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BPAL Madness!
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Updated questions

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9/3 answers to moar questions

 This should have me currently updated to the questions.

Missed one!

Anything from these Etsy shops? 
Kodiak Sea Charms -Very pretty but nothing for me here. 
Halloween Hill Studio – Think I will pass on these as well. 
Grave Markings Interesting but nothing that says buy me.

I grow mugwort and it's harvest season. Would you like dried leaves for bathing or tea? Or a bound bundle for smoke cleansing?
Maybe for bathing that would be good.

I grow loads of other herbs and I'm drying them now. Any favorites you might like? Mint, basil, oregano, chives, lemon balm or others?
Catnip if you have it please for the boys.  Mint and lemon balm are other favorites, especially for tea. 

I grew a huge load of onions and garlic. Any interest?
yes please! 

Feathers? I have geese, ducks, peafowl, chickens and quail. So I collect their shed feathers and share them with people I like.
That’s awesome.  Hmm bet the boys might like them to play with?  I have four spoiled rotten cats.

I grew a boatload of Green Shiso this year and plan to make a shiso pesto with it. Would you like some? (Nut wise it has pistachios) 
=o I don’t believe I’ve tried shiso, but I’d be willing to try the pesto.  

I also plan to experiment with infusing it in vodka. I'm planning a plain shiso infusion and a shiso citrus infusion. If they turn out would you like some?

Would you be interested in this hand sanitizer dispenser/keychain that doubles as a light (its eyes light up when you press between its eyes!)?
lol oh yes please.  That sounds like my kind of dispenser/keychain

If you're into tabletop games, what games do you already own, and/or what type are you interested in?
We have a few board games – monopoly, talisman, clue, cribbage, and cards against humanity.  We drag those out on Christmas Eve to play with whoever is left and drink lots of mead.

This has not much to do with 13 nights but more vague ideas about my partner…. DO YOU LIKE TRUE CRIME STORIES? I find then spooky and like to watch some in the autumn in particular.
YES! Anne Rule has been a favorite in our house.  

uhm no not really.  When I bake it’s usually from a recipe from Gramma’s book or one I snagged from the net.  Attempting Welsh cakes this weekend.

If you are enthused by the idea of receiving coffee, do you want whole bean or ground? AND do you have flavors that you like (or definitely hate and never want again)?
Just got a French press from an estate sale today.  I’m partial to Kona coffee in a medium roast – whole beans preferred but I’ll take ground as well.

Would you be interested in some very size-inclusive tights? There are Halloween patterns, but also most colours under the sun, and are very comfy.
I don’t normally wear tights as I’ve got some chunky legs. But I am working on getting them more in shape.  

What about indie chilli sauces/chutneys/jams? What type of chilli/spice level?
mmm Chilli sauces.. yummy! I love a raspberry/berry/jalapeno jam/jelly. I’m going to say about a medium on the heat. 

In case anyone else shares a love for adorable tiny plushies, any interest in v soft and cute vegetable/fruit plushies? There are also small animals.
Plushie dragons!

Anything here sound good to you? https://gryffonridge.com/
*blinks* oh jebsus.. we’ll be here all night… though the gourmet salt/sugars/peppercorns look amazing.

So would you hate or be into more miscreant Halloween vibe decor - like wholesome figurines repainted, creepy dolls, goats with horns, (fake) animal skeletons, things in jars? Is anything too dark, morbid, or recoil worthy?
I think this would be a pass. 

Do you use any sorts of semipermanent dyes or do anything fun/wild to your hair? are there any hair products you like?
I get my hair done every 8-10 weeks.  As Fall/Halloween arrives, Chi (the gal who does my hair) usually turns it a dark brown/black with heavy purple highlights. Spring/Summer is blonde with reds/brown highlights.  

What about skincare? I am pretty into k beauty and am curious if others are interested in any aspects of this.
I hadn’t seen this, and it looks interesting.  I have sensitive skin and maybe this will help.  I don’t get breakouts on my face and for the most part not a lot of wrinkles. 

Regarding tea, what type of tea do you prefer? Black tea, green tea, herbal tea? Any type of tea you really don’t enjoy? 
I love tea and drink a lot of it during the day – both hot and cold.  I prefer black teas, oolong, some herbals. Not a fan of the green or white teas.  When I buy it for me, I’ll get it loose leaf.  If I buy it for the house, then it’s going to be in tea bags/sachets.  I know I have a list out there for Dryad’s Tea.  I am a fan of breakfast teas as well as Earl/Lady Greys. 

Cellar Door Bath Supply Co.'s Halloween & Fall collection is out (https://cellardoorbathsupply.com/collections/halloween-fall-collection😞 anything you might be interested in?
So long as it doesn’t have pachouli in it, it should be fine.

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