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  1. This is really a lovely scent. It's warm and spicy and smells like an elegant pricey perfume. Unfortunately it also reminds me of a perfume my mother would wear, so yeah... I might have to wear it a few more times, we'll see.

  2. This was a frimp I got in my last order. It reminds me a bit of sloth, (myrrh?) which I hated. The drydown had me smelling like woodchips, and I became disappointed. Much to my surprise though it went away and left a spicy violet scent. It's pleasant, but not for me.

  3. Awww this one didn't work out too well for me, which is a shame because I adore ylang ylang. It smells floral and of pencil shavings on me. I mean it's not unpleasant, just not sadistic enough for me.

  4. I am so in love with this scent right now. The notes are intoxicating, crisp, cool, and green all at the same time! Def want a bottle of this <3


    Edited to add that when I first read about the scent I was really put off with the description of it, but out of a sense of obligation to the Mad Tea Party, I had to get it. The notes are fruity and clean while the grapefruit is sweet and soft



  5. This was a frimp from the lab.


    Dry down smells spicy. After like 2 minutes the orange scent starts to come out (It's so lovely)! It's warm and crisp at the same time.


    Edited to add that this scent doesn't last very long on me, which is very unfortunate because it smells sexy.

  6. In imp: soapy


    On me: I can't exactly pinpoint the notes. I want to say I smell something like licorice or lollipop. It's sweet and floral with a hint of spice. It reminds me a bit of Ophelia without the headache and overwhelming floral notes




    Obviously wanted to adore it (look at avatar :P), but it's really not me.

  7. I really really really wanted to like this one! Unfortunately, it smelled acrid and old on me... like a book that's been thrown into water and then wrapped in a plastic bag to fester. My body just didn't want to work with it :(

  8. This is such a lovely scent <3


    I smell the roses and something warm, thick, buttery.. maybe syrupy? It's almost like being seated in the middle of a garden of roses with a fresh from the oven pound cake slathered in honey in front of you. <3 I wish I could point out the individual notes, but my nose is still very much inexperienced. :\


    Unfortunately, this fades rather quickly on me, but, I'll probably be using it in my hair <3

  9. Ok ok ok this is going to be a weird description but I put this on and WOW. OMG. O. M. G!! @_@


    I felt so sexy wearing this.. like I should by lying down on a slab of limestone on a small deserted lushy green island, lazily running my hands in a pool of cool water. It smells beautiful yet feral, feminine but barbaric at the same time.


    I'm so in love <3