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13 Nights of Halloween 2019 Questions and Answers

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for those who mentioned Yes to handmade items; what sort of knitted gifts would you love to receive? ie, socks, mittens, hat, cowl etc?  Socks would be fun, or maybe something decorative rather than wearable. 


Witch Baby Soap, a favorite of mine, just dropped their Halloween line! Is there anything there you'd like?  Hmmm, the Hekate face soap looks very nice.  Maybe that or one of the bath bombs in Hallowmas or Dead Man's Party?  Or if we stray out of the Halloween section and into the main catalog, a Dragon's Blood or maybe Black Mass bath bomb?


Ive been feeling very autumny, and I stumbled across this artist, Camille Chew, on society6...  she has such beautiful Halloween prints! Anyone know of any other autumn/spooky artists?  Oh, I like her Lunar Pattern: Blue Moon and Lunar Pattern: Eclipse designs!  Of the other artists mentioned, the stuff at https://www.eyeris.eu/ really isn't to my taste; I do like the Abigail Larson stuff (especially Asleep in the Library and Storytime with Goblins for my library; The Cats of Ulthar; The Pumpkin Patch; and oh, gosh, that Ghosts! floor pillow! - wish I had a good space for it!); I also like some of the Iren Horrors designs; SophiaRapata's work is not my style; and how did I not know that Aurelio Voltaire had this shop until doomsday_disco mentioned it?!?  Sadly, most of his designs there are kind of leaving me uninspired, but I do like Halloween Moon!  Not really for purposes of this swap because most of her stuff is pricey, but just as a general mention in case people want to check her out for themselves, local-to-me artist Nina Friday has some Halloween-y designs at https://www.etsy.com/shop/ninafriday.  I've had her Batty and Bloodflowers design on my Etsy favorites list since I saw her work at the Ann Arbor Art Fair, and I like Departure also, but sadly her work is a bit out of my comfortable price range.

Would you be interested in any candles, wax melts, lip balms, or jewelry from Sihaya and CompanyThe Ember & Mallow sorbetto scrub or candle or the Gingerbread Wonderland soap or sorbetto scrub.  Her jewelry is very pretty, but I don't see anything that I like better than the two pieces of hers that I already have: a labradorite necklace I got for myself and a gorgeous Edgar Allan Poe necklace that was a gift from my wonderful Witch greylen in my very first Switch Witch round!


Anything you'd love from Haus of Gloi? I do like their bubbling scrub - I'm not really familiar with Haus of Gloi, but I was gifted a Moon Dog one during another SW round by the fabulous Jenjin, and I really liked the texture of it.  I see they also have bath bombs (a Moon Dog one would be neat!) and powder.  The only scent of theirs I know is Moon Dog, but if you're a fan of Haus of Gloi, I'm open to surprises based on what you think I might like!
Do you like stuff related to Dia de los Muertos/Day of the Dead? I do have a few things (a sugar skull I made, a ceramic sugar skull also from Jenjin), but it's not a holiday I celebrate, so I think I'm good with just the couple of little treasures I already have.


How do you feel about homemade edibles? Do you have a preference for a kind? I.E. cookies, jams, etc, or something savory? As someone who never cooks and rarely bakes (and doesn't really enjoy it when I do), I'm ecstatic to get homemade edibles.  My preferences run towards the sweet - chocolate fudge, homemade marshmallows, buckeyes, and all kinds of cookies (preferably without any nuts).  I'm not opposed to jam, but I rarely use it, and I generally stick to flavors like cherry or mulberry when I do.  Savory snacks aren't really my thing.


would you like to receive something either Pagan or Vodou in nature?  I think something like a charm to protect my home would be very nice, or a candle for a general purpose like good luck or something, with specific instructions for use.  I'm not religious, so anything more in depth or involved would probably be wasted on me.  (No disrespect to anyone's religious practices, but my understanding is that some Vodou paths include animal sacrifice, so like whoahorsey said, please nothing with dead animal parts.)


For those of you that appreciate wax melts, are you interested in anything from Zeep's Halloween update (dropping Friday the 13th) or Willow Waxcraft's Falloween update (already released)?  I don't really use wax melts anymore.


