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Summer Swap Sprite - 2022

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NEW!  Will be the place for a history of my Q&A answers.


In the meantime, I realized I didn't get all my wishlists (I'd forgotten I had so many): - and yes, I have issues with etsy and amazon as businesses, but it's a good reference place for wishlists; etsy and pinterest are mostly "style guides" than specific items)




https://www.goodreads.com/review/list/147827015?ref=nav_mybooks (Though I use GOODREADS more for what I HAVE read, and a reminder of what's next on my library list, not a "next book to buy" wishlist.  That's more Amazon. But Goodreads shows you what I have read (also, ignore stars, if I read it and didn't hate it, I gave it 5.)




1) Does anything, scent and / or product-wise, catch your eye from the Haus of Gloi summer drop? (https://www.hausofgloi.com/collections/summer) [you're free to pick stuff NOT from Summer as well, of course! ;) ]

  • Curious to try a Summer Refresher Spray:  Buzz Off, maybe U-Pick; 2oz sample jar of Pumpkin Butter: U-Pick or Zazz; Soft Bubbling Scrubs: maybe Beguiled or Marshamllow Rose; Whipped Soaps: Blueberry Tart, Lemongrass Ice Cream, (where are those smells in the other products! Ah, those sound like the best!)


2) Yes, the rumors are true- I'll be in Paris this summer! Tell me up to five things you'd be happy to get from there, including any specific teas from Dammann Freres, my favorite french tea shop! -

  • I don't need any more tea, but OMG, PARIS! I miss you!! I would love a stop by Monoprix to get La Rorche Posay Anthelios XL fluid SPF 50+ for sensitive skin - (the EU SPF formula is different from FDA (EU is better)); similarly, Nuxe Huile Prodigeuese (available in US, but for 2x the price!); I'd also love any kind of caramel au beurre sale; sadly, I don't think you could transport the really good stuff (cheese, wine, eau de vie, cured meats.. nom nom nom...)


3) I recently discovered Khamilaluna and plan to place an order soon to get a present for my roommate. Is there anything you'd like from them?

  • I'd be curious to try the body creams - either baby bee, or maybe clover & aloe; and from the scrubs, mango & coconut, or coconut lime verbena, or green tea cucumber all sound really good. 

4)  My question - wildcrafting/MS woods = N/A


5) My question - ring sizes, obviously fingers are all different sizes, even on the same hand - do you wear rings on all your fingers? how about a range smallest to largest?   (like, for me, I can't do thumb - rest are fine, though I don't tend to wear much on my pinkie, pinkie would probably be a 5.5, then 6.5-7, and index is probably 7.5-8) 


6)If your Sprite were to gift you magical items or workings... a) Would you be interested in that? b) If so, what intention(s) would you appreciate most?

  • Yes, interested. As to what... mmm... I've really been struggling for a long while to get the creative juices and general love of life rebooted and flowing again.  Been in therapy, on meds, and it'll be a year in August; and there's been progress, but that connection to playing music/painting, overflowing creativity, it gets drown out by exhaustion and anxiety way too often.  It'd be nice if something could help give that part of me a fresh battery. 


7) Would you be interested in a set of (rpg) dice? If so, what colors/aesthetic?

  • - no thanks, we are loaded with dice!

😎What's your favorite creature? 

  • SO HARD! - Horses all-time favorite, with of course unicorns and pegasi being right up there. But Dragons also very big yes. 


9)  Do you like reading comics? If you haven't really read 'em, would you be interested in receiving a few that match your book genre preferences?

  • I do! I'm a bit picky these days, just because I can't afford to dive so deep into mainstream comics - I was trying to corral all the new Sandman/Dreaming books because at least there were only supposed to be 16 (see Amazon wishlist for where I left off) - otherwise, I have the first 3 of Injection, I had some Fable, but that series ran too long; and I have the two Pretty Deadly ones because Beth/BPAL recommended so much.  But yes, long answer, if you have some that you think I'd like, feel free to pass them on to me!


10)  I'm headed to Puerto Rico in July - anything particularly interesting you would like from there?

  • Good Rum? Is that possible? - I don't know what else PR is known for that is transportable (the ponies in Viequas, clearly not portable X-D )


11)  Would you be interested in receiving a small bottle of home infused whiskey aged from commercially produced moonshine? Any particular flavors you might enjoy (examples include orange chai or cinnamon chocolate or hot peppers)?

  • Hmmm, I'd be curious. I generally do not care for flavored liquors (as opposed to liqueurs), but since it's a home infusion, maybe??  Not sure what infusion though (def NOT apple pie - I know everyone's crazy about homemade apple pie moonshine, but I cannot abide it)


12) Would you be interested in homemade shortbread that fits your flavor preferences?

  • ABSOLUTELY!  I like plain, or maybe chocolate, I've seen some really nice ones that have a touch of flowers on top, that always sounded nice. 


13)  If your bday is during the swap, how are you planning to celebrate? - it's not.

14)  Likewise, how do you celebrate relevant spiritual holidays in this time period? - mostly with food, I can't light a fire in my backyard 😞 , and with no car, camping is difficult

15) Anything you want from the UK? - I can't think of anything specifically off the top of my head, know the man-thing would go crazy over real UK Cadbury  - I'm assuming shipping gin/whiskey is out of the question.

16) - Seeds, y/n? - y? bit late in the season to plant more seeds, but always yes?

17) Are you interested in skincare/shampoo/conditioner? - skincare, not shampoo/conditioner

18) Are you interested in tights? If so, what thickness, style, and size? - no, too many already

19)  Do you use tarot decks? Would you like to receive more - and if so, can you list the ones you already have? - I do, I have Shadowscapes by Stephanie Pui-Mun Law; and the Last Unicorn deck.  Two decks is possibly my limit, unless it's really special and incredibly beautiful art - if it speaks to you, I'll listen.

20) What do you think of the art on this website? https://www.printisdead.co.uk/ - I like it! I'm not into the super goth stuff (skulls/coffins) but the bird, crystal, moth, witchy stickers are super nice! 

21) Is loose leaf tea good, or do you prefer bagged? - I prefer loose leaf, but I am currently drowning in tea. 


22) New question...PBSW Summer collection is live

  • No thanks, I love the texture of their lotion, but none of the scents right now seem to line up for me.


23) Would you be interested in items from any of the following?

The Rod Homestead (I love this one I helped fund her commercial kitchen) - no thanks, 

Working Class Coffee - no coffee please

Philly Nuts - no thanks

222 Creations - the barrettes are cute!

Carol's Epiphany - no thanks


24)  Would you possibly like a simple hand embroidered piece?  sure

If you would like this is there a simple favorite flower or summer symbol, like a bee? - I like bees, I like a lot of flowers (roses, morning glory, lavender, red clover... )

What kind of sprite would you prefer? A ninja or to know the ID right away? I like both styles for different reasons. - no preference, have had both 🙂 


25) Are you ok with shunga label art (bpal?) - yes


26) - miss something?


27) Are there any Korean or Japanese food/craft/self-care items you would be interested in in receiving? - love K-beauty, masks, used to love the peripera peach milk blurring liquid. And all about Japanese snacks!


28) Is there anything for your garden or houseplants that you need, or would like (tiny, hand thrown cachepot for a prized astrophytum, etc.), or are you proudly black thumb and shun any plant that isn't resin?  - I think the garden is well underway.  The kind of things I'd need, probably not good gifts, and hard to ship.  


29) How many books is too many books? - infinity? 


30) plushies: I like plushies, but they take up too much room. I am full up!

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