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BPAL Madness!
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12 Days of Christmas 2017



Are you coveting anything currently available from Haus of Gloi?
Not really familiar with their products, but Bathing Dust in Cozy Pumpkin does look pretty spectacular. Maybe a soft bubbling scrub in Honeysuckle Lemon Curd? Butterbombs in Sleepy Time?

Are you coveting anything from the Paintbox Soapworks update that just happened?
Bath Streusel in Figs in Honey, The Queen is Dead, or Fairytale. Scrub in Dead Leaves on the Dirty Ground or Perdita.

Are you coveting anything from Cocoa Pink?
Not familiar with them, but maybe a scrub in Ginger Crème Brûlée or Winchester House Kitchen?

(The general theme from above: I prefer scrubs and bath soaks. Not really into soap or scented lotions.)

Do you have any feelings about fruitcake?
Can't say I have enjoyed it in the past, but I have never had any homemade. So I'd be up for sampling, as long as it could be made without raisins or dates.

Any strong nail polish and or makeup preferences?
Nail polish should be at least 3 Free (no DBP, Formaldehyde, or Toluene). Favorite finishes are matte, flakie, and duochrome. Not into metallic/foil.
I have sensitive skin, I don't really wear much makeup, and I am really picky about what I do use, so probably best to avoid that. (That being said, I love Lush's tinted lip balms, mascara, and eyeliner, and Benefit's cheek & lip stains)

How do you feel about pomanders?
Really love them actually! Clove and citrus is the smell of the holidays to me.

How do you feel about savor soaps?
Don't know this brand, but see general product type preferences above.

Or Perfectly Posh?
Not familiar with this one either.

Favorite animals?
I am a lover of animals in general, but especially foxes, cats, sugar gliders, armadillos, bison, and river otters. Also, I'm a big fan of cryptids...kitsune, griffins, jackalope, phoenix, etc.

Do you have a strong preference for consumables (soaps, candles, food, etc.) over other stuff?
No real preference regarding consumable or not, but I agree with the preference for objects to be handmade over "plastic-y, store-bought, mass-produced stuff". So if more consumables make that easier for you to do, I'm cool with that!

Would you be interested in one of the Colorpop pallets?
No thanks.

Would you like any holiday music? if so, do you prefer a CD or MP3?
Nah, I'm set with holiday music.

Do you like toffee or fudge?
Toffee--absolutely. Fudge--if it is dark chocolatey, and especially with nuts

Are you interested in anything from my etsy shop? https://www.etsy.com...winklentwilight
Yes! I would get a ton of use out of one of those drawstring project bags. And I have a soft spot for weirdo monster amigurumi, so wouldn't mind one of those either. =)

How do you feel about amigurumi (little crochet stuffies...animals, characters, ornaments, etc.)?
I make them and I love receiving them, especially mythological creatures/monsters and little animal or fandom ornaments.

If I were to crochet you something wearable, do you have any preferences? Do you like hats, scarves, gloves, other? And would you prefer something fun and whimsical (e.g. fox face hat or owl mittens), something delicate and pretty (e.g. lacy wraps or scalloped boot cuffs), or just something like a basic, no frills beanie or cowl? Do you have a Ravelry account and a list of favorite patterns?
I love hats and fingerless gloves, and like both silly and pretty styles of things. I'm 44sunsets on Ravelry as well, and have a couple of favorites bundles there that I will probably add more too in the coming days!

What kind of hot drinks do you like, and if tea or coffee or cocoa or cider or alcohol, give specifics?
All of the above. I like all kinds of tea and herbals except rooibos. I prefer light or medium roast coffees. I love cocoa, especially dark chocolate and mint. Love cider, both alcoholic and non. For booze, I prefer scotch/whiskey/bourbon and beer, but the only thing I really wouldn't be into is tequila.

What kind of candles do you like, scent, etc?
I prefer jar or tin candles to tealights/pillars/etc. For scents, I like citrus, fir or other woods, sage, lavender, fig, and fruit with cardamom, cloves, or other spices. More on the herbal and earthy side than vanillic or floral.

Mixes or seasonings for the kitchen?
Absolutely. Anything from baking mixes to savory seasoning mixes.

What is something new in your life that you wish you had more "things" for?
Hmmm...I've just started doing some beading/jewelry making. So tools (crimper, loom, bead mat, size 10 beading needles) or seed beads or beginner kits.

We do a lot of baking and holiday good ridiculousness around here...house specialties include lebkuchen (flourless, they're mostly nuts, spices, candied fruit), marzipan, butter caramels (flavored or plain), shortbread crisps, and savory cheese shortbread. Any of these sound appealing?
Those all sound amazing, but especially marzipan or savory cheese shortbread!

What are your top places to get a gift card from?
Lush, Etsy, Starbucks, Amazon

Which holiday symbols/themes do you like the best (or least)? Such as Santas, snowflakes, reindeer, etc.
Snowflakes and stars, snow covered landscapes, candles and evergreen boughs, fair isle and plaid, festive deer and foxes and other woodland animals. Love Nightmare Before Christmas. Not so into Santa, angels, or snowmen.

Do you like puzzles?
I do. Alas, I don't have a good place to do jigsaw puzzles currently, but I love logic puzzles and other puzzle games.

Do you have a strong preference for numbered packages vs randomly picking with maybe a few hints along the way?
No strong preference

Are you jonesing for any particular BPAL right now? Anything you are just dying to try, even just a sniffie?
Really, anything from the American Gods series. I want to smell them ALL and it kills me that they are unimpable!! (I bought The Carousel as a gift, so got to test that before sending it on, but any other scent from that line would be welcome.)

How do you feel about the following flavors/ingredients:
Coconut? Like it best toasted, but good either way.
Mint? Only combined with chocolate.
Lavender? Love!
Rosewater? Also love! Flower-flavor all the things!
Cardamom? Yup.
Candied citrus peel/marmalade? Grapefruit is my favorite, but all citrus is good.
Any other flavors to absolutely avoid? No dates, raisins, or bbq or onion flavored things, please.

Would you like anything crafted for the storage/transport of the BPAL? (Travel imp containers, boxes for 5mls, bottle cozy, etc.) If so, do you prefer them to be plain or decorated? If decorated, are there any motifs or art that you'd particularly like?
I'm good on travel imp containers, but could use some sort of home imp storage solution besides "throw them all in a box". Also, a box that could safely protect one or two 5mls for travel purposes would be nice. I'm set on home storage for 5mls. Fine with plain, but I also dig paisley or lunar motifs and fae (like Froud) or animal art on my storage.


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