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    Scents for Clubbing

    Defututa is my go to 'I'm too sexy for this joint worship me now' scent. (Olive blossom, honey, smoky vanilla, cinnamon, jasmine, sandalwood, and champaca flower.)
  2. gatesofrocknroll

    Anything laundryish?

    Check out the Beyond Perfume subforum, the ladies here have scented EVERYTHING with BPAL it seems.
  3. gatesofrocknroll


    First swipe: Very perfumey with with a hint of spiciness. It smells like my grandmother's old perfume bottles. Drydown: It's gone all powdery and lost the promising bit of spice that it had wet. Later on: Very very old school perfume, like a little old lady stinking up a bus. Now it's giving me a small headache. Overall, scents like this are the ones that kept me from traditional perfumes. If you like that feel, great, but it's not for me.
  4. gatesofrocknroll

    Creating BPAL Gift Packs with a Theme

    Packing a Loaded Pistol Fascinum Men Ringing Bells with Penises Golden Priapus Satyr Severin Incubus (Spoilered for kinkiness)
  5. gatesofrocknroll


    Bordello smells like what dark berry lipstick, complete with matching long polished nails looks like. Very vampy and sexy to me, I like it.
  6. gatesofrocknroll

    I want a BPAL that smells like Bath & Body Works...

    Any recs for something similar to Warm Vanilla Sugar? # Fragrance Top Notes: Sheer Florals # Fragrance Mid Notes: Basmati Rice, Coconut # Fragrance Base Notes: Vanilla, Sandalwood, Musk