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BPAL Madness!
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Spring Cleaning Swap 2019 - Questions/Answers

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Loose Tea: sure


Laptop Sleeve: no thanks


Vinyl: no thanks


Office supplies: I'm good (hoping to destash mostly)


Knitting:  No thanks

Hellboy samples: testable sniffies of just about anything within the past 2 years is always welcome, I've been very behind on my BPAL as of late.  Specifically, if it was possible, a testable sample of the beard oil for the Sith would be nice.

Decorative bowls/plates/chopsticks:  I could always use a pair of pretty chopsticks, but not small bowls/plates currently.  (for some bizarre reason, sis only ever runs off with *1* single chopstick, and she never uses the ugly/disposable ones, she always grabs my pretty sakura/floral ones, so now I've gone from having 5 complete very pretty sets to 3 random chopsticks. 😠 

Mugs: I am swimming in them, thanks, I don't need more

Make-up: I have a ton, but especially if it's colorful/sparkly, I am almost always interested in new playful make-up (mostly eyes/lips)

chapstick: eh, I've got a lot, and unless someone's getting rid of some old Haunt lip lusts (I lost all mine!) or Haus of Gloi's fruity ones, I tend to have enough to have one in the pocket of every coat I own (and I hoard coats/jackets).

I am currently reading: The Name of the Rose... slowly... and Second Nature, at the office, so also very slowly. 

Movies: I don't get to see many movies in the theaters (SOOO expensive!) but I did see The Spiderverse. It was fun, but no attachment to it. (The honest last was "Biggest Little Farm" documentary screening (was free), I did love that!)

Looking Forward To:  Right now I am mostly looking forward to my upcoming vacation. May 14th - June 3rd I'll be bopping around South America (Bogota Colombia, Peru (Choquequiero and Machu Picchu), and then to Galapagos Islands)

Cookies: I have been having SUCH a craving for GOOD homemade peanut butter cookies lately! 


Nail polish?

I have so very much, unless it's something really different or a total glitter-bomb, probably not. 


I will be pruning both of my bay laurel bushes and will dry the leaves for culinary use (stews, casseroles, roasts, Mediterranean recipes). I will have A  LOT, so could you use any?



Do you mind makeup palettes that have been very lightly tested? (Definitely nothing lip related as that's just not hygienic!)

I don't mind, but I'm generally not a fan of makeup palettes - generally there's 1 or 2 I like, and the rest I ignore, it feels wasteful, so I tend to never get them. 


Vintage glass items? - weakness!  I have very little space for things like this, but I am a sucker for old glass, especially old glass vials/bottles, etc. The smaller or weirder the better! 


And yes, can vouch for neptuneanblues baking! :o:cookie::cookie::squee:


NEW:  I always ask - does anyone want/need/can use any type of loose crystals, minerals, or gemstones (I'm always destashing from my Izile's Oddities' jewelry days)? I've got a few raw, but mostly polished and/or cut, all sorts. So very .. very.. many..   

And for myself, I'm moving more towards raw/uncut/unpolished specimens (mostly for altar or curio use), and I will always rehome strange raw crystals. 


Do you have strong feelings about receiving a book from a series that is not the first one in that series? Does it matter to you whether each book can function on its own despite some backward reference? - Unless it's a book in the middle or further down the line in a series I've already begun (a la Discworld), this might make me twitch. I still largely avoid fiction series due to fear of never getting to the end (author dies, just doesn't publish it, it goes out of print...)  Books in a series I'm already invested in (even if it's not "next") are totally welcome!

Men's cologne - oh no thank you!


Comic books: I do like comics, but it can be SOOO expensive to keep up with them I don't often buy them (except for I've bought the trade for Pretty Deadly 1&2, and I had trades of Fables 1,2,3(4?) from a swap and enjoyed that line, I used to collect JTHM and all spin-offs, as well as Poison Elves (I've tended to like small-batch weird comics over Marvel/DC (with Gaiman being an obvious exception), oh, and I'm currently working through Warren Ellis (I would take almost anything from Warren Ellis, honestly, whether I've heard of it or not). 

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