Is there anything you would particularly like from Japan? Stationary, bento supplies, a particular snack, etc.   I know this is coltostallion’s question and I’ve already been partnered with her in a previous swap, so she most likely doesn't need to know my answer, but just in case whoever is my gifter is also wondering about my answer, it’s pretty much anything, really! I read/watch a lot of manga and anime, so I’m kind of intrigued by most things Japanese, and there are so many super cute things from Japan! I’m especially fond of maneki neko stuff, and anything related to one of the manga or anime series I like would be super cool and greeted with much love and excitement. My newest/current interest is Bungo Stray Dogs (favorite characters are Akutagawa, Ranpo, Poe, and Kunikida; favorite fanfic ships are Akutagawa/Atsushi, RanPoe, and Kunikida/Dazai).  I’m sure I’ve listed all my other favorites at various times in various questionnaires, but the ones I generally remember most are Psychic Detective Yakumo / Shinrei Tantei Yakumo, Pet Shop of Horrors, Adekan, Ghost Hunt (Akuryou series & Akumu no Sumu ie), Black Butler / Kuroshitsuji (especially anything with Grell and/or Sebastian!), Mythical Detective Loki Ragnarok / Matantei Loki Ragnarok (I especially love Yamino), Hellsing, Love Stage!!, Maid-sama!, and Ten Count. Stationary, Hello Kitty, or any cute stuff would be welcomed and loved. I do have a Japanese market in my area, so I’m generally set on Japanese candy and treats, but they no longer have two things I used to get - Pocky with white chocolate and a “mystery” Puccho (I think that’s what it was called) - so I’d be happy to get more of either. I'd love to try the sweet potato KitKats, too.  Really, I'd probably like just about anything from Japan, other than seaweed or weird flavored savory snacks.


what's your favourite animal (think, as a pattern on socks, bags, notebooks, etc) ?  I like bats, mice, bunnies, and Loch Ness monsters. 


Are there any fandoms you’d like to receive items from? If so: are there any favorite characters you’d like to receive items from?  Apologies, I'm going to pretty much just repeat what I said in my answer to the question about whether there's anything I'd particularly like from Japan, because my fandoms are mostly anime/manga ones.  My newest/current interest is Bungo Stray Dogs (favorite characters are Akutagawa, Kunikida, Ranpo, Poe, and I suppose Dazai; favorite ships are Akutagawa/Atsushi, RanPoe, and Kunikida/Dazai).  Some of my other favorites are Psychic Detective Yakumo / Shinrei Tantei Yakumo, Pet Shop of Horrors, Adekan, Ghost Hunt (Akuryou series & Akumu no Sumu ie) (Lin is my favorite), Black Butler / Kuroshitsuji (especially anything with Grell and/or Sebastian, but definitely not anything with Sebastian/Ciel), Mythical Detective Loki Ragnarok / Matantei Loki Ragnarok (I especially love Yamino), Hellsing (Integra and Alucard), Love Stage!!, Maid-sama!, and Ten Count.  Plus Reedsong's answer reminded me that I really enjoy Ouran High School Host Club too, and Mori is totally my favorite from that.   Other fandoms I guess would be Supernatural (Dean most of all; I also quite like Crowley) and Red Dwarf, and although it's probably really stretching the definition of fandom, just general Lovecraft/Cthulhu stuff and Poe stuff.


Do you prefer solid soap bars or liquid soap/shower gels? Shower oils?  Solid soap bars, definitely.  I have a slew of shower gels already, and I almost never use them.


Do you own a bath tub and would you like to receive bath products?  I do own a bath tub, and I'd be fine with receiving bath products.  That being said, I HATE cleaning the bath tub, so I'm not a fan of any really messy products, like something really oily or colored in a way that will likely leave a stain until I scrub it off.


What are your feelings about tee turtle tshirts? Any favorites?  I LOVE Tee Turtle!  They're at least a third of my total shirt wardrobe.  I just took advantage of their recent sale to place a fairly large order a few days ago, in fact.  Still, there were some things that I reluctantly dropped back out of my shopping cart to get my total cost down to a more manageable level before checking out, so I do still have a mental wishlist going.  I totally want the new Spooky Monsters shirt that they released after I placed my order (of course), and I still want the Death Is Magic, Halloween Knight, Haunted Storybook, Trash Panda, Tails of Fire and Ice, and Yin Yang Kitsune shirts.  (I get the Men's XL shirts.  I like to be able to layer a long sleeve shirt underneath the tees so that I can continue to wear them through the winter.)


