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BPAL Madness!
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Halloween 2018 SW



Wishlist help!
BPAL: http://www.bpal.org/topic/127-wishlist/page__st__1900__p__1566904?do=findComment&comment=1566904
AMAZON: http://www.amazon.com/gp/registry/wishlist/1OASHS9ZEEHNF/ref=cm_sw_su_w
ETSY: http://www.etsy.com/people/effluere/favorites


Are you interested in anything from Nerdlacquer?
Nail polish? Probably not really my thing. I rarely paint my nails. In the summer I pedicure occasionally but we are heading into the long winter so. :(


Speaking of OOS/Discontinued - Are there any old favorites from no longer operating companies that you would like if either anyone had a stash OR could find a reasonable dupe?
HAUNT. I miss you Haunt, I miss you so much. Collectors Cabinet and Witch Wife are favorites - scrubs in particular. I still have some oils and glosses but seriously - I would take any haunt scrub you could find. I just used my last one.

Booze, yea or nay? Favorite kinds?
Yay! I like anything "interesting" - infusions, interesting bitters, etc. I also love gins and bourbons. And wine. And beer. Ok, I love it all.

Knitted stuff? Need/want anything specific? Colors?
Sure! I love knitted things. Scarves and hats are best in a less chunky yarn. Color question is in my survey.

Feelings re: Lewis Carroll/Alice in Wonderland? Love it, hate it, meh it?
I like it but I have no strong love/hate feelings.

Are you thinking of participating in NaNoWriMo this year? Any merch or pre-Nano supplies you might want?

I just recently discovered MoonMagic -jewelry with a focus on moonstones but also opals and labradorite. They currently have a sale. Anything that stands out to you? (moonmagic.com)
I generally love jewerly. I wear necklaces most often, usually silver, love all stones. I leave this at my witch's discretion!

Do you like quirky socks? Any preferred styles (ankle, thigh-high..)?
Socks are always great! I usually wear ankle or crew cut and often love fun patterns.


Would you like a postcard from the fancy schmantsy St Pancras Renaissance hotel that I'm about to stay in several times over the next month? (Witches, I'll happily send one to your witchee if they would like it)
Not necessary.

Does anything catch your eye from Future Primitive, including oos things?
The whipped soap looks good! I think I've answered the best notes question (also a lot of my favorite notes are listed in my wishlist link). Also I need to update my BPAL wishlist!


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