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BPAL Madness!
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12 Days of Christmas



Are you coveting anything currently available from Haus of Gloi?
Yes! I like HoG scrubs, whipped soap, pumpkin butter, etc. From the Yule update, I pretty much like the sound of all the scents except for Rosy Cheeked (citrus is not my thing). Eggnoggin, His Sweater, and Winter Divinity sound especially good.

Are you coveting anything from the Paintbox Soapworks update that just happened?
Taking a quick look now! Winter Stories, White Winter Hymnal and White Snow, Bright Snow all sound good. I like their scrubs and lotions.

Are you coveting anything from Cocoa Pink?
I have never bought from this company so not particularly, but I am open to trying anything you think I might like!
How do you feel about pomanders?
I don't know what I would do with one! What do you do with them?

How do you feel about savor soaps?
I'm not familiar with them but again, open to trying it!

Or Perfectly Posh?
See above!

Do you have feelings about fruitcake? We're talking whiskey soaked homemade fruitcake, not a brick in a festive tin.
I recently tried making my own ~*fancy*~ fruitcake for Christmas and I thought it was really good! So what I learned from this is that whiskey soaked homemade fruitcake is awesome, and the cheapo storebought kind is not. Tl;dr I am a fruitcake snob. :lol: So I would love to try your homemade fruitcake!
Any strong nail polish and/or makeup preferences?
I don't wear a ton of makeup, and I am kind of picky about it. My eyeshadow is always the same (one of the various Midnight Cowboy incarnations from Urban Decay) and I usually just wear whatever mascara I got in my latest ipsy bag. (They always seem to send me mascara!) I wear bare minerals foundation and usually blush. I DO love to try new lip products- this is the one area where I am very open to experimentation. I usually wear red lipstick and am always looking for the perfect shade. I am way less picky about nail polish and will basically wear whatever! I like almost all bright or dark colors and am open to crazy glitters or holos or whatever.

Favorite animals?
PUGS! I am obsessed. Also manatees, koalas, pandas, penguins, and sloths. I also like basically all sea creatures, especially cephalopods! Oh and owls and flamingos! And alpacas! I really love animals, haha.
Do you have a strong preference for consumables (soaps, candles, food, etc.) over other stuff?
I don't have a strong preference one way or the other!
Would you be interested in Colorpop?
I don't know what that is! Hang on. Ok, no thanks!

Would you like any holiday music? if so, do you prefer a CD or MP3?
No thanks!

Do you like toffee or fudge?
Fudge yes! No nuts please. I am not super into toffee.

How do you feel about amigurumi (little crochet stuffies...animals, characters, ornaments, etc.)?
Yess they are so cute and I love them! I wish I could make them. :(
If I were to crochet you something wearable, do you have any preferences? Do you like hats, scarves, gloves, other? And would you prefer something fun and whimsical (e.g. fox face hat or owl mittens), something delicate and pretty (e.g. lacy wraps or scalloped boot cuffs), or just something like a basic, no frills beanie or cowl? Do you have a Ravelry account and a list of favorite patterns?
Whimsical is my favorite! I would love a scarf!

What kind of hot drinks do you like, and if tea or coffee or cocoa or cider or alcohol, give specifics?
All of the above? :lol: I like tea, especially stronger black teas (various earl grey types, lapsang souchong, also some on the sweeter side) and savory-ish green teas (like genmaicha) but I also really like floral teas (jasmine, rose, etc.) I love hot cocoa and cider. I love coffee but don't have strong preferences as I am just starting to learn what I like. I don't like flavored coffee. I prefer whole leaf tea and whole bean coffee.
What kind of candles do you like, scent, etc?
Vanilla, vanilla peppermint for the holidays, smoky, pine/evergreen, resins, spice, apple, etc. I am open to foodie scents for candles, whereas I don't usually like them for personal wear.
Mixes or seasonings for the kitchen?
Spices would be food!
What is something new in your life that you wish you had more "things" for?
Hmm I can't think of anything off the top of my head.

We do a lot of baking and holiday good ridiculousness around here...house specialties include lebkuchen (flourless, they're mostly nuts, spices, candied fruit), marzipan, butter caramels (flavored or plain), shortbread crisps, and savory cheese shortbread. Any of these sound appealing?
Savory shortbread sounds amazing! I have never had marzipan. Caramels sound good, too! I like a lot of baked goods, just nothing with nuts! (I'm not allergic or anything- I just do not like the texture.)

What are your top places to get a gift card from?
Probably BPAL, to be honest! I get a lot of use out of Starbucks cards, too.
Which holiday symbols/themes do you like the best (or least)? Such as Santas, snowflakes, reindeer, etc.
I like reindeer (or regular deer) and snowmen!
Do you like puzzles?


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