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SW 2017 Additional Q&A (Ketchup!) Part 1



Questions from 9/4 to 9/10:
(I can get the formatting for my answers to paste nicely so you can also see my answers here:



I'm still working on it!)



Are there any hobbies or crafts you've been thinking of trying, but haven't had the chance yet? Leatherworking and metal crafting

Would you want to receive a custom spell kit or magical tea? If so, what purpose would you want it to be for? Maybe? I love the idea of spells and magic, but must confess, my heart and full belief isnt in it. I do love rituals and things with purpose and intention. If I were to receive or pursue something like this it would be for purposes of: creativity, insight/wisdom, career prosperity (I hate my job, and dont really want to pursue the Career I have a Masters in. Id love to be a full time writer, but it doesnt seem to be possible) and general financial prosperity,

Do you like poetry? Ehhhh Im very very particular about it.
Anyone like handmade critters, stuffed animals, or custom repaints?
Maybe? Im trying to reduce things in the house that dont serve a purpose: stuffed animals, statues, etc. But, if its an especially creative or novel interpretation, or something that I really love (wolves, bats, science-y) I would be interested and make an exception.

Would you enjoy any designer/specialty yarn for your own craftyness? Yes, but! Knitting and yarn craft is at the bottom of my to do craft list.

Would anyone like a donation made in their name to a cause or charity? Sure!
In addition to the charities listed in my initial survey, I also support the American Diabetes Association.

Please provide wishes from the last two updates?
Im good on most of the updates. There are some things from this years Liliths that Im interested in trying (decants would be preferred):
Cemetary Creep
Do All the Good You Can
The Goddess of Mischief
Spectral Flower Girl
Vampire Princess

Wednesday's Child is Full of Woe
My Little Themysciran Princess
Zip Line


Would you be interested in things from Future Primitive? (http://futureprimitivesoap.co.uk/)
Short answer: Yes! Ive never heard of them before, and browsing the site, theres a lot I have interest in. I feel like it would be too much to list everything, so lets just say Id love to try something!
I have dry skin, especially on my hands, so I cant have enough high quality lotion.

Are there any UK things you'd like to get? Nothing in particular that I think of, though I do love a good tea!

Are you into podcasts? If so, what are your favorites? Would you like any merch related to any of them? I dont absorb information well in the audio channel, so podcasts and audio books dont really work for me.

Would you like something from Nui Cobalt Designs (https://nuicobaltdesigns.com/)?
Theres so much to see! The jewelry designs overall are lovely, so anything in my preferred colors (and without nickel) would be lovely. Nothing in particular stands out to me.
The candles, oils and teas all look and sound lovely, but Im not deeply into magickal rituals so I fear I wouldnt use them properly.

Or maybe some of Christina's lovely Halloween candles at Sihaya & Co. (https://www.sihayaan...lection-candles)?
Yes. All of them. :D I mean, I dont expect all of them,but everything on this link sounds amazing. If I had to chose one, the scent of Sisterhood of the Moon is especially good.

ILNP? Who would love one of their awesome holos like MEGA or one of their amazing chromes? http://www.ilnp.com/
Holos, Chromes, Glitter...yeah! I just ordered Americas New Gods Becoming Thunder and Zorya P nail polishes from BPTP so I dont need holos or glitter in those tawny golds. I would love any polish in a shimmery/glittery/holographic dark puple, green, red, black and grey.


Do you enjoy stationery? I'm thinking cute/quality notebooks, washi tape, stickers, fun pens etc.
Yes! I recently started handwriting letters to friends and doing correspondence. I also really just love fun paper and pens and noteboos.

Are you interested in anything from Cocoa Pink?
- Or Haus of Gloi?
Ive never tried Cocoa Pink, but would love to!
Of Haus of Gloi, their perfumes dont work well on me and the whipped soaps are drying on me, but I am interested in bubbling scrub, the pumpkin butter and candles.

HoG scents from the Halloween collection Im interested in: Samhain, Hex, Grimoire, Spider Silk, The Horseman.


