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BPAL Madness!
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Sumer Sprite Swap pt 2

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Updated Questions 6/12

1. Are there any Korean or Japanese food/craft/self-care items you would be interested in in receiving?
I’ll leave it to your discretion.  I think there’s a list under the Yule swap.   Always willing  to try teas, snacks... chocolate.  The apitate toothpaste was fun to try.

2. Is there anything for your garden or houseplants that you need, or would like (tiny, hand thrown cachepot for a prized astrophytum, etc.), or are you proudly black thumb and shun any plant that isn't resin?
Not quite a true green thumb and not quite a black thumb… ok a black thumb with succulents… yeah don’t ask they died horribly.  I can grow roses and other plants with no issues.  Always looking for pretty irises or glads in shades of burple or white or mixed.  

3. How many books is too many books?
Lol that is a trick question!

4. Plushies
❤️ plushies mostly dragon plushies.  I have a two headed on from Gargoyles.

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