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BPAL Madness!
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I can do this!



I had a thought today and wanted to put it before i do catch up. I really would like t replace the imps of Boober and Gobo that I used up a couple of years ago.


How do you feel about these little guys? I think they're adorable and kind of want them all, but especially the ghost and pirate ones. https://lovemomiji.c...imited-editions
I am sure my girls would love them

Witchees, do you want anything specifically from this page? Mitts, hat, shawls, unicorn... http://iceweasel.net/switchwitch/
Okay her larger Shawl is KICK ass but that way more than I expect a witch to pay out, I am in the market for a large but not itchy shawl for this winter. ( i swear i am getting OLD), i talked to twlight and she says that she is looking to trade some goods for the big shawl of her witchy so you could do that witch of mine.

What are your top three most wanted DC'd or previous LE BPALs? I have no self control so i DON'T look when i have no money

What are some things you do NOT want to receive? Not so much candy I feel bad when i don't eat it

is there anything from here that you might be interested in getting a print (or pillow/make-up case/etc) of?

Claire's has some super cute Halloween stuff. In the style of Haunted Mansion - black lace collars, lace and sparkle masques and the like. A few items in Dias de los Muertos style. Would you be interested in such things?
Okay I am always up for Sparkles and if i don't like it my kidlets Would

Would you be interested in anything from Orange Thyme? https://shoporangethyme.com/ If so, which products/scents/flavors? So i would be interested in the unscented body butter, all the perfumes i would want are sold out


Anyone like/want calendars or dayplanners? I need to get one if these and try to figure it out, it would have to be a moms and it would have to be seriously functional

If you like stationery, do you like plain, colors, images, or specific DON'T LIKES? I could, I don't now but as I age the idea of writing actual letters seems more appealing
What about general desk stuff like cool colored paperclips and post it pads? nope

Would anyone be interested in having any of Abigail Larson's artwork (either as a print or on something, like a pillow, blanket, or t-shirt)? https://society6.com/abigaillarson
Nope, pretty but not me

Does anything catch your eye from Ten Thousand Villages? http://www.tenthousandvillages.com/
Oh this is dangerous i saw a cutting board, i pinned it in my SW ideas page on pinterest

Would you be into receiving hand made (crocheted, sewn, felted, chain maille, scale, or duct tape, in my case, depending on the item) dishclothes? Scarf/shawl? Hat? Bag? Anything? Colors? (Duct tape, chain maille, and scales come in colors.) yes I would use them but please send easy care non itchy items (now that sounds just mean but its the truth)

Do you collect anything from SBUX like City Mugs, City Mug ornaments, City Cards, or Bearistas? If so, which do you need/want? Or would you like a City Mug or an ornament for fun?

anybody want homemade fudge? I can do chocolate with or without nuts, peanut butter, and butterscotch.
I like peanut butter fudge

do you like spicy foods? I am currently addicted to these suckers and want to send you some buffalo ridged kettle potato goodness (https://www.billygoa...shop/1lb-kicker)
Not for me, I don't like overly spicey and i don't eat hard things like kettle chips

what would you like from the Weenies updatus giganticus???
Oh the great list- Apple Butter Rum, Day of Skulls, Bobbing for Apples, Chiroptophobia, The Dead Hour of the Night, Over-Acuteness of the Senses, Singularly At Ease,


do you collect the art cards that BPAL sends out? Any in particular that you are looking for or definitely don't need? Nope

Do you like this beautiful art, and she makes stickers and prints...SOOOO gorgeous: https://www.shannatr...om/paperprints/
They are pretty but if i want something that style i want Ursula Vernon’s work her stuff is here https://topatoco.com/collections/red-wombat

Favorite animals or wild creatures or mythological creatures? I love Wolves and Vibrant colorful Fae

would you like any swag from the Depeche Mode concert? (pins, posters, shirts, program, dunno what they'll have!) nope

Is anyone interested in the new Resistance scents that the Lab just released (Take a Knee and SN: Flor de Maga)? Both actually if i could get imp i would then know if i need to buy them

Is anyone here into zero waste, plastic free living, urban homesteading, or any simplicity/minimalism-esque lifestyles? If so, could you use any tools or equipment? I am not but i am starting to want to switch to cloth bags for my shopping


Are you interested in anything from Bath & Bodyworks? Which products and scents do you like? www.bathandbodyworks.com/ Only thing i liek from there is the Lemon kitchen soap

I am possibly going to a crystal / gem show tomorrow. I can't afford expensive gem stones, but...
What kind of crystals would you like? Something that reflects light in someways i am still a toddler

Pumpkin or Zucchini bread? no

What kind of homemade cookies are your favorite? Sugar or Rose

Could you use a muscle rub? (We make ours on the lunar cycle and it has menthol, wintergreen, habanero, cayenne, olive oil, st. john's wort, arnica, beeswax, calendula, and ginger. It tingles. We call it "Thunder Butter". If you have really really super sensitive skin, I would recommend against it. And don't take a hot shower or open all of your pores before using it.) I would lvoe a sample to try on my ankles

Interested in trying some of our rose petal (rose petals, sugar, everclear) or lavender vanilla bean (lavender, vanilla bean, vodka) liqueur? YES gimme, wait yes please

Want some honey from the bees on our property? yes

Would you like some homemade jam? I have blackberry, rose petal, strawberry rhubarb, peach, and cherry. Rose, blackberry or cheery would work, please please stay away from strawberries

How about some homemade candied jalapenos with garlic cloves? I have regular and with habanero.