I might have seen a wallet I think that suits you, but also suits the halloween theme. Would you like to receive a wallet at all?  I don't know that I'd really use another wallet.  Most of the time I just keep wallet-type contents in a pocket of my purse or in a small zippered bag with a red and black spiderweb design, so I kind of already have the Halloween theme going with that.  I also have a shiny green monster coin purse, so I'm not lacking for Halloween-appropriate wallet-y things.


Are there any BPAL’s you’re wishing to get your hands on?  I have some on my wishlist, but nothing recent.  I think I've generally bought anything I thought I would really like and not want to miss out on, but if I run across something I'm missed that looks good, I'll update.


Would you like a box to hold BPAL or other small items?  What size box?  Imps, a few bottles, a lot of bottles?  I do like boxes, but because of that I do also already have quite a lot of them in various sizes, so smaller would probably be better.  Also, I have a large box that I made in a woodworking class that's just waiting for me to do a final sand and stain or varnish before I can move quite a lot of my bottles into it, so it'd probably be better to get a small one rather than another large one.  Maybe for imps or just a few bottles or some other misc. small trinkets.


Is there a specific type of socks you prefer?  Wool, cotton, etc.?  No-show, ankle, crew, knee, thigh-high?  Crew or ankle height are best.  I really love bamboo socks, but I also really love socks with cute designs, which unfortunately generally aren't bamboo, so as long as they're cute, I don't worry about the material.  Design-wise, I can't resist Hello Kitty or Halloween designs (especially with bats!), and I'm always on the lookout for just the right Loch Ness monster/sea monster or octopus or squid or kraken socks.  Some basic black or other dark colors of bamboo socks would also be fantastic, though.  


Is there any oddball small thing you need or want but haven't gotten around to buying for yourself?   Nothing comes to mind right at the moment, but I'll think on it and update if anything pops up in my brain!


Do you listen to any podcasts?  Not really.  I did listen to the 10 episode podcast The Case of Charles Dexter Ward a few months ago and enjoyed it, though.  More recently I've been listening just to individual stories, like Crispin Freeman reading Poe's The Cask of Amontillado as well as various other Poe stories read by William Control, Vincent Price, or Basil Rathbone.


Do you have any favorite Halloween or scary movies?  I always watch The Raven with Vincent Price, Peter Lorre, Boris Karloff, and Hazel Court.  It's silly, but I love it.  Around Halloween is when I dig out the old Roger Corman-directed Poe-based movies with Vincent Price, and the old Universal monster movies, especially Bela Lugosi's Dracula.  I love all those old movies with Vincent Price, Bela Lugosi, Christopher Lee, Peter Cushing, etc.  Warlock with Julian Sands and Richard E. Grant is always worth another viewing, too.  This year, I've been kind of thinking I might want to re-visit that old 80's movie The Bride starring Sting and Jennifer Beals.  I haven't seen that in decades, and I just stumbled across a listing for the DVD on Amazon a month or so ago and it's been sort of sticking in my head ever since.   I'm always in the mood to watch scary movies around Halloween, but somehow I just never seem to get out to the theater to see them.


Are there any crystals or stuff like that, that really resonates with you? I wouldn't say any really resonate with me; I'm not at all sensitive to that kind of thing.  I do have a preference for certain stones, though : garnets (my birthstone); labradorite; calcite, tiger's eye, goldstone, and hematite seem to be the stones to which I'm most drawn.


Do you drink loose leaf tea? If not, would you be up for drinking loose leaf tea if you had an infuser?

I do drink loose leaf tea.  I tend to drink bagged tea most often just because it's quicker and more convenient, but I do have an infuser and also fillable tea bags to use with loose leaf tea, so I can and do drink it on occasion.


What type of books do you like to read? Is there any type of book you'd really like to have more of?

I have to admit that I've been reading more fanfiction than actual books lately, to my dismay.  I have stacks of books that I should be reading that are getting ignored in favor of quick fanfic fixes.  The link to my Amazon wishlist is in my signature, and I wouldn't mind a spooky book or anthology of spooky stories for the season.  


Do you prefer your gifts numbered or not? I really don't have a preference, so whatever works best for my goblin is fine with me.

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