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BPAL Madness!
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Solstice Swap Q&A



Amazon & Etsy wishlists are in my signature.

Any Weenies you missed out on?
I didn't manage to get any Weenies! I'd love to try:
I Heard Many Things in Hell
Groan of Mortal Terror
The Dead Hour of the Night
The Dreadful Silence of That Old House
Stealthily, Stealthily (especially)
All Souls 2017
Day of Skulls
October (especially)
Dead Leaves, Violet Candy and Sugar Crystals (especially)
Pumpkin Spice Cathedral

(yes, I really should have just put an order in)

Are you Amazon & Etsy Wishlists up to date? I'll update my Amazon one with books I'd like to read, in case it makes the Story category easier - there's loads but I tend to keep them in my head (until they fall out so I never end up getting them). will do this tonight (13 November).

How do you feel about animated films? I tend to really like them. LOVE Studio Ghibli stuff and that whole aesthetic. I also like French animated films like Belleville Rendezvous and The Illusionist. And I'm a general fan of Disney.

Does anyone need any cosmetic or larger bags? I always need bags of all sizes!

If I were to knit you something like fingerless mitts, do you like short or long over the fingers? To the wrist, mid arm, or to the elbow? Thumb or a thumb hole? Frilly or not? Preferred color? I like fingerless gloves so I can still use my phone, or those ones with a mitten flap - though I expect they're difficult to knit! I like gloves that go to the wrist, no frills just as minimal as possible, though multi-colour/variegated colour is nice. Navy, purple, orange, green are my preferred colours (preferably fairly dark as my gloves always end up getting mucky for some reason!).

Is there a book you've always meant to read, but never got round to it? A Tale of Two Cities, Brighton Rock, anything by Edgar Allen Poe, anything by Jack London.

If you've expressed an interest in candles, do you prefer unscented or scented and if the latter, what scents? Both! For scented, I like woodsy, smoky scents and also love lavender. My favourite candle of all time is a blackcurrant and rose blend. I really like beeswax candles too.

Do you like windchimes or other similar tinkley noisemakers? I really don't like wind chimes. I'm up for any noisemakers that I can control - music boxes, for example.

Do you/would you like Christmas/holiday music? If so, any particular genres or styles? I do! Jazz Christmas music might be fun, or just anything unusual - I have all the usual songs already.

Do you have a Goodreads? Is it useful for my stalking purposes? I don't I'm afraid, but I'm about to update my Amazon wishlist with books so hopefully that will give a feel for what I like!

Are there any holiday movies or shows you would particularly love to get your hands on? I think I've got the ones I want already

Would you prefer your nourishment to be literal (i.e., actual food) or representative? Either! I like the idea of representative, but I do love food, so...

In terms of actual food, are you comfortable with homebaked goodies so long as potential allergens are not involved? As long as it will survive ok in the post - absolutely!

Do you have favorite holiday foodstuffs? I'm a mince pie fiend. I also love Lebkuchen and anything involving cinnamon.

Are you adverse to burning things as part of your sacrifice? Not at all! I like burning things :P

So how do you feel about teas? Would you be interested in getting some for your "nourishment" part of your gift? If so, are there particular companies you love or have always wanted to try? Special varieties you like- holiday blends, or decaf or solid standards like Earl Grey or Sencha? Love tea! Bagged or loose leaf. I don't know about brands but my favourite teas are Russian Caravan and Lapsang Souchong as I love the smokiness, but I like pretty much everything. A holiday blend sounds amazing! Any tasty decafs are welcome too - I'm avoiding caffeine after midday at the moment.

And what about tea accoutrements, like rock sugar, nice honey (I have a fabulous apiary that is literally 6 blocks from my house!), a special spoon? Yes please to all three! I adore honey, especially floral honeys like Lavender - it mostly goes on my toast, but it could go in tea!

Or maybe coffee is more your thing? I have access to an incredible little shop that sells some of the best bean I've ever had (let me put it this way- even when I lived in Coffee Capital SEATTLE, I had bean delivered to me from this place!). If you like coffee, what kinds? (this place does AMAZING DECAF as well as the strong stuff!). And would you want your beans whole or ground (if ground, what grind do you like?) I really like coffee, though I don't know too much about it. I drink espresso from a moka pot, and I like it strong and smooth. I have a grinder, so ground or whole is fine by me!

- Scented candle lovers: do you have a favorite store/brand? My favourites happen to be prohibitively expensive unfortunately - Neom, Diptyque and Molton Brown. BUT, I love trying indie brands and would love to try some new ones. Edited to add that I do like Yankee too! Especially their baby powder, the cotton one and anything cinnamon/christmassy.
Favorite/Least favorite bath products (e.g. do you like scrubs, bar soap, gel)? Favourite- bath oil/salt/bubbles, scrubs, body lotion. Least favourite- bar soap, shower gel, shampoo (I have fussy hair).

- What sounds are comforting for you? Any that bring up good memories? Crickets/cicadas! And rain, thunderstorms, general rainforest sounds. I used to have an app that had all sorts of sounds, and I *loved* one that was called something like Hollywood summer nights or something. It was a combination of summer garden sounds and a distant freeway, it was perfection; but the app isn't available anymore :(

- Would YOU like to receive a singing bowl? I would! I've recently started meditating, so I think a usable singing bowl would be great.

- Would you mind receiving a pre-loved book (one in good condition)? Not at all! I actually particularly love old Penguin classics (with the coloured panel covers), but all second hand books are fine by me.

- How do you feel about fruitcake, assuming that I can make it without any stated allergens? Not for me, thanks.

- How about rum/whiskey/bourbon balls (these are no-cook, so the alcohol is still pretty potent)? Very much for me, thanks!

- What is your favorite store-bought holiday treat? Candy canes, jelly fruits, boozy truffles.


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