like this and I'm very curious about other's impressions of it. I could see this being something very unique to each individual, but for me: LOVE.
  9. Jennifurious

    Destructive Vagina of the Fox Spirit

    I concur. This is great. Like the finest Nag Champa burning in an upscale coffee house. The coffee is milky and sweet and lightly hovering over this fabulous incense. Just very, very lovely. Plus the art is to die for!
  10. Jennifurious

    'Pink' scents

    The pink-est bpal I've ever sniffed was Vasilissa. Creamy, creamy pink. I don't seek out those kinds of scents, but I thought it was perfectly lovely.
  11. Jennifurious

    East African Black Patchouli

    Oh my word. This is EXACTLY what I want from patchouli. If you were in love with Feed Me and Fill Me with Pleasure, you will be head over heels for this as well. I have never been a multiple bottle purchaser, but I don't want to live in a world where running out of this gorgeousness is a possibility. Sexy, sophisticated, and totally hoard-worthy.
  12. Jennifurious


    Initial blast is obviously MINT with some kind of herbal astringency and weirdness lurking behind it. As it settled, I kept telling myself "This smells like something. Something very specific. What the hell does this smell like?" Eventually I figured it out. THIS. SMELLS. LIKE. A. SHOE. STORE. It's not unpleasant really, but it certainly is true for me.
  13. Jennifurious

    Figs and Fig Scents - alone and in combos

    I will third, fourth, and fifth Nephilim. I am crazy for the fig and it is just gorgeous. I also enjoy Pacifica's fig note and think Nephilim would be a wonderful compliment.
  14. Jennifurious

    Miss Forcible

    This made me laugh so hard! Initially, the cookies and the musk are in a slugfest to see who shall reign supreme. I get the sense of anise that others mention, but I'm not sure if it's from the baked goods or something dark and assertive in the musk. Eventually, musk pounds biscuit into utter oblivion. Tea must be in the nosebleed seats because it never even makes it into the ring. But enough with the terrible analogies! This ends up smelling like straight dude. Hai karate wearing, sweaty chested dude. UPDATE: So I slathered this on the unsuspecting boy (manliest guy I know) and there is definitely anise in the mix. He was not a happy camper but I actually thought it smelled very warm and foxy on him once everything settled down. Maybe Miss Forcible has a risque hidden past.....
  15. Jennifurious


    I purchased this FOREVER ago and it was my gateway drug into BPAL. I had been searching for a fig and patchouli scent forever and I coworker suggested that I search though the offerings at Black Phoenix Alchemy Lab. I purchased a six pack of imps, this being among them and a beautiful, beautiful relationship was forged. My first ever 5 mL! Wet this is herbal and earthy, but in a very nice way. Slowly, the fig kind of blooms on my skin. It's dark purple and juicy, but woodsy and deep at the same time. I LOVE this stuff and it's definitely my old stand by. I wore it today after many months and it just smells like instant comfort to me.
  16. Jennifurious

    Lips Full of Lust and Laughter

    This smells like a dusty Ring Pop on me. I had such high hopes for this fragrance, but fruity notes and I just aren't friends. I nearly bought an entire bottle of this unsniffed and would have been a sad little monkey.....
  17. Jennifurious

    Feed Me and Fill Me With Pleasure

    This is beyond fabulous and patchouli can be a very iffy note for me. I completely agree with the Antikythera Mechanism comparisons, but this is softer and more luscious. A definite winner, I sense a bottle in my future....
  18. Jennifurious

    Sweet Lavinia's Risalamande

    I actually purchased this bottle from the lovely hecate_jones, so will be one of those studies in skin chemistry. When first applied, I get cream and an almost almondy, boozy cherry. This plays very close to the skin for me. The amaretto cherry smells burns off very quickly and the rice and cream become the star players, but are still very quiet and low-key. I DO however for a short period pick up on the skin musk note she mentions, but I love some musky funk so it was a happy little surprise for me. But ultimately, I'm left with a perfectly lovely and soft rice flower and cream scent. It's a keeper for me. Like a warm hug on a cold day, very comforting.
  19. Jennifurious

    Requesting Recommendations for Newbie

    For a Carmex kind of scent, I would recommend No. 93 Engine. Beeswax and herbals abound, it's really buzzy and interesting, and it's GC so you'll have no problem procuring an imp.
  20. Jennifurious

    Molly Grue

    I have a tendency to amp nuts to the point were they become cloying and overwhelming (Is there a "That's what she said?" joke in there?.....), so I had some reservations about Molly Grue. No reason to fear at all! I am obsessed with figs and this is just magnificent. It's all fig on application. But not a fresh or green fig, it's thick and concentrated and juicy like a jam or a paste and so very lovely. Eventually the rice flower peeks around the edges and becomes the second star of the show. Round, plump fig mixed with light, milky floral. LOVE IT.
  21. Jennifurious

    Venusian Phoenix

    First review ever! From the description of the notes, I expected something, I dunno, ostentatious. But in reality this is a very calm and subtle fragrance, perfect for the workplace or a warm day. Initially, the verbena came across strongest but on application the sweet roses come to the forefront. Pink and yellow roses, creamy and light. The mint and tomato leaf seem to provide some herbal grounding. Almost no throw, nose to wrist. But perfectly lovely and well-suited for occasions where you want to smell clean and pretty without overwhelming those around you.