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    In the imp: Wowsa. I am a total sucker for the "clean laundry" smell. I love my Clean Cotton candle from Yankee Candle Co so much and this smells a heck of a lot like it, except maybe not as crisp. There's an airiness to it. Wet: Smells the same as it does in the imp. Love it. I'm not expecting it to change at all which is fine by me to the nth degree. Drydown: Mmmm. I smell clean and comforting and I love this. I do, I do. Overall: Yes, definitely my buy a bottle of this. It's perfect. I can also see using this as a room freshener as well. Have I mentioned I love this one?
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    Boo Bam

    In the bottle: Wet and pulpy. Maybe that's the bamboo? There's definitely a hint of the tropics there, but it's subtle. I'm thinking it's the palm frond since it's not a sweet smell like hibiscus; it's kinda green. Wet: Wow, did this morph quickly! The second it hits my skin, the wet pulpy smell that dominated the bottle is practically gone and now the palm frond and hibiscus come forth. Drydown: The palm frond's pretty much gone by this point and Boo Bam has finally settled down into a very sweet, very island hibiscus. You wouldn't know there was ever bamboo pulp or palm frond in there. It almost verges on being too sweet, but there's something pulling it back although what, I have no idea. Overall: I like this one. In the bottle, it smelled interesting, but I thought it would wind up being too masculine for me. Once on, however, everything changed. I should have known better! I'm very curious to see how this will do on my hubby - whether it will retain it's wet pulpiness or if he'll be smelling like a floral garden out on the cliffs of Maui.
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    In the imp: Huh. Not what I imagined it would smell like. Absolutely no rose at all. Wet: Yech ... most of the listed notes are absent and I'm left smelling like disinfectant in a hospital. NOT a pretty scent, no, unless you're a doctor or nurse or a germophobe. Ugh. Will wait and see if it changes. Drydown: It takes about twenty-thirty minutes, but finally we get some evolution here. There's the rosemary (not a big fan of it but it's better than the disinfectant smell) and is that lemon peel? I don't know, it kinda was there then disappeared in a flash. Still waiting to see if it morphs again. Here's to hoping! Overall: About an hour into wearing Bess, the roses finally come through and once they show up, everyone else is sent home. I've never been one for roses and the idea of five varients of them is intimidating, but in actuality, they're not that bad. It's actually kinda pretty and reminds me of St. Ives Rose Shampoo/Conditioner. I'm not sure I'll be wearing this much (and if I do, I'll have to apply it at least an hour before I go anywhere) but maybe I'll have a better experience with it on a second go.
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    Beaver Moon 2007

    In the imp: Ick! I can't detect cherry, vanilla or strawberry at all. Are they sure this one wasn't mislabled? I hope it hasn't turned. Wet: Okay, it's changing. No longer the musky, heady scent in the imp, it's definitely lightening into something I'm not quite sure about yet. But it's a heckuva lot better than what it was smelling like. Drydown: Ooo, yum. I defintely can smell the wild cherry now and the vanilla mixes nicely with it, keeping it in check. I can't make out the strawberry yet, but I'm hoping this one will keep morphing and my sweet little friend will come out to play soon. Overall: The strawberry emerges at the end of what was a fantastic olfactory ride. I love this scent. It's sweet and fragrant and makes me wish I could gnaw at my wrists. It's too bad I wasn't into BPAL at the time of its release, otherwise there would be a 5ml in my cabinet right now.