I didn't dry any apples this year but I was thinking of heading over to Green Bluff and seeing if any honeycrisps are left. I have a commercial dehydrator so let me know if you are interested in any "Apple Crips" (as voodoocatwoman calls them!) I wash, peel, core, and slice before dehydrating. These sounds so awesome

Do you need any kind of dice bag, tote, project bag, cosmetic bag, pencil bag, or whatever? I have lots of bag patterns and fabric. We make bags under the name Twinkle N Twilight. I never turn down dice size bags

Or how about a couple of pillowcases? Oh yes can they be smoth and breathable?


Would my witchee like this to warm up the fall coffee cup?? https://www.truelemo...gory-s/1871.htm
No it not for me

do you like to take baths? if so, do you like oils, salts, things that fizz, all of the above, none of the above? YES I love all things bathey

What style/make/etc of phone do you have? What about size of tablet? Laptop? Would you like decals, skins, or cases for any of these? I have an iphone6 in a otterbox for safe keeping


See's Candy. My absolute favorite. They have special Halloween candy..any of these pique your interest?? Cinnamon Apple Scotch Mallows, Pumpkin spice truffles, pumpkinspice lollypops, caramel apple lollypops, or any other of their chocolates, etc?
WHY did you do this?? I would like to try the Carmel Apple Scotchmarlows, apple lollys and some orange krispys

Are any witchees into coloring books? I could be but they would need to be pretty books without the crazy paterns, those tend to give me head aches

Witchees, is there anything that catches your eye at Animi Causa (https://www.animicausa.com/shop/)?
The lemonjucier watering can is adorable

If I were to find an adorable autumnal/Halloween-y dish/flatware/etc. design, how many settings would be needed in your household? There are 5 of us but i prefer even numbers so 6


Do you like Broadway shows/music? If so what are some of your favorites and/or ones that you hope to see or listen to eventually? Would you like merch from your favorite shows or CDs from shows you want to listen to? We are all into broadway we tend to like musicals the best. We have things such as Hamilton and WIcked

I'm heading to NYCC in October! Is there anything I can get my Witchee while I'm there? Not that i know of

I'm going to Edmonton Expo this weekend (It's Edmonton's version of comic con). Would a witchee like anything from there? Nope

Anything catch your eye from this site (globalgirlfriend.com)?
No its not me

Do you have any favorite, lesser-known stores? Especially ones that sell hand-crafted or independently made items. Not off the top of my head

Imagine you're going to the most gigantic art & craft show imaginable, and money is no object - what kind of things would you gravitate towards and probably spend money on? Include as specific as you want to get! Good Cloth for the AMAZING quilt i want to make some day


Are you interested in anything from Think Geek? http://www.thinkgeek.com
I am Not allowed on that site

Do you have something you wish you put on your original questionnaire/forgot to put/would like to add on to? no

Any additional misc. information about yourself you want your Witch to know? (I think this was on the survey, but again if there's something that you forgot...)

If you could decorate your house (or one room) in any one theme, what would it be? Your answer can be as simple ("Star Wars" or "Baroque" or "Modern"), or complicated or a combination (e.g. Victorian Gothic) as you feel best fits. I want a Beautiful library/ reading room someday

Aprons: Do you wear them, do you want one? Utility, decorative, cooking or crafting? I could Never had one big enough for me

BTW, would my witchee be interested in something like this? (photo of black and white striped knitted doll) No


It seems like there's a question about socks on the questionnaire, but I don't think it got down to this level: Do you wear them? Any particular style (crew length, knee high, anklet, boot, etc.) or fiber (wool, cotton, bamboo anything but wool, etc.) preference? I love socks they RUN away from me, My husband says i am on Sockdreams so much its Sock Porn

Would you be open to previously-loved books? Oh yes

What about partial-full bottles of BPAL or BPTP? sure

So what are your favorite fandoms? Oh little tiny forest lords, SO my altime favorite is Hikaru No Go it is amazing and i love it there, it has died so i have moved on to the hobbit (fix it!), and I am everywhere i read good stuff from a lot of them. I have lived through HP and Naruto. I cant resist Sterck, or some good Draco/Harry. I have written some and if you want to find me its therhoda all over.


I'm in France at the moment, is there anything here you might like? I'm in Provence, the land of lavender, so if you like that flower in particular just say so! Oh man yes just a little

are you into divination? What kind(s) do you currently do? Do you want more books and/or tools for that type (e.g. new tarot cards, new runes)? Is there a new type of #divination you've been meaning to try, and if so, are you looking for the tool, a book on the subject, or both?

World my Witchee be interested in a Tarot or Astrology reading done personally? Some days i am and someday i am afraid of what it would say

Does my Witchee need any magical supplies? No

Would you be interested in any of the seasonal (or regular) soaps from Cellar Door Soap (https://cellardoorbathsupply.com)? Once BITTEN! Oh man that looks AMAZING, the apple ones to I put them in my SW idea pinterest page


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