Would you be interested in a Halloween wreath?
Yes! I used to make them myself but find them to be a huge pain in the ass. I used to have a raven feather wreath that has long since been too damaged to keep and I miss it.

Have you seen this: https://www.bustle.c...llection-80733? (Lush Halloween collection.) And what would you like?
All of the bath bombs sound interesting, but I dont take baths TOO often. The lord of misrule especially. The other bath bombs LOOK neat but without scent description Im not sure.

All of the soaps look great, and the black rose lip tint in the container.


Are you interested in anything from the Moonalisa Halloween update?
I didnt even know about it until now! Oh my goodness. Ive never tried Moonalisa, so I just listed the Halloween scents that sound good to me.

Here are the scents Im interested in:
All Hallows Eve
Bayou mist
Blue ASpic 2015
Cassandra's Cauldron
Conjuring Room
Dusty Attic
Gilded Bat
Haunted Home
Mad Heriot's Parlor
Sweetgrass amd S,ple

All of the scents from the "Green Witch" Collection

And the forms:
Alcohol perfume, argan oil sprayable shine, butter rich cream, cocoa cream, misters(!), room spray, soap bars, candles, perfume oils

Of course, I dont expect all of them! But those are what sounded interesting to me, and that I would use. I am especially interested in the misters.

What are your coffee and/or tea preferences?
- Coffee: whole beans or ground? Ground, because while I have a grinder, its not the best.

- Flavor and roast preferences? Medium to Dark roast preferred. I dont like flavored coffees too much because most of the time, it just tastes bitter or funny to me. I find I prefer African coffees. Really loving cold brew lately.

- Tea: black, green, herbal, flavors? Any all. I love tea. It just has to be gluten free (some teas contain barley/malt).
- Loose leaf or tea bags? Either, but I have strainers for loose leaf
- Anything specific you don't like? When it comes to tea, I dont think so

- Are you in need of any gadgetry? A nice grinder for coffee would be nice. It doesnt have to be expensive, just good enough to be consistent


How would you feel about receiving a hand-painted container for your bpal and/or other treasures?
- would you want a big wood box (~50 bottles), a small wood box (~20 bottles) or a tin for carrying imps around?
Yes, please! I have a small box, but a large box, or small tin for imps would be perfect!

Who is into K-Beauty (Korean beauty products like sheet masks)
- What are your faves if you are?
- If you aren't would you like to try something?
I havent gotten into the K-Beauty trend yet, so dont know anything about brands. Im a little hesitant to go outside of my usual skin care products, as my skin can be sensitive, and I cant have anything with wheat, barley, malt, rye or any of its derivatives. Wheat protein is often used in face lotions..

What are some NEW things you've gotten interested in this year? Could be anything, from a new hobby, new genre of book, new healthy way of living, new fav brand of whatever...
I finally started cosplaying! Ive always wanted to, and finally did it! Ive also been interested in board games for a while, but this past year I was really able to get into it, buying, playing, and researching games, including deck builders. Ive recently discovered the joy of fountain pens, and am starting to do handwritten correspondence.


What are your feelings about Scooby Doo? Not a fan tbh.

How do you feel about indie makeup (read: loose eyeshadow, blush, highlighter)?
I love supporting indie brands, especially if they are female run. But, I have a LOT of eyeshadow already, and still havent gotten the trick of using loose shadow. Im starting to get into highlighters and lipstick now. Glittery and iridescent is a plus.

I drink this stuff almost everyday would anyone else be interested in trying it out? https://www.criobru.com/
Ive been really interested in this stuff for a while now, actually! I love my coffee, but I thought it might be a nice change.


Would you like one of the Halloween Teeturtle shirts?

Eep! Yes pls!
I kind of love all of them. I use Halloween to shop for my every day clothes, honestly.
I tried to narrow down to the ones I like best: Spellbound, Howl at the moon, Murder of Crows, Testing Witch Face, Wake me When.., Something Wicked, Tis the Season, Kitten of Death


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